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holoventure! | hololive x fem! reader by shiroscard
holoventure! | hololive x fem! shiroscard
what will happen if ame accidentally opens a portal to other universes instead of other timelines? who will the group of adventurers come across in their journey? - cur...
HoloEN House by Alkyuu
HoloEN Houseby Al
HoloMyth, Project Hope, And Holocouncil all live together in one Big House. All of them living together, Which means Chaos and Drama(Kinda). Anyway i ain't good with Des...
The Adopted Rose by Andyl90
The Adopted Roseby Andyl90
RWBY The Adopted Rose 3 Years Ago at the age of 12, Y/N Rose has left his adopted family in order to find the answer he seeks. Now at the age of 15 he is known as a smar...
Love Rekindled From The Ashes  by Yuriballs
Love Rekindled From The Ashes by Yuriballs
Sometimes what it takes to fix everything is to start from the very beginning losing many things you have gained but that doesn't mean you can't gain new things. things...
Hololive reacts to VanossGaming & crew by Codmplayer2514
Hololive reacts to Codm
(If you want to add others from JP or ID then go ahead and tell me. I'll do my best on translating.) What happens if a famous agency of vtubers react to a Youtuber who f...
Waning from "The Nothing" | Mumei x M!Acheron!OC by ThePotat420
Waning from "The Nothing" | ThePotat21
In the beginning of everything there was nothing, an imbalance of Chaos and existence followed after. The Gods, intending to stabilize this destruction, created the Conc...
Notice me..   Amelia×Gura hololive myth by Hololivelover22
Notice me.. Amelia×Gura
Amelia Watson had been through some difficult times. She didn't want to make others worry about her. Until one day she comes across her classmate Gawr Gura. They built a...
I Favor The Lioness by Yuriballs
I Favor The Lionessby Yuriballs
A snow elf, Yukihana Lamy, joined a noble school filled with mages to meet her idol, a white lioness named Shishiro Botan. However, the school is filled with tough oppon...
Wardens love potion by HadenSfer
Wardens love potionby Haden
This is a Kronmei Fanfic ~~~~~~~~ Kronii is the most known in town for being a businesswoman with the most chaotic friend of hers, Hakos Baelz. tho she never found true...
My Demonic Angel: An Irys X Male Reader Fan Fiction by Electrolitis
My Demonic Angel: An Irys X Male Electro Litis
After getting kicked in the back. Y/n some how ended up in a relationship with a girl. Half yandere, half tsundere, and a sprinkle of cuteness. Irys isn't here to play a...
Roommate Wanted. No Betrayers. by nayarune
Roommate Wanted. No Rune
Ouro Kronii lives alone in a big empty house, with only anxiety and abandonment issues for company. This needs to change. KronFauMei with background BaeRyS
Holonatural Occurrences (Hololive Fanfiction) by Phanzure
Holonatural Occurrences ( Phanzuru
Turns out, life isn't as it seems as it creeps its way into Haru Shinzou's life. While on a trip, he encounters a mysterious wolf-girl that seems to be linked to somethi...
Extra Terrestrial Visitor (Interactive Story) by Yuriballs
Extra Terrestrial Visitor ( Yuriballs
One day an alien drops down to Earth, unsure about what to do. She travels around the world while trying to complete her geological survey, but will she like it on Earth...
She's so Cheeky for a Dragon  by Yuriballs
She's so Cheeky for a Dragon by Yuriballs
Vulgar, crude, and irritating are all words that Pomu Rainpuff can use to describe her best friend Selen Tatsuki. However, despite the negative feelings that can apply t...
Eleven: The Sequel of AlterMyth by Elias_Pedro
Eleven: The Sequel of AlterMythby Elias_Pedro
The manipulator is active once more. After the defeat of Knowledge at the hands of HoloMyth in Victorian England, all five members of the cryptic yet almighty Tenth Coun...
Shishilamy Oneshots by Yuriballs
Shishilamy Oneshotsby Yuriballs
Short Stories about Gen 5's Snow Elf and White Lioness going on many adventures and get into whacky hijinks together.
The Council's Dilemma (HoloCouncil x Male Reader.) by PengOwl
The Council's Dilemma ( PengOwl
The Council needs to decide something or someone's fate yet again. And this time, they either have to remove someone entirely from existence and save the world from coll...
[REWORK] Holobused ( Hololive x Male reader x  by DancingMosquite
[REWORK] Holobused ( Hololive x DancingMosquite
Y/n L/n, he always dreams of wanting to be the hero that saves people from the dangers of the world and what better place to prepare than the best school in the entire w...
He who rose through cosplay (My dress up Darling x reader) by JakeIlagan7
He who rose through cosplay (My Rei
(Haven't seen a lot of my dress up darling xreader so I decided to make one my self since the anime is halfway done) Ouro (Y/n) the younger brother of Ouro Kronii a fa...