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5SOS One Shots + Mini Stories. by PurpleSkies58
5SOS One Shots + Mini Stories.by PurpleSkies58
5SOS One Shots and Mini Stories. ** Includes CALM, Muke, Lashton, Cashton, Malum, Mashton, & Cake.
SUMMERTIME by cosmicmalum
「Cake Soulmate / Twins AU」 I do not own 5sos but I own the storyline. Thank you for reading. This work has been translated into Polish and Turkish with my permission. ...
be my dad?  by -raspberries-
be my dad? by 𝙎𝘼𝙄𝙉𝙏𝙔
Luke and Calum were friends in high school but it all went down hill from there. Calum knocked someone up and now Luke is a 2nd grade teacher teaching Calum's little boy...
Hold On To Me ☾cake au by chilloutlucas
Hold On To Me ☾cake auby cee
Two boys who have been friends for years unexpectedly fall for each other. Cover changed. Completed 2016
Asexual [cake au] ✔ by close_as_strangers_7
Asexual [cake au] ✔by Kimmy
Luke's an aromantic asexual, yet when his best friend Calum asks him to help him date his crush, he realises things he never would've imagined. TRAILER: https://youtu.be...
Carry Me Home // cake by paperxvalentines
Carry Me Home // cakeby Maya Papaya
Luke had no idea that falling in love with him might mean losing him forever. (slowwww updates!)
luke has a routine of going on chatroulette whenever he has nothing to do. little did he know, that he'd meet the most precious gem he's ever laid eyes on through it. [...
Crazy World ↠ Cake oneshots by paperxvalentines
Crazy World ↠ Cake oneshotsby Maya Papaya
I wanna just slow down, it's a crazy world // 11 songs, 11 cake oneshots
Fame & Forgotten::Cake Hoodings by sunburnlarry
Fame & Forgotten::Cake Hoodingsby lyssa
Luke_is_a_penguin: I saw your tweets. I hope all is well. I'm here for you. xx CalPal: ASDFGHJKL LUEK or where Luke is a famous pop singer and Calum is a fan of Luke, bu...
Babysitter [cake au] by close_as_strangers_7
Babysitter [cake au]by Kimmy
Where 17 year old Luke gets called to babysit his neighbour's kids, and accidentally falls for their dad. ~1000 words/chapter © 2017
Still Waiting (Cake) by In_The_Reach
Still Waiting (Cake)by Sounds Good, Feels Good
Cake Hoodings AU (Completed) "All I know is that I really like Calum..." Seconds later, I heard Calum's voice. "What'd I miss?" 2 sided story (POV)
E•MO•TION |cake| by flowercrownsnluke
E•MO•TION |cake|by prince$$
16 cake one shots based on the most slept on album of all time, E•MO•TION by Carly Rae Jepson
Murderer {Cake Hoodings} by jhemmingsxx
Murderer {Cake Hoodings}by Jay❤︎✌︎☺︎
Calum had been in jail 3 years of accused murder. No one talked to him in jail. Everyone actually feared him. When he was released the first thing he did was go to a mu...
Hard Times (COMPLETED) by NadaLuv
Hard Times (COMPLETED)by LovelyNada💕
Tyshon and Melisa have loved each other for years but they both go through a lot. Will they get through all the rough times or will it become to much for them to handle...
Both Sides of the Story [cake au.] by paperxvalentines
Both Sides of the Story [cake au.]by Maya Papaya
Luke was scared. Calum was curious. [complete]
glow in the dick ; cake by guiItyprincess
glow in the dick ; cakeby adrianna™
in which calum likes to buy glow in the dark condoms so his dick looks like a light saber and luke is an cute boy who works at a pharmacy as a summer job. © guiItyprince...
Skip to the Good Part // Cake one-shot by paperxvalentines
Skip to the Good Part // Cake one...by Maya Papaya
Cake one-shot/epilogue type thing. You won't understand this if you haven't read the Prove You Wrong series, so I suggest you go do that before reading this! :)
Weak | Hoodings | au by hideawaystylinson
Weak | Hoodings | auby jørge
i love him. - - - but i'm scared of him. ~ cth + lrh [PAUSED]