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Best Man Wedding by ChocolateZeno
Best Man Weddingby xxZenoxx
When we last left off the the gang the loss of one beloved mended the broken bonds. Now coping the 8 find themselves more spread out and out of touch then they've ever b...
Soul Passion||:Slow Updates  by ChocolateZeno
Soul Passion||:Slow Updates by xxZenoxx
Terrence Howard has a good life. He's rich, successful, and doing what he's always wanted to do. Yet with all the fame he could hardly say he was happy. He diddnt know t...
When I Met You by Ranlayla
When I Met Youby It’s.juss_laylay 🖤
Penda is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend and father of her child Leonardo. True enough, she does get tired of being beaten on. She has a son, she doesn't w...
CAUGHT! by tarajixxterrence
CAUGHT!by tarajixxterrence
You'll find out soon enough
Labyrinth 2 once upon a time. (Fanfiction) by Theunusual1968
Labyrinth 2 once upon a time. (Fan...by Theunusual1968
When you think the story has ended after it has been told, But there's always a new story that is still waiting to have its ending, and start it's beginning, starting wi...
Valentine Evenings 🤍 (Jareth x reader one shots!!) by iluvvlabyrinth
Valentine Evenings 🤍 (Jareth x re...by kylie !!
this fic is full of short jareth x reader stories I've written. Many of them are just some scenarios I've made up but I hope you enjoy!!🫶 [all of the characters in this...
Moleman's Epic Rap Battles #8: Winnie the Pooh Vs. Sesame Street by Moleman9000
Moleman's Epic Rap Battles #8: Win...by MolemanNineThousand
VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HPIWGRrR50 The two most famous... strike that, the two most RESPECTABLE franchises for small children clash in the biggest M...
The Happytime Murders:Avas Story by Mariethejournalist
The Happytime Murders:Avas Storyby Mariethejournalist
A Collaboration Fic with @janicephillover69 Basically an alternate version of the movie with an extra character who's my OC named Ava Brooks who's a rare human puppet h...
Stronger - Tank by QueenXJaeee
Stronger - Tankby QueenXJaeee
Angela - Taraji P. Henson Tank- Himself Michelle- Zendaya Coleman
Keaton Henson Lyric Book by lxmtok
Keaton Henson Lyric Bookby lxmt
Lyrics to song by the lovely keaton henson. All credit to him.
Lose Control - 50 Shades of Jussie by br33zywif3_
Lose Control - 50 Shades of Jussieby Tamera Renee
Thirty - two year old CEO, Jussie Smollett, lives a dark life, Only because he feels as if he will never find love, or someone who will accept him for him, Tired of him...
Wings by brokellama
Wingsby -ˋˏgeorgiaˎˊ-
When Jareth leaves the Labyrinth in search of his deepest dreams and desires, he hardly knows what he's after. He runs into trouble on his way; an ordinary girl. He lea...
We Deserve A Happy Ending by Mrguavauchiha
We Deserve A Happy Endingby Mrguavauchiha
Meet Angelica Henson, she thought that she was the happiest person alive, because of one guy. Ashton Gray, but fate was such a bitch. Will they have a happy ending? Who...
Summer Hurricane || n.h au {2/2} ON HOLD B/C COLLEGE by nothingiscertain
Summer Hurricane || n.h au {2/2} O...by A.C
(SEQUEL TO SUMMER RAIN) ♤ And they realized too late, that it wasn't the peaceful eye of the storm that they craved, but the beautiful destruction of the hurricane... ♤ ...
Return to the Goblin City | Labyrinth 2 by lostinhislabyrinth
Return to the Goblin City | Labyri...by leeann❀
Based after the events of the 1986 Jim Henson movie, Labyrinth. - Since the day Sarah had decided to leave the Labyrinth and her friends, she'd called upon on them nearl...
Dark Crystal by ElizabethBlade1981
Dark Crystalby Elizabeth Blade
My poem of the Dark Crystal world
Within Your Eyes (A Sequel To The Film) by Your_Writing_emo
Within Your Eyes (A Sequel To The...by Your_Writing_emo
Many years after Sarah left the labyrinth, the memories faded into what she thought was dreams. She grew up, and had a kid. These dreams were passed down onto her child...
Into The Labyrinth by cadleigh
Into The Labyrinthby Kaylee
Have you ever lost hope in something? Have you ever wished for something so much, but know it can never be? For nineteen year old Anna, she realized that now was the tim...