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Revenge [H.S. MATURE AU] by curatedbyharry
Revenge [H.S. MATURE AU]by f
It has been 3 months since Scarlett's disappearance. Her father, an FBI agent, has been looking for her everywhere since then. He knows something has happened to her, so...
Harry and the Assistant by hsdiaries
Harry and the Assistantby hsdiaries
Christina Donaldson had been working as a personal assistant to many artist for years, but nothing could prepare her for being one to Harry Styles. A professional friend...
chiaroscuro extras by moonchildstyless
chiaroscuro extrasby moonchildstyless
continuations of my fic chiaroscuro _______ you can find me on my Tumblr at moonchildstyles.tumblr.com
Tying You To Me by harry-on-broadway
Tying You To Meby harry-on-broadway
Quinn Roberts' life isn't perfect but it's pretty damn close. She's living her dream as an SNL intern, only to be swept off her feet by Harry Styles. As the years pass b...
G.A.D by LS_Stories
G.A.Dby Ash
(Larry) (Completed) (Edited) Sequel to M.P.D (Can't read this without reading the first book. It will NOT make sense other wise.) G.A.D = G...
sharing isn't always caring [h.s.] by adashofniallandetc
sharing isn't always caring [h.s.]by drea
Harry and Y/N have a threesome with another girl and things go very wrong, very quickly. As it turns out, sharing isn't always caring. --- This story started as some ra...
sweet and sour [h.s.] by adashofniallandetc
sweet and sour [h.s.]by drea
word count: 10.4k content: friends with benefits, flirty pest!harry, teasing, fingering, and oral baybeeee preview: He damn well knows the way it disorients her when he...
when lacey met harry  by hsdiaries
when lacey met harry by hsdiaries
Lacey Burket longed for a life so different than the one she currently had in New York. Harry Styles longed for a life so different than the one he was now being forced...
Friends With Benefits » Harry Styles by travelinglarry
Friends With Benefits » Harry Styl...by Cat and Cara
cat [on-going] Harry Styles and Nailea Rayos was a perfect couple until something horrible happened. Sadly, they broke up due to Harry not wanting a relationship. Naile...
Instagram posted by lotoflover
Instagram postedby Omg-harrystyles-blog
Posting of Instagram! I hope you like it! :)
devine by fvckmechalamet
devineby only angel
these are just some Harry Styles imagines that i found on tumblr i will always give credit of course so if you want you can go check em out yourself :)
MONSTER \\ H.S. Dark Fanfiction // by tumblrystyles
MONSTER \\ H.S. Dark Fanfiction //by oh hey there
Meg is a seventeen year old girl on her own, and she's fine with that, until she makes a deal with the devil. Between tarot cards, Ouija boards and phsycics, you'd thi...
You & I [H.S] by Jeannielovesharrey
You & I [H.S]by Jeannie ❤️
"Let me be your angel harry" "You must be an angel straight out of hell then '' "Oh honey you'll be surprised to know that even the purest angels sin...
Lessons H.S. by oceanxstyles
Lessons H.S.by oceanxstyles
Onyx has been failing Algebra class for the past two months. She is forced to find a tutor in a week, but when she doesn't in time. She is given one, the school player...
This Hostel Love by lovablehemmings
This Hostel Loveby lovablehemmings
He dragged her into the loss and mess of her past lover... She never saw him coming even after all her ghosts appeared. A story involving betrayal, murder and most impor...
Call My Lawyer. by itsnic12
Call My Lawyer.by Nic 💀
"Hush, my sweet. This won't be the last time I wrap my hand around your pretty little neck." He lets go of his tight grasp, releasing the withheld air from yo...
The Lyre of my Soul -H.S by narryhrrrt
The Lyre of my Soul -H.Sby MJ
"And what do you think you're doing 𝘢𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘵 Styles." I muttered through my teeth over the blasting music and horny lovesick adults. He turned around showi...
The secret down under by madvibes
The secret down underby Eliza(bitch)
Discover what Harry styles is really hiding (one shot)