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Give Your Heart by YukimuraShuusukeGrl
Give Your Heartby Yuki Iseri
Kagome looked down at the child who had a grip on her skirt; this was the second time she had seen him. Bending down she gave him a smile, then the little kid asked some...
We Meet Again (Harry Potter x Black butler) {ciel/Harry x alois }  by Louise9A1
We Meet Again (Harry Potter x Blac...by anime123
Lily and James Potter did not die that night in the cottage. Harry's twin was named the boy who lived. Harry was send to live with petunia even though he was really the...
Hogwart's Babysitter by night_bat_
Hogwart's Babysitterby 🦇
Percy Jackson has finally found peace, but even he should know that peace doesn't last long. What happens when Dumbledore comes to Chiron asking for a favor? What if onl...
It Only Takes a Second by okayletsbesirius
It Only Takes a Secondby OkaySiriusly?
Harry Potter has been living his life in fear. Fear of his uncle, fear of his power, fear of his magic, fear of his own shadow. But one day, during a routine trip to the...
Are We Truly Meant to Be by Kirapapa13
Are We Truly Meant to Beby Kirapapa13
Harry is raised by Sirius and Remus. In order to protect Harry they leave Britain for America. Living in Forks Washington Harry meets Emmett Cullen along with the others...
Offspring (Mar.Era x Blue Exorcist) [James Potter] by FayeMate
Offspring (Mar.Era x Blue Exorcist...by FayeMate
The Marauders try to get closer to two girls to help Peter with his crush, not knowing that the other friend fancies James or that she's only half human. Disclaimer: Thi...
Mind of Matter by M-Hart7
Mind of Matterby M-Hart
Enola Scamander grew up at Hogwarts during the reign of Grindelwald-practically abandoned there by her older brothers-Newt and Theseus. As their fame grew rampant and th...
Thor And Loki's Lost Daughters by Thornlokidottr
Thor And Loki's Lost Daughtersby Thorn
Loki and Thor have loved each other for a very long time and had twin daughters from that love. The daughter's names were Thorn Lokidóttir and Lokia Thordóttir. Loki and...
Forgotten Memories | ❶ by AESTAETHIK
Forgotten Memories | ❶by nocontrolspn ✔︎
What if James Potter didn't really die the day of October 31st? James was spared taken away by Hydra, where became an experiment. There he met Wanda Maximoff. Hydra had...
Percy Jackson at.... Hogwarts? by herrdoktorwurm
Percy Jackson at.... Hogwarts?by WORM
Percy Jackson is broken. After the Giant War, Camp Half-Blood's protective barriers were destroyed, and he was the only one who escaped. He watched his friends and famil...
Maybe One Day (Solangelo at Hogwarts) Discontinued by bookfaeriee
Maybe One Day (Solangelo at Hogwar...by bookfaerie
Harry Potter and crew are invited back for a redo of seventh year, due to events beyond their control. Nico And Will Solace are going to Hogwarts as well, due to events...
Perseus Jackson: quarter Greek, quarter Roman, half Wizard by WizardPJfan
Perseus Jackson: quarter Greek, qu...by WizardPJfan
Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, Neptune and Sally Jackson, has been alone for as long as he remembers. His mother gave him to Hestia to save him from people who want t...
𝖠 𝖯𝗋𝗂𝗇𝖼𝖾𝗌𝗌 𝖠𝗍 𝖧𝗈𝗀𝗐𝖺𝗋𝗍𝗌 || ᵂᴹᴹᴬᴾ || ᴴᵃʳʳʸ ᴾᵒᵗᵗᵉʳ by fentanylconnoisseur
𝖠 𝖯𝗋𝗂𝗇𝖼𝖾𝗌𝗌 𝖠𝗍 𝖧𝗈𝗀𝗐�...by ⑅
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ Claude is a peaceful man. He gets up, he works, he has tea time with his daughter, he works, spends time with daughter, work, rest, and sleep. Though some...
To Wash Away a Sin by infinity500
To Wash Away a Sinby infinity
Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover Draco/Persephone Jackson Fem! Percy Summary: Draco and Perci go to the Black Lake in the middle of the night looking for answers but...
False Pretense by YukimuraShuusukeGrl
False Pretenseby Yuki Iseri
One night stands are just that, one night. But what if Kagome wakes up after her one night stand to learn he wants more...
Lost Lottery[DISCONTINUED] by AJ_tonightat5
Lost Lottery[DISCONTINUED]by AJ_tonightat5
A boy destined for greatness is the same boy leading a double life. Perseus Jackson, a boy who wanted to be normal, but lost the lottery and turned out to be a prominent...
The Moment I Knew by YukimuraShuusukeGrl
The Moment I Knewby Yuki Iseri
What if James finally gave up on Lily when she rejected him again...what if he noticed someone else and gave his affections to her? What if James Potter noticed Kagome H...
Harry Potter x One Piece by Bluenightflame
Harry Potter x One Pieceby Blaze Artifex Phoenix
oneshot. Harry is Law's father. Law is not ever so nicely pulled into his father's old world and insure chaos
The Half-Blood Princes {Book 2} by pearjam111
The Half-Blood Princes {Book 2}by pearjam111
"I know what you are, Percy Jackson, Half-Blood Prince of the Sea." --- Percy, Annabeth, Nico and Will are thrown back into the Wizarding world for a second y...
Can I love again? by Em_or_Ray
Can I love again?by Emily Peters
What would happen if Lucius and Kagome met each other at Hogwarts but different years? What would happen when Kagome works at Howgarts as the new Muggle Studies teacher...