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Hooded Girl - Reverse Harem [soon to be revised]  by GirlWithoutWords
Hooded Girl - Reverse Harem [soon...by 𝐌𝐞𝐥𝐩𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐞
[soon to be revised] Once upon a time... There was a girl, this very gifted girl, blinks out in everything except being a normal functioning teenage girl. Always hidden...
Hooded Wolves by Gotisch
Hooded Wolvesby Gicele Adria
I was carefree but he turned me into a beast. I had a clear path but he painted my world red. I trusted him to protect me. He returned my trust with betrayal. I died fr...
SaTaN's BeLLS (Book One) by RobertHelliger
SaTaN's BeLLS (Book One)by RobertHelliger
In London, England, 1860, 22 year old James Maygrove, enters a demonic Manor where demons dwell looking for riches that he was told was there...but what he sees is beyon...
You Will Regret (A Fairy Tail FanFiction) by Ame_no_Yozora
You Will Regret (A Fairy Tail FanF...by Ame_no_Yozora
Everyone in the guild is hitting Lucy until she quit the guild, Lucy have a secret that not even herself knows. It will make Fairy Tail regret what they did to Lucy This...
My cold CEO boyfriend (jeon jungkook)  by jungwonsfrogcake
My cold CEO boyfriend (jeon jungko...by milfseeker
MAFIA BADBOY😈 [naughty alpha cold ceo 💸 drug lord leader stalker] (WARNING‼️ABUSIVE‼️) - new york times best seller 2021 - TOP 1 in #jeonjungkook
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Bloody Truth (Vampire Knight Fanfic) by xandra_axela
Bloody Truth (Vampire Knight Fanfi...by Alex
You saved me when I gave up on living, you gave me a meaning to live once more, you gave me a new name, a new beginning and you knew that and yet You Left Me. You're my...
The Story of The End by StretchySteven
The Story of The Endby John Weidner
What if the end was real? What if, instead of the world blowing up, the atmosphere melted from pollution? Experience 12-21-12 in the eyes of a mysterious survivor whose...
Books in a Book by DiagonalDiamond
Books in a Bookby Jȏͼҽℓყŋ
Now, what is in here? All sorts of stuff. Coffee, love, ghosts. Some more coffee. A dragon or two. Perhaps even the future. Each "book" inside is gonna have a...
My Protector:The Salvaged Crystal [Book 1] by HoodedGlitch
My Protector:The Salvaged Crystal...by penguin
A man named Jack Jericho saw the future 4 years from now and saw destruction! If he just left all creepypastas to what they were doing that would be the result! He m...
Leather Jackets Fashion Trend Of Winters by leathergaze
Leather Jackets Fashion Trend Of W...by leathergaze
Leather Jackets do need any introduction in the fashion world; they have been creating their own indicate since age groups and have been known to humanity since quite a...
The Hooded by XxVampireGirl101xX
The Hoodedby Rylee Campbell
Hey, My name is Rylee. If your wondering why I didn't say my last name, it's because I don't have one. Yes I'm a kid that lives in a orfanage. This will be so confusing...
The Hijabi Little Girl  by LailaAyman1
The Hijabi Little Girl by Laila Ayman
Normally in every high school girls get wasted and boys get laid there is only one girl who always wore a hijab and no one knows her name but all of the people call her...
Escaping the Past (On Hold) by reaches_for_the_sky
Escaping the Past (On Hold)by Daja the Delightfully Great
Dakota loses a pieces of herself when her brother is taken from her at a young age and she tries so hard to escape her painful past. But when a mysterious stranger appea...