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Fire & Feather by arielklontz
Fire & Featherby Ariel Klontz
When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understandi...
CROSSED - CHAPTER 1 by NishitCPithadia
CROSSED - CHAPTER 1by Nishit C Pithadia
It is a story about two childhood best friends of Scotland who were doing Jobs and growing their families and suddenly something happens that took their lives in trouble...
I live on Grader Lane, famous for one particular house rumoured to be cursed. Mysterious deaths by unknown causes are but one of the horror stories surrounding the hous...
Wil Radcliffe's Husher by WilRadcliffe
Wil Radcliffe's Husherby Wil Radcliffe
In 1890 an Irish sea captain fled his doomed ship and found refuge in the farmlands of northeastern Indiana. With him he brought a curse... a curse that was passed down...
This Gothic World: A Horror Fantasy ✔ by elianamrgn4
This Gothic World: A Horror Fantas...by Eliana Morgan
The Divine King of Crane has just ascended the throne. But unbeknownst to him, he has made more enemies than his life's worth. In the borders of the Capital, Arcane Cit...
Midnight Feast by LilloPops
Midnight Feastby llillliana
5 girls and 5 boys go out into the woods to camp out, they stay for 2 weeks, during their camp, they come across something scary, big, mysterious and unusual, since then...
Blood Will Out by AnnaHill_Author
Blood Will Outby
Greed brought brothers Nica and Elba into the fae forest; greed and the witch's promise of protection from the curse. But, as their mother warned in their youth, a witch...
You're dead and out of this world by crimson_arty_soul
You're dead and out of this worldby Crimson
Story of a spirit unlike any other based in year 2021 tw: mention of murder, hanging, suicide, etc please don't read if it makes you feel uncomfortable
Horns by arielklontz
Hornsby Ariel Klontz
Ritual Night is the toughest time of the year for the first born children of Hallow Hills. No one ever knows who will be selected next and sent to the house on Spellbroo...
The Glitch is Alive by Fiction_Awonya
The Glitch is Aliveby Fiction_Awonya
She doesn't know what she is, or where she's from. But now, the midnight dimension is trying to take over, and she is the only one powerful enough to stop it.
Code C.H.A.O.S. by Fuyujii_Shimo
Code C.H.A.O.S.by Fuyujii_Shimo
Protocol Code: C.H.A.O.S. A POV Based story Set in the same universe as the Insignia of Illuma
As the world caves in by KatyaTiffuns
As the world caves inby
A series of short stories I wrote on 3 hours sleep.
Savagery by crimsyn_ackerman
Savageryby Crimsyn
Addie dreamt of becoming a soldier of the imperial army of Guren. A noble act for someone who wanted to step in as a breadwinner of the family. In the night of lanterns...
The Kidnapping by Lu-Man
The Kidnappingby Louis Williams
Two kidnappers find their world turned upside down when they attempt to escape with their captive. They must survive the night and make a rendezvous to deliver their pr...
Eyes On The Murderer  by cr1me-l0ver
Eyes On The Murderer by cr1me-l0ver
⚠️ This has content of: description of crime scenes, blood, violence, description of deceased people⚠️
The Last Lowlander by Dylan-c-Davis
The Last Lowlanderby Dylan Davis
Caryll Blum, a retired soldier, has found herself as the last living member of her plague-ridden village. A mysterious stranger comes to collect her, but for what purpos...
The Secluded Land  by RitwikSinha
The Secluded Land by Ritwik Sinha
Something is lurking in the dark
Teresa nel Castello dello Straniero by AsiaRefuses91
Teresa nel Castello dello Stranieroby RequiemForAGirl01
Tutto è stravolto e confuso nella vita di Teresa dopo la perdita di suo padre Albert, ma dopo aver scoperto un castello misterioso nel mondo sotto il suo, la sua vita ca...