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The Council's Dilemma (HoloCouncil x Male Reader.) by PengOwl
The Council's Dilemma (HoloCouncil...by PengOwl
The Council needs to decide something or someone's fate yet again. And this time, they either have to remove someone entirely from existence and save the world from coll...
One with the Force (Holocouncil x Male Force Sensitive Reader) by random_idiot223
One with the Force (Holocouncil x...by Random_idiot
(Y/n) is a force sensitive individual, he doesn't consider himself Sith nor Jedi, at most a Grey-Jedi. In his past his town was attacked by a group of raiders for any go...
(VOL2) Why am I still in this situation...? (Youtuber Male Reader X Hololive) by KorWhoWrites
(VOL2) Why am I still in this situ...by [⧰] KOR
(!IMPORTANT!) (READ VOLUME 1 FIRST AS ALOT OF SITUATIONS HERE WILL LIKELY MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.) (Official Volume 2/sequel for the previous book titled "How did...
The Machinations Of Greed by MichaelTheHaxor
The Machinations Of Greedby MichaelTheHaxor
Once upon a time, there was a lonely robot who had no-one but shackles and chains holding its arms, so... he wanted more.
Holo- What now?!: Hololive X male reader Rewrite: by Damascus_1271
Holo- What now?!: Hololive X male...by Damascus_1271
After spending most of his life as a monster hunter, (Y/N) "Calvin" (L/N) decided to retire, becoming a youtuber instead. using a virtual model to disguise his...
HololiveEn Text Messages by CharaNoSurnameBtw
HololiveEn Text Messagesby CharaNoSurnameBtw
the messaging app isnt rlly specified but oh well Just some funny text messages from ur favourite girls! :D enjoy >:]
Izuku's New Life by YSingc
Izuku's New Lifeby Cing
Not much to say but just read
A Fallen Angel by Void_Existence
A Fallen Angelby Kiwa-Kun
After the rebellion of Satanael, many angels have been uncertain if they should believe in their creator, but they were too scared to say something, fearing they'd also...
Etched In Their Minds by gereentutel
Etched In Their Mindsby gereentutel
Isaac, a freelance editor, lives in the same building as a widely-known V-Tuber. By coincidence and growth, they form a romantic relationship. From then on, problems em...
Isn't This Supposed to be an Idol Agency? (Hololive x Reader) by SomeTypicalMilk
Isn't This Supposed to be an Idol...by Kishimino-san
From the start, our main character has always had a fascination with technology. It all started at age five when he saw his first-ever 3d animated film. He started dream...
Hololive Madness! (Reader X Hololive) by HidenSeeker_
Hololive Madness! (Reader X Hololi...by HiddenSeeker
[ STORY COMPLETED ] A simple, fun, and chaotic story with all types of twists and turns. As you embark on your journey inside Hololive, you will learn what it means to s...
Time Thief (hololive en x male reader) by Mr_264_The_Boi
Time Thief (hololive en x male rea...by Mr_264 The_Boi
all properties used are owned by their respective owners this cover is temporary till either A. I get good at drawing or B. I buy a commission
HoloLove. (Hololive x Male OC/Reader) by A_quil69
HoloLove. (Hololive x Male OC/Read...by Quil69
"What the fuck..." That was all I could say as I was thrusted into a world filled with the weird and wonderful. Magical unicorns, demi-humans, and the existanc...
I Never Stopped (TakaMori x Fem reader) by SeijunMei
I Never Stopped (TakaMori x Fem re...by holosimp
What would happend if you had a collab with your old lovers? What are the chances? Highest Rank #1 moricalliope #1 kiaratakanashi #2 takanashikiara #3 calliopemori #4 ho...
Spider-Man: symbiotic relationships by normal_writer1812
Spider-Man: symbiotic relationshipsby normal_writer1812
Peter (y/n) Parker, just your average nerdy high schooler who lives with his Aunt and Uncle. though he may get pushed around by other easily, he never let that tear him...
HoloEN X Male Reader by KazuiKuro
HoloEN X Male Readerby KazuiKuro
After Y/N had saved his Lover Mori Calliope from Getting Killed by a foe who can even kill immortals, He died and suddenly woke up 1000 years in the future. This is a ha...
Artorias Male Reader X Hololive Harem: The Wolf Knight Bodyguard Of Hololive by AddictedToHololive
Artorias Male Reader X Hololive Ha...by Yami Omikami
Wanting to protect his Members from danger, Motoaki "Yagoo" Tanigo, traveled across the world to find the legendary Wolf Knight. A person he thought was just a...
The Madness Idol (Hololive Harem x Male Auditor Reader) (On-Hold) by Striker14100_
The Madness Idol (Hololive Harem x...by SCP-141
(Y/N) "Auditor" (L/N) had manage to survive from a long time fighting war, Somewhere in Nevada... Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford and Tricky the Clown were found d...
◼️⬛ || 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖙 || ⬛◼️ by Gl1tch3dOracle
◼️⬛ || 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖙 || ⬛◼️by Obsequious Lesbian
"𝓗𝓮𝔂 guys, two quick questions. Uh, number 1, what the fuck am I looking at? Number 2, can...Can we stop? Can we...can we not do this? For five seconds? ...𝐅𝐎�...
Chaos Ensues (Hololive x Reader) by BonkOfficer
Chaos Ensues (Hololive x Reader)by ᘛ⁠⁐̤⁠ᕐ⁠ᐷ
Poor Y/N, he just wanted to go to school! But Fate had other plans for him and he was met with such a.. an anticlimactic end. Uwah, his death was kind of boring, wasn't...