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Timeless Love {Borra x OC Fanfiction} by zielleromanova
Timeless Love {Borra x OC Fanficti...by Agent Zielle Romanova
Kiara is the biological daughter of Maleficent. She had her mother's wings and horns, as well as her eyes. She is basically a lot like Maleficent, including powers. Only...
Do You Trust Me? {Tom Lucitor x MALE reader} by bark_bark_b1tch
Do You Trust Me? {Tom Lucitor x MA...by 💀
'do you trust me?' that's what he said to me... I wish I stayed in Mewni with my mom and dad. You see, I'm the son of the Queen and King of Mewni. Twin brother of Star B...
They turned you into a Monster~ by NeptuneEmpire
They turned you into a Monster~by NeptuneEmpire
[AU] Steve is given an offer. He gets his Bucky back, who was taken again by Hydra. In exchange for Tony Stark. Without thinking of other solutions, he accepts.
𝙙𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙡 𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙣𝙨 | ✔ by winterbexr_
𝙙𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙡 𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙣𝙨 | ✔by 𝙠𝙤𝙤
Jeon Jungkook. The fallen angel. Everyone fears him, but why does a certain boy does not? Infact he was amazed by how different the other is, not really knowing how dang...
A Hell of Boy (Hellboy x reader by candyshopping
A Hell of Boy (Hellboy x readerby candyshopping
You've been transferred to the B.P.R.D. You're not really happy about that but you can't do anything about it. You've never believed in the supernatural but you will so...
Beauty and the Beast - A Labyrinth Story [COMPLETE] by SinnerOwl
Beauty and the Beast - A Labyrinth...by Sinner
This story was inspired by art made by Monarobot on Tumblr. ~~~ After Sarah had defeated Jareth, unbeknownst that she will leave him cursed, the handsome and irresistibl...
Horns & Halos Contests by WattpadHornsandHalos
Horns & Halos Contestsby Angels, Demons & Nephilim
Contest and challenges for the @WattpadHornsandHalos profile. Check it out to see what devilish or angelic prompts beckons.
Our Horns Angel (txt ff) -fluff- (Discontinued) by TheGroveScene
Our Horns Angel (txt ff) -fluff- (...by Cici Grove
Hybrid story! Will not be updating the story. Txt didn't realize the imaginary hybrid they wrote about in their songs was real! After finding Y/N in a dramatic event, Y...
I'm Not Worthy by The_OneAnd_OnlyMe
I'm Not Worthyby bLiNk bLOnK
remake of 'Last One.' Borra x Fem Oc "In case you forgot, you're a dark fey. You're one of us. Just because you've been locked up for a decade doesn't mean you can'...
The boy with horns by Izzy_heh
The boy with hornsby Izzy
Natsu Dragneel is the newest member of fairytail. After years of looking for his father, and training, he decides to join a guild to get even stronger. And possibly find...
Draknor The Web Of Creeta by Mercenaryblade
Draknor The Web Of Creetaby Derek Cottrell
After escaping the cursed lands of Agratta the dracoz barbarian, Draknor, and his companion Ylla trek through the badlands. But it seems to be a case of out of the fryin...
A Mormon Life by MilaRaph
A Mormon Lifeby Emma Grace
All the mysterious questions about Mormons answered
Horns - Tubbo -  by CactiCraft
Horns - Tubbo - by Cacti
They found him at the side of a road; a small child obviously malnourished and uncared for. a small boy with little to no memory of who or what he was. A small boy in a...
Succubus reader X Izuku by skinnyjs
Succubus reader X Izukuby skinnyjs
Izuku and reader are in their third year of high school, both about 19 or so, Izuku or anyone else has no idea about this mischievous quirk of yours, they all think its...
An Angel and a Demon by KapishaRamraj
An Angel and a Demonby Kapisha
It's true. There was a war. And the demons fought alongside the angels. It waged tirelessly between the angels and demons and the mortals, with complete disregard for t...
𝙃 𝙊 𝙍 𝙉 𝙎 by snixxys
𝙃 𝙊 𝙍 𝙉 𝙎by nini
A new guest at the Hotel Cortez arrives that The Countess instantly takes interest in, though it turns out she has to work harder than usual to get their affection. Them...
Pony Tsunotori's Instagram by foreign-hero
Pony Tsunotori's Instagramby Pony Tsunotori
*Pony Has Followed You!* {Disclaimer: Any of the art shown in this book does NOT belong to me.}
Horns | JiKook | BTS by Jykorcefran75
Horns | JiKook | BTSby Jeon Jae-Eun
"FUCKING PRIIIIIIINNCCCCEEE!!!!" "So you mean I risked my life to be-head that psycho and ran here as fast as I can to save your ass and this is the first...
Interviews by WattpadHornsandHalos
Interviewsby Angels, Demons & Nephilim
Ever wondered what angels and demons are whispering to our authors? Enter the world of "Horns and Halos: Interviews" for an insider's look into the creative mi...
Broken wing by devilcat361
Broken wingby devildragon
a young Avier girl with a broken wing struggles to live alone in the woods near a human settlement. What happens when the humans discover her. Will she ever be free? Wi...