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hololive oneshots by nspyrr
hololive oneshotsby 2lanes
[hololive Oneshots and Situations] REQUESTS ARE OPEN! [HIATUS; WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE REQUESTS] A collection of oneshots and situations made by an author who slacks too...
Partners In Time [Hololive x Male OC] by TrueRisingFTW
Partners In Time [Hololive x Male...by TrueRising
When both the grandchildren of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes attempt to travel to the future, the grandson of Holmes finds himself spiralling off course and ending up...
On The Run - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Fan Fiction (Being Edited) by Diary0fAWimpyKid
On The Run - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid...by Funny Fan Fictions -
All my Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Fan Fictions in 1 - Including On The Run, Apocalypse and more
🔱 Chum Buddies 🔱: Gawr Gura x Male Reader by Rubyfanguy12
🔱 Chum Buddies 🔱: Gawr Gura x Ma...by 「Cool Vibrations」
This is the "Unofficial" beginnings of Gawr Gura, a cute Virtual YouTuber from Hololive EN that's both shark and human. She's over 9000 years old, though she n...
Natural by drunk_lost_calliP
Naturalby drunk_lost_calliP
THIS IS MY FIRST ATTEMPT TO WRITE ONE SHOT Murrail has given up on life and is glad to just live a simple existence. His acceptance of the nihilism of everything has bro...
Hunter x Hunter (love story) by Holo_The_Wise_Wolf
Hunter x Hunter (love story)by (^-^)
Holo was never a normal girl and her past haunts her every waking day. Holo's friend, Ryoko isn't done grieving for their best friends, Fremi and Chloe. Holo agrees to g...
❗Encanto lemons❗ by panikattakk
❗Encanto lemons❗by panikattakk
Do not read if you are a minor❗❗
The day that changed Cristine and Ben forever  (Simply Nailogical) by holoforever
The day that changed Cristine and...by Kenya Bahena
This is just a really random fanfic about Cristine and Ben (SimplyNailogical) Just so everyone knows, I know that Ben and Cristine don't want to get married or have kids...
So Soon ? [Vtuber] by KamiYoushii
So Soon ? [Vtuber]by 요시
[ ROMANTIC ] - Art CR : @ching_goa_〔On Twt〕 During the pandemic, boredom always surrounds all your dreams, but you are starting to get to know the world of the inte...
The Reinvention of Harry Styles (Completed) by bananashark7
The Reinvention of Harry Styles (C...by Lila
Harry Styles' first solo album has come with an all new Harry - or at least a new image. One former One Direction fan is unhappy with the way Harry is trying to be a ro...
Prey by RuseBolton
Preyby Damien
As history tells it, in the year of the scorched earth phenomenon the world plunged into chaos, plants and animals alike all suffered and died, little survived. To fill...
Can I touch them? by huntress777
Can I touch them?by Eight
My first one-shot. Lawrence has a spur of curiosity and ask if he could touch Holo's human ears. But for some unknown reason they're off limits.
Still Alive by storyteler1000
Still Aliveby Jolie
This story is a combination of 'Assassins at Dusk' by _Sibylline_(if you haven't read it, go read! It's amazing!) And the original KOTLC with some of my own twists. I sh...
My Holo Love by loading_shemaiah
My Holo Loveby Shemaiah
A woman named Astrid designed a glasses that's able to show a guy named Dario,you can only see him if you put the glasses on.What happens when a girl falls in love with...
Ending Scene I (The Heartbreaks) | ✅ by _dooonuyyt
Ending Scene I (The Heartbreaks) |...by elsenviyen
COMPLETED, BOOK ONE. •b i h i (this book is describing their hardships, longing for each other and heartbreaks. also this book is inspired of MUSIC that i enjoyed a lot...
Hololive Highschool AU by -Yumirey-
Hololive Highschool AUby Yumirey
This AU is an interpretation of the illustrations by @amlichan who is the illustrator of the images that I put in this fanfic. In this Au, the Hololive girls find themse...
Her and the Pizza Guy by PopnLock124
Her and the Pizza Guyby Gina
Now we know we shouldn't really be intruding on another person's love life... but it's too hard to resist. LeAnn and I are in our church's high school youth group and w...