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Strangled: a Hijack/Frostcup fanfic by HijoDeLaLunaLunessa
Strangled: a Hijack/Frostcup fanficby HijoDeLaLunaLunessa
A Tangled-based storie with Hiccup as Rapunzel, Jack/Jackson as Flynn/Eugene, Pitch Black as mother Gothel, ... I've changed a few things, but the story is quite the sam...
How to save a life by Siren_Prism
How to save a lifeby Makani
After Jack, Jacklene, and the guardians have overcome Pitch and Raven's fear, they separated, Jacklene and the guardians have yet to find an unexpected surprise. Jack an...
Why? *Editing* by _amaranth
Why? *Editing*by _amaranth
Jack frost is invisible to everyone, except Hiccup. This is the voyage of their discovery of the biggest question: Why?
hijack oneshots by wisperingwinters
hijack oneshotsby wisperingwinters
first hijack one shot and smut book enjoy💜💜💙 yay!!
How To Be Brave by HijoDeLaLunaLunessa
How To Be Braveby HijoDeLaLunaLunessa
Another fanfic based on a Disney-movie. Hiccup as Merida, Stoick as Elinor, Gobber as Fergus, ...
Jack x Hiccup by armgisa22
Jack x Hiccupby Tayler
Just a cute one-shot of hijack because they're frickin adorable
Parenthood by linluns
Parenthoodby linluns
Hiccup has been feeling... strange lately. He's been getting sick in the mornings and his stomach has swollen. He has an idea of what could be wrong with him, but it's i...
Fluffy One-Shots (Hijack) by BeatTheTwilight
Fluffy One-Shots (Hijack)by DriedUpYouthfulFame
"OMFG there's Cotten wool and kittens EVERYWHERE!!" *scraping arms along the floor* "too much fluff" *takes last breath then DIES But anyway just a c...
Hijacked On Fire by consxious
Hijacked On Fireby naj ۵
What if Katniss was captured during the Quarter Quell instead of Peeta? Peeta who is now the Mockingjay has to deal with his hijacked lover Katniss and also ending the r...
Sun and Moon by Stenna15
Sun and Moonby Stenna15
Rise of the Guardians AU. Some liberties are taken. In this story, the spirits are created by the Sun. Horren Blaze is one of the most ancient spirits of the world, but...
It was too late - A Shivika ff by Pui_02
It was too late - A Shivika ffby Pui
Shivaay's engagement to Ragini was just an egoistic move to make everyone believe, especially Anika and himself, that he had moved on. What effect will this announcement...
Hijack. #Virushka by ThatPakistaniGurl
Hijack. #Virushkaby Mari.
300 passengers, two estranged lovers, a terrorist organization and death. All in one aircraft. |Mature Content| |Violence|
Tortured but Together (A Hunger Games Fanfiction) by DHDHDHSHXGZZZH
Tortured but Together (A Hunger Ga...by DHDHDHSHXGZZZH
It's a different ending to Catching Fire. The dome at the top of the arena just exploded, and Katniss and Peeta have escaped. Or have they? This time, both Peeta and Kat...
The Lost Boy IV - The Hidden World by Stenna15
The Lost Boy IV - The Hidden Worldby Stenna15
Three years after becoming the clan's new chief, Hiccup has turned Berk into a haven for vikings and dragons. But when an old enemy comes back around and threaten the de...
Hijackie: How to Train Your Dragon with Ice by LilMisBacon
Hijackie: How to Train Your Dragon...by LilMissBacon
Jackie Frost now at age 12, was found in the woods when she was only a few days old has always isolated herself from the world, only to one day, help hiccup stop the war...
HiJack (Corpse Bride Au) by NekoNinja63
HiJack (Corpse Bride Au)by NekoNinja63
Based on the movie The Corpse Bride but with Hiccup and Jack instead. It doesn't follow the movie completely because that would be boring. As Hiccup is an outcast in his...
Hijackie: How to Train Your Dragon with Ice 2 by LilMisBacon
Hijackie: How to Train Your Dragon...by LilMissBacon
The sequel is here! And this adventure is nothing like the first. Now we find out where Jackie or this time Jack, is from. What her haritage is. Hiccup will meet a long...
HEROES  by RAVI-1999
Complete ✔️ A soldier always has two options when at crossroads: to follow orders or to abort the mission. It's a love story of two generations. Special thanks to @ke...
Captured || Book 1 by Winterrose02
Captured || Book 1by ソフィアちゃん
**COMPLETED** Victors. Taken... tortured... brainwashed. Rebels. Angry... fighting... ready for battle. Snow. Prideful... torturing... killing. The Mockingjay. Sweet...