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The Hilarious Romance Between The Brute and The Flea by DarknessLuver
The Hilarious Romance Between The...by Cas Masterson
After years of fighting, Izaya decides he is no longer interested in playing with Shizuo. He decides to go out and tell the 'brute' just that so hopefully, they can move...
Depression (shizuo x izaya) by lenkamijoushion
Depression (shizuo x izaya)by Aiden✨💫
When izaya came to realize that he had somehow developed feelings for the monster of ikebokuro, he tried to hide them. But everytime he would face the protozoan, it woul...
Sharing Kisses (Shizuo x Reader) by linkin20007
Sharing Kisses (Shizuo x Reader)by Ezra
Shizuo x Reader fanfiction. I have no idea how long this will be so, enjoy!
Big brother 's Love(Durarara!!)(Izamika) (Discontinued) by Long_Finger_Senpai
Big brother 's Love(Durarara!!)(Iz...by Long_Finger_Senpai
Durarara!!!Mikado×Izaya.disclaimer-i do not own durarara in this life or afterlife(what will happen if the cold-hearted human lover Izaya found out that his little brot...
*MAJOR EDITING* The Devil's Marionette (A Drrr Fanfic) by Irrodim
*MAJOR EDITING* The Devil's Marion...by Ashleigh
I wrote this when I was a child and it has major rapey vibes at some points so needs a whole ass rewrite. Read at your own discretion
Shizaya One-shots:Fluff, Angst, Smut, etc. by Yuika_chan04
Shizaya One-shots:Fluff, Angst, Sm...by 🥔🥔🥔P O t a T o E S🥔🥔🥔
A set of stories centering our favorite couple of all time: Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara. Feel free to read how Shizuo and Izaya go through with their relationship...
You Had ONE Job by PandoraButler
You Had ONE Jobby Death Themself
Shinra pleads Izaya to help a guy out and get Shizuo a date...what he doesn't realize is that Izaya is going to /be/ that date. Cover: @SiIverPsycho
Love Me Till The End by DarknessLuver
Love Me Till The Endby Cas Masterson
After the loss of his two best friends in a car crash, Kishitani Shinra is left heartbroken. Insane from grief, the doctor uses their blood samples to create clones of O...
eternal love by purafresas
eternal loveby brenda ‹𝟹
꒰ ongoing ꒱ - bf scenarios ( h. shizuo x fem! reader )
I Forgive, You Do You Forgive Me? by AlegnnaStory
I Forgive, You Do You Forgive Me?by Alegnna
Shizuo heard his phone ringing and picked it up he answered the phone and said : SHIZUO: hello! Who's this? IZAYA: hello Shizu chan SHIZUO: flea? How did you know my nu...
Beautiful lies by kevin_shadow
Beautiful liesby Mr shadow
Izaya comes from a abusive home and metss his best friend and the love of his life. And no matter what. Shizuo always stayed by his little Izaya's side. Till death when...
The Dare Shizaya by Starry_Writer0
The Dare Shizayaby Star Light
Shizaya in high school Shinra dares Izaya. Izaya refuses. But what will happen when Shizuo figures out the dare? (Not 100% accurate. Past is different than the original...
His Little Sister (Durarara) OC X Shizuo Completed by kate_inspired
His Little Sister (Durarara) OC X...by Kate_inspired
Izzy Orihara is 21 happily 2 years younger than her big brother. Although her parents were distant and didn't like the two. She loved her little sisters. Living in Ikebu...
Patch Me Up (Shizuo x Izaya) by lenkamijoushion
Patch Me Up (Shizuo x Izaya)by Aiden✨💫
(HighSchool AU) Shizuo is a troublesome high school student who can't help but get an injury every now and then. He fears going to the schools clinic cause of the terri...
Izaya x Reader x Shizuo [collection] by szonyix_6277
Izaya x Reader x Shizuo [collectio...by Sonia
DRRR!! How can you hate Izaya, who loves you so much? :D And how can you NOT love Shizuo? :P These fanfics will focus on these two men and the amazing (or not so great...
One Night Stand (Izaya Orihara x OC) by Hot_Dragon_Papi
One Night Stand (Izaya Orihara x O...by Dragon Papi
When 23 year old Sora Ayuna has a one night stand with the notorious Info Broker Izaya Orihara. She finds her self pregnant with his baby. Not knowing who he is or what...
Shizuo x Reader | Lemon by fancyjasmin
Shizuo x Reader | Lemonby fancyjasmin
This is a 18+ fanfic Hope you'll like it But still remember... Becuase I'm doing this fanfic, dosent it mean that he's yours... since he's mine!!
Shizaya One-shots! by amaia_ii
Shizaya One-shots!by amaia_ii
Exactly what the title says~ Mostly Fluff & A little bit of angst (T.W.) = Trigger Warning Completely RANDOM updates Art does not belong to me. Belongs to the Artist. Co...
What would you do if I told you.... by Misakiiskawaii
What would you do if I told you....by Maybella
Its been years since that time and he almost recovered, almost re-healed, but open wounds bleed again in an onslaught of tears. Only his salvation. Only his last hope. O...
Love Triangle by NeedForShigu
Love Triangleby Emma
Izaya likes Shizuo, Shizuo likes Mikado, and Mikado likes Izaya. How will this work out?