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Devil's Mate by werewolvesden
Devil's Mateby Mur Mur
Dante is always known as the perverted playboy half demon, so what happens when he feels this undeniable pull towards one woman. What will happen whenever he figures out...
Wings of Black and White (under construction) by WhenHellBreaksLoose
Wings of Black and White (under co...by Nyx
"She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings." -Atticus In which a perfect bodyguard is a girl with strange wings. When Dumbledore assigned Emerald...
The Heiress of Slytherin by PSRJ22220137
The Heiress of Slytherinby
It was common knowledge throughout the wizarding world: the Gaunt's were the last people alive who could claim direct lineage from Salazar Slytherin, and also, they were...
The Untouchable Lucifuge by Davis5583
The Untouchable Lucifugeby Davis
OC: He is the son of Euclid Lucifuge but what would happen if he made a deal with a certain red dragon.
Tasteful - Levi x OC (Attack On Titan) by DefinedWrite
Tasteful - Levi x OC (Attack On Ti...by DefinedWrite
Formerly called 'Epiphany' A close knit group of exceptional soldiers. Arden Croix, Kain Croix, Carlisle Marshall, Lydia Foreman and Tobias Dex. Together they are known...
Alphas Deadly Obession. by AleyhaKaneghi
Alphas Deadly Obession.by Aleyha Kaneghi
'Please don't do this to me.. I'm not your mate, your going to mark me ..please..' I began begging him, trying to appeal to his good side. Crying harder. Ignoring me. H...
The Lionhearted Half-Breed |hp| by aphroditejames
The Lionhearted Half-Breed |hp|by Aphrodite
Helen Beaubien was a beautiful girl that was content only having one friend at school. But when her dormmate, Hermione, stormed into her compartment at the beginning of...
Bound By Chains (MxM) by ArchangelLeviathan
Bound By Chains (MxM)by Leviathan
(New Version) Davian has lived his entire life as a slave to royalty. He always does as he is told, never lashing out against his orders or defying his masters...even if...
Half-breed sister [ Twilight fan fictions] [Completed] by Hilariousbrave23
Half-breed sister [ Twilight fan f...by simp for jikook
Veronica Cullen was half human half vampire,her parents died since the day she was born so she lives with the Cullen. Everybody in The Cullen family adore her, especiall...
The Witcher's Female Companion "Complet" by Lirix123
The Witcher's Female Companion "Co...by Lirix
Geralt of Rivia comes across a small town with a bit of a monster problem. But when things go horribly wrong he comes across a woman who was supposed to be dead. She was...
The Memories of Harry James Potter and his only friend of Private Drive 4  by fanfictionreadervek
The Memories of Harry James Potter...by fanfictionreadervek
5th year. Harry has been abused terribly by the Dursley's but told no one by sides one half-blood. It starts in the Room of Requirements when a certain spell is casted p...
The Haven High Book Series (Wattys2017) by DebAMacD
The Haven High Book Series (Wattys...by Deborah MacDonald
Winner of Best New Story of the Year 2017. The Haven High Series: Book 1: Enlightened; Book 2: Addicted; Book 3: Despaired; Book 4: Protected; Book 5: Abducted; B...
Bonded by live_life_with_books
Bondedby Em
Book 2 in the Screams Trilogy Reeling with the shock of what happened the previous year, and still struggling to understand the bond that has formed between then, Callio...
It is time to make you realize what you've done....(Sendak x Reader.) by Emi_The_Idiot
It is time to make you realize wha...by Emi
This is something that a friend asked me too do because she searched "Sendak x reader" (also yes its the same friend with the ashiya story) and she asked me to...
Aura by KCWillard
Auraby K.C.Willard
Freshman year and still in her mother's shadow, Jessica Staise is unprepared when the first pin prick of change comes to her in the form of a nightmare. Captivated by th...
The Demon's Soul [Sample] by ash_knight17
The Demon's Soul [Sample]by Ash
She leaned down to look inside the well and sighed. Tucking back her hair behind her ear as the evening wind blew. "I told you not to be a curious cat," she sc...
Precious as a flower by cigarettesliterature
Precious as a flowerby Beasty
Mackenzie card was a small 5'4 tall 17 year old girl moving to la push with her dad after her beloved grandfather died in a tragic heart attack. Her petite form with her...
Colourless Skies by clary-ainsley
Colourless Skiesby clary-ainsley
"I will let you go, of course, I will." He strode towards her with large steps. "But not until I have what I need." "And... and w-what is t-tha...
Black Lake's Deepest Secret||Harry Potter X Reader|| by nataliestar220
Black Lake's Deepest Secret||Harry...by STAR220
She's not an ordinary witch isn't she? This is a story about a Half breed struggling to be a regular witch.. Well as normal as you can be being a witch, but family, stu...
✨Art✨ by BrennaTheBean
✨Art✨by BrennaTheBean
Random stuff, OC's and anime characters-