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Doctor House, Diagnostician by Stardust_2004
Doctor House, Diagnosticianby Kaia <3
Ashley Reyes is hired as the youngest medical intern Princeton Plainsboro teaching hospital has ever seen. Next thing she knows, Doctor Gregory House, a brilliant, snark...
Painless - House M.D by Louise-Parrison
Painless - House M.Dby Louise-Parrison
Tara Hamilton is a brilliant young surgeon with a complicated family and no personal life. One day she met the famous Gregory House and changed the course of his life. (...
Mini House M.D. ~House fanfic~ by ashesrise
Mini House M.D. ~House fanfic~by Ren ✨
Tess Claire Collins is a twelve year old genius who doesn't have the best life. Her mom died from lung cancer when she was six, her dad was arrested for abusing Tess whe...
Healing Hands! House MD Fanfic! by ThunderbirdQueen
Healing Hands! House MD Fanfic!by ThunderbirdQueen
{Thought of this while watching House MD again. Don't like the pairing of Chase and Cameron. So, I made an OC} Maria Greyson, nicknamed Mia, when her Kid brother couldn'...
Get what i need by Dream50505
Get what i needby Dream
24 year old Maddie learned years ago, when she was 6 years old and her mother passed away. That you can't always get what you want. But when having to move in with her u...
Doctor or Savior  by _Frozen_Wicked_
Doctor or Savior by _Frozen_Wicked_
A short story, What if the members of Storybrooke ended up in Princeton Plainsboro? ------------------------------------------------------------ Emma Swan gave birth to...
House MD Boyfriend Scenarios  by GraspingEmpathy
House MD Boyfriend Scenarios by GraspingEmpathy
This a big book of Boyfriend Scenarios dedicated to House MD. If you have any ideas, please tell me and I'll make a boyfriend scenario about it!
House M.D. Oneshots by Jociebear2012
House M.D. Oneshotsby Jociebear2012
I just decided to do one shots for the male character's on House M.D. Hope you enjoy!
About Last Night - HouseMD FanFiction - James Wilson x Original Character by fanwrittenthings
About Last Night - HouseMD fanwrittenthings
Claire Byrne is a medical student who just moved from Ireland to New Jersey to pursue a career in ophthalmology and also, to explore new places to live. While working at...
experiment by IanClaytonMilkovich
experimentby IanClaytonMilkovich
Dr. Greg House and Dr. James Wilson have been friends for a very long time, but is there something lurking under the surface of their friendship? Well, House is planning...
Houses Head by jessamika379
Houses Headby jessamika379
House can't take it anymore and tries to end his life. Wilson shows up just in time. Will house make it though okay? And how will he cope afterwards? How will Wilson rea...
Your Pretty Eyes || House MD by tessaazele
Your Pretty Eyes || House MDby Tex
Elena went on to New Jersey, to see her unwell step sister Annabelle. The thought bugs her, that her dad left her alone years ago, not looking back once. But Annabelle a...
Alison Camerons Dark Past by AlexSuckow34
Alison Camerons Dark Pastby AlexSuckow34
Cameron is shot over a terrible secret that she has kept buried in her past since tenth grade... bad Summary, but a decent story, like all other authors here I request a...
Sheriffs and Doctors by ouatlover23102011
Sheriffs and Doctorsby PrincessAylisa
(No magic setting) Emma Swan and her husband Killian Jones (OUAT) live in a small town in Maine. That is until she gets a job offer in New Jersey. Unfortunately Emma fa...
Multifandom Imagines by nephilim123456789
Multifandom Imaginesby nephilim123456789
Welcome to a world of pure imagination. The fluff version. Requests are open and it will be a reader insert. Enjoy. Blue Bloods Criminal Minds Glee House M.D. Lucifer Ma...
Stuck in a Vent  by rengie07
Stuck in a Vent by rengie07
House and Chase go look for toxin at a patient's house. But things go wrong when House tells Chase to look inside the vent.
House x Wilson by bobboe1
House x Wilsonby bobboe1
Takes place after Season 8 episode 8. In a bet, Wilson traps House in his bathroom, as he searches the man's apartment. He was trying to prove that the man possessed a...
Similar Souls by writeyourfantasy
Similar Soulsby Meryem Elma
Summary: There is a new intern in House's team. House is annoyed by her. But soon he will understand that they have almost the same past. (English is not my first langua...