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Big Villain Want To Marry Me (Book 1)  | L.K Adaptation by kathujaan
Big Villain Want To Marry Me ( silent moon
Lisa turned into a four-year old cute baby in a novel The Lisa in the novel would become the vicious second female lead in the book, where she will do all sorts of bad...
Erased (Chaelisa Au)  by Proud_Bitch96
Erased (Chaelisa Au) by HelenaMya
The story is based on ERASED, known in Japan as Boku dake ga Inai Machi. Japanese anime and live action series. The story follows Lalisa Manoban, a young women living in...
I'm Inlove With My Stalker (JENLISA) by rbyjn00
I'm Inlove With My Stalker ( louisekim
What if you have a girlfriend then suddenly she breaks up with you because of your sister... What if all the people around you don't like you, even your parents... What...
Hidden Marriage by Nikithareddy679
Hidden Marriageby Nakshu💜🖤💜
LISKOOK ADAPTION!!!!!! Its not my story and credits goes to original owner. Actually this story has been deleted by wattpad so here I'm writing again!!.
Yours, Forever || Jenlisa Adaption by slutforjenlisa
Yours, Forever || Jenlisa Adaptionby slutforjenlisa
Jennie's best friend, Jisoo, is stranded at an airport due to unforeseen circumstances, thus keeping her from executing her plan to stop the wedding of her ex-girlfriend...
Top-notch Daughter-in-law (Tzuyu x Twice ?) by simpGae_u3w0m
Top-notch Daughter-in-law (Tzuyu Hii<3
Chou Tzuyu, a live-in daughter-in-law everyone scorns and despised, but her real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. She swore that one day, t...
Adopted by a famous couple 2 {one shot book} by Lizzzzzzz14
Adopted by a famous couple 2 { Lizzzzzzz14
So i already made a story about 5 Kids getting adopted by a famous couple, but I coudn't think of a New part that followed that storyline. so i decided to make a one sho...
Don't Be A Hero- Novel Edition by DemiGboss
Don't Be A Hero- Novel Editionby DGBoss
This is the novel version of my comic, Don't Be A Hero.
It's Because We Love You (Stray Kidz Fanfic) • by AGreyArea
It's Because We Love You (Stray Laura Grey
*this is an adaption of the Disney Snow white movie (with...a few added details of course) Snow, despised by her step mother, ignored by her maids and servants ventures...
Another Fairytale - Sacrificed to the Beast ✓ (completed) by bookitybookbook
Another Fairytale - Sacrificed bookitybookbook
*Completed* 4/29/17 Highest rank: #65 in Fantasy as of 7/19/17 (THANK YOU!) Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Everyone knows the story of Beauty and...
Jacob Black and Me by katohagan
Jacob Black and Meby Katharine
What if Bella had decided not to go to Forks? what if it was you who were destined to be Jacob Black's soulmate?
Manga & Webtoon Recommendations 《Ongoing》 by ShizunLi
Manga & Webtoon Recommendations 《 Shizun
Manga Recommendations 《Ongoing》 Here are my Manga Recommendations that I am reading at the moment. More Mangas will be continued to be added. 《These Mangas...
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife Book 2 by MystifyingJL
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife Book 2by Elmaw
"Stay with me and I will give you everything your heart desires. For you, my darling, I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just to ha...
Dynamo x star by AbiMorwani
Dynamo x starby AbiMorwani
This is about Percy and the young Justice. Ships will be between Percy and Dick, Estelle and Dammian. Percy's parents will be mudured and Estelle will be alive. almost s...
Luigi's Beta Mansion by NintendoJedi
Luigi's Beta Mansionby NintendoJedi
A short novel. A strange turn of events lands Luigi in the midst of a deadly game to find Mario inside a sinister house before it's too late. Based off beta elements fro...
The MapleStory Polar Express by MomentumGo
The MapleStory Polar Expressby MomentumGo
*Based on the movie and online game "MapleStory"* When a 2181 8th grade student Hawkeye (Who's graduating this year) takes a spirited train, he goes on a adven...
The Beginning after the End by vaegeukies
The Beginning after the Endby Kyo
King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath t...
Have you ever wondered why you need to study so hard?
Who ever said the devil wasn't a woman?| • Lucifer, (Lisa Monoban)the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with her life in hell. After abandoning her thro...
Story Ideas by Shadow-Wielder
Story Ideasby Mushroom
This is a collection of my random inspections for stories I never managed to actual start. That or I just had the idea it no idea how to make it continue. These are all...