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Percy Jackson The Multi-Verse Hero. by night_bat_
Percy Jackson The Multi-Verse 🦇
Percy Jackson has always been kind, but after dealing with the death of the seven he's lost, he soon finds that his days of helping are far from over. In this journey, h...
Two Teams United by frankzhang464
Two Teams Unitedby frankzhang464
This is my first story so I won't be the best when the Greeks the romans the Norse and the Egyptians meet the Avengers while there's a new prophecy out you know there is...
Classified: Percy Jackson by Werewolf14119
Classified: Percy Jacksonby Werewolf
Percy Jackson left Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth broke up with him and he needed to get away. At age 17 he was taken by a secret organization called HYDRA to be the newest s...
I'm a mermaid (a PJO / H2O crossover) - Complete by I_Write_Things_01
I'm a mermaid (a PJO / H2O I_Write_Things_01
After the giant war, Percy wants to get away from the mythological life, and so do Sally and Paul. So what to they do? They move to Mako, Australia. Highest rank #1 in p...
Demon Slayer: Breathing Water by Eyeofcreation
Demon Slayer: Breathing Waterby Vanadis
Percy had failed. Gaia was never defeated, and her wrath and power decimated all attempts they made to defeat her. To awaken the only ones capable of defeating her, and...
Falling Through Portals by Elizabeth_Lux
Falling Through Portalsby Elizabeth Lux
Portals are one of the most interesting travel agents in the universe. They can get you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But for Percy Jackson, falling through a fandom...
Hogwarts has visitors. by Sharda_02
Hogwarts has Shardapathak
Highest rankings :- #1 in PJO 11/7/2019 #3 in PJO 14/7/2019 #8 in percabeth 27/5/19 #1 in Percyjacksonandtheolympians 12/9/19 #5 in percabeth on 27/9/2019 #4 in perc...
A Dragon's Life For Me [HTTYD/PJ Crossover] by Klltsun_25
A Dragon's Life For Me [HTTYD/PJ Kleith
Athena is being unfair, really. Who was he to know he had to ask for her permission for Annabeth's hand in marraige? Did other demigods talk to their godly parents befor...
Worlds collide by terquiose
Worlds collideby terquiose
Worlds collide as demigods, magicians and shadowhunters clash on the streets of New York.
Percy and Winx on Instagram by katb789
Percy and Winx on Instagramby Persassy fan
Title says it, also I don't own Winx of Percy Jackson. If I did people would still be alive. Very Short.
Derek's Cousin (PJO and TW crossover) by TheZodiac101
Derek's Cousin (PJO and TW Blueberry
Annabeth dies in the war with Gaea and Percy is heartbroken, but at least he still has his parents. He gets home and finally reunites with Sally and Paul. They have a ni...
An Unexpected Percy Jackson & Aru Shah Crossover by TvT_ShadowFox_TvT
An Unexpected Percy Jackson & Shadow
In an unexpected turn of events, the Pandava Quintet and our favorite halfbloods meet each other... (I'm not the best at descriptions so bear with me) ALL RIGHTS TO THE...
~ Demigods at Hogwarts ~ by EmberSparkheart
~ Demigods at Hogwarts ~by EmberSparkheart
Set after the Second War and the Giant War. The demigods (the Seven [minus Leo], Nico, Rachel, and the Stoll twins have been having a relatively nice in Camp Half-Blood...
When In Camp Half-Blood [Percy Jackson x Supernatural] by Celena4Life
When In Camp Half-Blood [Percy Celena
While on a vacation to Long Beach, New York, Sam and Dean encounter a few Half-Bloods. Hilariously beautiful cover by: Marie D.
Replacing Watson (Percy Jackson/BBC Sherlock Crossover) by Loki1191
Replacing Watson (Percy Jackson/ River
Perceia has had enough of the demigod world. Sally and Paul died of old age, Anthony died in the war, and everyone else has settled down. It's boring and dull. Nothing h...
||Discontinued|| A Confluence Crossover. by Formalitydotcom
||Discontinued|| A Confluence
DISCONTINUED Spoilers for the books from the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan and all characters from that series rightfully belong to him as well. This story wi...
Ice and Fire [Kane Chronicles and PJO/HOO Crossover] by elizah121
Ice and Fire [Kane Chronicles CheshireHatter
Leo was having a normal day in Brooklyn when a monster attacks. Throw in a kid who does ice magic and a few penguins and Leo's definitely no longer having a quiet me day...
ADVENTURE 2.0 by Im-professional-
ADVENTURE 2.0by im professional
Percy Jackson, the savior who was so sick of saving. Sophie Foster, the girl who just wanted to be normal, but with every second she seemed to stand out more. Camp Half...
Rebellatis | PJO by CherryandBananaPie
Rebellatis | PJOby Banoffee Princess
Annabeth Chase swore to avenge those who died in the arena. Together with Thalia, her old friend with a secret, and Zoe, who's seen her own fair share, they sacrifice ev...
Wings of Hope (a Percy Jackson and Wings of Fire Crossover) DISCONTINUED by Diamond_Ocelot6
Wings of Hope (a Percy Jackson Diamond_Ocelot6
After a strange girl stumbles into Camp Halfblood. The strange girl, Nico, Will and the Seven from the prophecy discover a long lost treasure, unknown to myth. They inba...