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Addicted Book 2 - Passionate Flames by Rosy0513
Addicted Book 2 - Passionate Flamesby rosy spell
Credit online sources for cover picture. He's dead... He's alive... He should be abroad! Hands that embraced him so tightly in the good dreams and also in the bad dreams...
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Lost Without YUZHOU by Crazzyjxk
Lost Without YUZHOUby 《 QUEEN 》
We hated each other... We tried to kill each other... The reason behind it was a Small Sand castle... A Broken promise we forgot... The nickname we can't remember... Tha...
The Prince & The Knight (Eng) by struggle_wind
The Prince & The Knight (Eng)by yuiszhou62
Jingyu, a poor, not smart, strong Weizhou, rich, smart, famous, vocalist Started with an annoying encounter... What will happen to them ...?
[Edit/Hoàn][Du Châu] Phu Phu Ẩn Hôn by TieuBummie
[Edit/Hoàn][Du Châu] Phu Phu Ẩn Hônby Tiểu Bummie
• Tác giả: -来自宇宙的阿年 • Editor: Tiểu Bummie • Thể loại: Hoàng Cảnh Du x Hứa Ngụy Châu, 1x1, ẩn hôn, cưới trước yêu sau, tổng tài x minh tinh, trúc mã trúc mã, thê nô mặt d...
[Du Châu][Hoàn] Sủng Nhân by TieuBummie
[Du Châu][Hoàn] Sủng Nhânby Tiểu Bummie
• Tác giả: Tiểu Bummie • Thể loại: Hoàng Cảnh Du x Hứa Ngụy Châu, 1x1, hắc đạo, chủ nhân x sủng nhân, ngọt sủng, có ngược, có H, HE
You Belong To Me - Book 2 - COMPLETED by struggle_wind
You Belong To Me - Book 2 - yuiszhou62
You can find Book 1 on @nandolouis Account. And the YuZhou stories goes on......
YOU BELONG TO ME by nandolouis
Hi all, I'm Newbie here, and I translated my friend FF, she allowed me to translate her FF. Please ignore my grammar, I just trying the best I can to translate this FF...
Only You by apparentlyavery
Only Youby apparentlyavery
(~Completed~) Xu Weizhou and Huang Jingyu have been in a good relationship since the end of the Addicted Webseries. Lately, they've been falling apart, but life will thr...
[Du Châu][Hoàn] Phồn Hoa Giới by TieuBummie
[Du Châu][Hoàn] Phồn Hoa Giớiby Tiểu Bummie
Tác giả: Tiểu Bummie Thể loại: Hoàng Cảnh Du x Hứa Ngụy Châu, 1x1, tổng tài x minh tinh, giới giải trí, HE
YuZhou's Universe  (One Shot Stories: MxM) by Venusius
YuZhou's Universe (One Shot Venusius
As per the title says. I'm a YuZhou fan and I write this because I take in delights of writing oneshot stories, song fics, and other kinds of stories. Any ideas and inpu...
Treasure by struggle_wind
Treasureby yuiszhou62
4 years after the ban
Due To Fate [Boys Love Story] (EDITING) by Venusius
Due To Fate [Boys Love Story] ( Venusius
Two boys grow up in two different worlds. One from a wealthy and prestigious household while the other from a struggling and lower class family. Despite their background...
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[Edit/Hoàn][Du Châu] Hứa Nhĩ Phương Hoa by TieuBummie
[Edit/Hoàn][Du Châu] Hứa Nhĩ Phươ Tiểu Bummie
• Tác giả: 乌拉韩阳 • Editor: Tiểu Bummie • Thể loại: Hoàng Cảnh Du x Hứa Ngụy Châu, 1x1, thời kỳ dân quốc, trúc mã trúc mã, tiểu người hầu x tiểu thiếu gia --> thê nô tổ...
Yu+zhou by Bibiba26
Yu+zhouby Bibiba26
A yuzhou story
Are You Addicted? Volume 2 (FF) by kinsley1027tuy
Are You Addicted? Volume 2 (FF)by Kinsley Tuy
Do you want to find out what happened after the First Book of "Are You Addicted?" by Chai Jidan? English Translation of a Fan Fiction written by Maomi Poxiao (...
Jealous Yin Zi  by cassietvfxq01
Jealous Yin Zi by cassietvfxq01
hello everyone! here's a oneshot fanfiction based on the Chinese BL novel addicted/Shangyin by Chai Jidan. Description: Bai Luo Yin tried not to get effected when it ca...
White Lines, Black Lines - 白线条,黑边(An Are You Addicted? Fanfic) by ann_han
White Lines, Black Lines - 白线条,黑边( Anna Han
A Fan-fiction of Chai Ji Dan's "Are You Addicted?" This is a reimagining of how the relationship between Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin would have played out had they...
Even Stars Would Fall (For You) by wyshbones
Even Stars Would Fall (For You)by kaara
(YuZhou. HS!AU.) From strangers to friends. To much, much more.
[Edit/Hoàn][Du Châu] Dị Ứng by TieuBummie
[Edit/Hoàn][Du Châu] Dị Ứngby Tiểu Bummie
• Tác giả: 瑜洲恰似故人来 • Editor: Tiểu Bummie • Thể loại: Hoàng Cảnh Du x Hứa Ngụy Châu, 1x1, hiện thực hướng, gương vỡ lại lành, HE. • Độ dài: 7 chương ĐÃ ĐƯỢC TÁC GIẢ CHO P...
The Heart Is Not His by KwHhYz
The Heart Is Not Hisby 1inAmillion
[Story complete] They told him that 'he' didn't exist. Even he himself doesn't know either 'he' was real or not. Perhaps, 'he' was just the tail-end of a long dream that...