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VeriVery Oneshots/Reaction/Wyr/imagines by Hashiho_kyuala06
VeriVery Oneshots/Reaction/Wyr/ima...by Harukyu_Mashiho06
All About our 𝗧𝗔𝗟𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗗 𝗕𝗢𝗬𝗦 This is my first time writing a book/story so... Bear with me!😆 This Book Includes; VeriVery reaction VeriVery Oneshots VeriVer...
i'm safe with you | hyunjae by dearyoungjae
i'm safe with you | hyunjaeby jaemitda
[ ON-GOING ] "I'm not like him, Kim Yeonwoo. I wanted to protect you the first time I saw you." Started: January 20, 2022 Ended: --- ★highest rankings★ #1 - ho...
Verivery  by salty_manake
Verivery by amy
+ Collection of VERIVERY story + Stan Talented Salty Manake 💕™
Camera || •VeriVery • Victon• by Nhaziqah_tj
Camera || •VeriVery • Victon•by Hzalrn_
Bangkit menuntut bela.. Bangkit mencari siapa punca.. Bangkit menolong antara satu sama lain.. ◆VERIVERY◇ ◇VICTON◆ ⚠DISCLAIMER⚠ Cerita ni memang asal usul dari fikira...
Still Innocent ⅼ️ [Verivery]  by Official_Fixy
Still Innocent ⅼ️ [Verivery] by Fixy🦊
Dont take it seriously or dont think it real, it just fanfiction.. Soft and friendly fanfiction ships ♡️♡️♡️♡️ This story contain: - Sweet* - cute* - soft* - half gay* ...
Goner || Kangmin harem (강민 x 베리베리) by Linlin-Macaroon
Goner || Kangmin harem (강민 x 베리베리)by °Venti°
Inspired by Diabolik lovers// Verivery were on their way to Music bank when a terrible accident happened, sadly, the only survivor was their youngest, who lived terribly...
VERIVERY || Housemates by paradised_
VERIVERY || Housematesby annie
Hoyoung first come to Korea so he decided to move on a house with 6 strangers. ❃" Hyung I don't like him, why do we have to live with him He is a transfer st...
verivery || vous me manquez by paradised_
verivery || vous me manquezby annie
love is one of the feelings that you shared when you are living together. but what if one day love become one thing that you feel it annoyed and bothered you? warning: ...
Still Innocent Ⅱ️ [Verivery]  by Official_Fixy
Still Innocent Ⅱ️ [Verivery] by Fixy🦊
Second Book is ready! Request is Open!! Started- 17/08/21 End-?? /?? /??
my face | verivery by choerrystyx
my face | veriveryby 𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥
"is minchan laying dead somewhere from shower sex related drowning or near drowning?" "uh i sure fucking hope not." mildly yongchan centric started:...
kangmin fluff & hurt/comfort by amondeukeopi
kangmin fluff & hurt/comfortby 미로(Milo) & 코코(Coco)
a compilation of cute short stories of our verivery maknae yoo kangmin, who deserves all the hugs and kisses in the world ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Sejeong The Doll [SeyaHo] || ♤VeriVery♤ by Nhaziqah_tj
Sejeong The Doll [SeyaHo] || ♤Veri...by Hzalrn_
[COMPLETED] Sejeong milik Hoyoung... Cuma Bae Hoyoung sahaja... Sejeong sayang Hoyoung, Sejeong nak lindung Hoyoung.. Tapi~ Hoyoung manusia 🍂 SEJEONG BENCI KAWAN-KAWAN...
Memory || •VeriVery•  by Nhaziqah_tj
Memory || •VeriVery• by Hzalrn_
COMPLETED Susah senang sama-sama ~ Dongheon Tiada rahsia di antara kita ~ Hoyoung Suka duka kita tetap bersatu ~ Minchan Tetap jadi diri sendiri ~ Gyehyeon Hidup mati...
Starkissed || Yeonseung (연승) by Linlin-Macaroon
Starkissed || Yeonseung (연승)by °Venti°
スターキス Sutākisu Both boys live differently, Yongseung is organized and timid, while Yeonho forces a smile and is abused by his parents, mostly his father What will happe...
Animal Cafe | BaeHeon by Official_Fixy
Animal Cafe | BaeHeonby Fixy🦊
When a fox came to find a job without showing his own identity instead become a human while getting the job and in love with the owner of the shop who is a cat hybrid an...
Ghost (Verivery)  by KhairiHaimi
Ghost (Verivery) by N_verrer@143
"kau janji takkan tinggalkan kitorang tapi kau mungkir janji! "-??? "mustahil.. __-"- ??? "aku tak tipu dia memang depan kita sekarang.. "...
One & Only by Official_Fixy
One & Onlyby Fixy🦊
Yeonho is Yongseung childhood best friend and not knowing he actually fall for his own best friend 00 liner love story
in the end ║ ✩gyehyeon✩ by orchidino
in the end ║ ✩gyehyeon✩by Gray
not much i can give away tbh characters are gyehyeon and row poem format -lgbtq+ relationship
HOUSE || •VRVR-ONEUS-MCND• by Nhaziqah_tj
[COMPLETED] SHUHHHHH Just read~ •VeRiVeRy• •ONEUS• •MCND• ⚠DISCLAIMER⚠ Cerita ni memang asal usul dari fikiran imaginasi sendiri dan tiada sebarang ciplak dari mana ii...
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Above the storm || Minmin(민민) by Linlin-Macaroon
Above the storm || Minmin(민민)by °Venti°
"How old are you?" "I'm 17, hyung" Minchan is a police officer, and one night when he was keeping watch. He saved a highschooler who was almost hit b...