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Soul Passion||:Slow Updates  by ChocolateZeno
Soul Passion||:Slow Updates by xxZenoxx
Terrence Howard has a good life. He's rich, successful, and doing what he's always wanted to do. Yet with all the fame he could hardly say he was happy. He diddnt know t...
When I Met You by Ranlayla
When I Met Youby It’s.juss_laylay 🖤
Penda is in an abusive relationship with her husband and father of her child Leonardo. True enough, she does get tired of being beaten on. She has a son, she doesn't wan...
Fulton Moments by DrewJames9
Fulton Momentsby Foxy Tatty
A collection of moments in (Y/N)'s life relating to Fulton. Mainly Incorrect quotes and memes that have been expanded upon.
Lose Control - 50 Shades of Jussie by br33zywif3_
Lose Control - 50 Shades of Jussieby Tamera Renee
Thirty - two year old CEO, Jussie Smollett, lives a dark life, Only because he feels as if he will never find love, or someone who will accept him for him, Tired of him...
Grow Up With Me - Larry Stylinson [BoyxBoy] by hipthrustharry
Grow Up With Me - Larry Stylinson...by Brittany
this is the first book to the Grow Up With Me series:) ~~~ When Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Ty Kingsley all let their desperation of wanting more out of a forbid...
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Love, Life And Figurative Death by DrewJames9
Love, Life And Figurative Deathby Foxy Tatty
Fulton and Millie used to be best of friends. On the outside, they looked like they had nothing in common, but they shared a love of sports and perhaps a yearning for th...
More than just Friends by janiyajanay
More than just Friendsby JaNiya
Terrence and Taraji claim that they are nothing but friends, but is it the same behind closed doors?
Jim Henson's Cyclia descriptions  by melissarenteria1
Jim Henson's Cyclia descriptions by Thetransgalwriter
See the creativity of a futuristic nightclub and its hotel CYCLIA is pure theater in a revolutionary new form: A perfectly controlled, unified environment of movement...
Stronger - Tank by QueenXJaeee
Stronger - Tankby QueenXJaeee
Angela - Taraji P. Henson Tank- Himself Michelle- Zendaya Coleman
Labyrinth by AbygaelSawyer
Labyrinthby AbygaelSawyer
I used to hate my younger half-brother, only coping when my only pure-blood elder brother is there to keep my nerves out the game. But one night, as I took care of my ba...
The Happytime Murders:Avas Story by Mariethejournalist
The Happytime Murders:Avas Storyby Mariethejournalist
A Collaboration Fic with @janicephillover69 Basically an alternate version of the movie with an extra character who's my OC named Ava Brooks who's a rare human puppet h...
Wilkins and Wontkins in A Game Of Cards? by couragescooby87
Wilkins and Wontkins in A Game Of...by Sanchez Rodrigez
Wilkins and Wontkins play a simple game of cards. But in a twist, Wontkins admits that he has a crush.
We Deserve A Happy Ending by Mrguavauchiha
We Deserve A Happy Endingby Mrguavauchiha
Meet Angelica Henson, she thought that she was the happiest person alive, because of one guy. Ashton Gray, but fate was such a bitch. Will they have a happy ending? Who...
The Dysfuntionals by DakariJohnson
The Dysfuntionalsby DakariJohnson
James is a Choir Director who finds out his daughter is stricken with a brain tumor. He decides to enter in a competition with a choir from his high school to win the ca...
CAUGHT! by tarajixxterrence
CAUGHT!by tarajixxterrence
You'll find out soon enough