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IMMORTALS | 00 Line  by seas_on
IMMORTALS | 00 Line by ゚.。🐰🥀ᴉɔᴉϽ
𝑬𝒔𝒄𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒂 𝑼𝒏𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔✧。⁠.゚⁠+⁠ ⁠⟵ Bercerita tentang sekumpulan anak-anak random yang menemukan sebuah buku dengan latar cerita berbeda yang membuat mereka sem...
7 Crack Boys by Official_Fixy
7 Crack Boysby Fixy🦊
(Ft. My Fav Kpop Group) Dongheon: father attitude, act like a strangers Hoyoung: mother attitude, dont give a sh*t Minchan: older brother, more like a clumsy human pupp...
my face | verivery by choerrystyx
my face | veriveryby 𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥
"is minchan laying dead somewhere from shower sex related drowning or near drowning?" "uh i sure fucking hope not." mildly yongchan centric started:...
✓PLAYBOY ADMIRER || HUENING KAI FF✓ by Hyperthymesia_0101
A TXT Huening Kai Fan Fiction Never knew, the number one Playboy of South Korea had a soft spot for me. •VeriveryHeartue •VeriveryKangminLoverX1 •JohannaJanineV ^FOLLOW...
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Still Innocent ⅼ️ [Verivery]  by Official_Fixy
Still Innocent ⅼ️ [Verivery] by Fixy🦊
Dont take it seriously or dont think it real, it just fanfiction.. Soft and friendly fanfiction ships ♡️♡️♡️♡️ This story contain: - Sweet* - cute* - soft* - half gay* ...
Still Innocent Ⅱ️ [Verivery]  by Official_Fixy
Still Innocent Ⅱ️ [Verivery] by Fixy🦊
Second Book is ready! Request is Open!! Started- 17/08/21 End-?? /?? /??
Demon Child | Lee Dongheon by Official_Fixy
Demon Child | Lee Dongheonby Fixy🦊
Dongheon never learn his lesson. He always hurts people feelings. He doesn't care if it really hurts or not he just like the devil child never learn his lesson. Suddenl...
I Adore U || VERIVERY by Official_Fixy
I Adore U || VERIVERYby Fixy🦊
Just a cute story about BaeHeon, GyeChan and YeonSeungMin/YeonMin relationship~
Verivery's 8th member (Verivery AMBW){Slow Chapters} by YeoHwalovebot
Verivery's 8th member (Verivery Magical_Black_Girl_2
I've seen a few of these types of books everywhere and just wanted to try to make one of my own but with Verivery👨🏽‍🦲.
Above the storm || Minmin(민민) by Linlin-Macaroon
Above the storm || Minmin(민민)by °Venti°
"How old are you?" "I'm 17, hyung" Minchan is a police officer, and one night when he was keeping watch. He saved a highschooler who was almost hit b...
incorrect verivery quotes by pastalisce
incorrect verivery quotesby overcooked pasta
(inspired by @KKANGMINS) incorrect quotes for the members of verivery (i'm sorry it's mostly hoyoung)
[✔] My Cup of Coffee ☕ || VERIVERY by starryoonoh
[✔] My Cup of Coffee ☕ || VERIVERYby Jaehyun's Wife
1 girl. 7 boys. 1 café. In which a girl called Sejyeong gets hired to work in a small but influential café. But there's a catch. The landlord's 7 sons will also be worki...
Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall Boyfriend Scenarios by YuiFromTheBlock
Nameless: The One Thing You Must Yui
It's in the title! It's Based on the Cheritz dating sum game: Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall!
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The Innocent Angel | Yoo Kangmin by Official_Fixy
The Innocent Angel | Yoo Kangminby Fixy🦊
Kangmin is a very pure and kind angel as he love to make friend with the hell instead. All the other angel were shocked after knowing what he was doing. Kangmin hate on...
Our Hopes And Dreams || Verivery(very slow updates) by happyerror
Our Hopes And Dreams || Verivery( smile {==}
"Let's hold on for a little longer, everything will work out in the end" "For how long hyung, I'm tired, all of us are" "Heeey don't worry, it's...
Verivery profiles with Facts . I am a Fan of Veri Very since their pre debut❤ Minchan bias❤ Enjoy Reading..... Sorry for the late update... ive been for hiatus CREDI...
Tag You're It by BTSismyBias13
Tag You're Itby BTSismyBias13
A Halloween special short story based on VeriVery's music video Tag Tag Tag. Stan VeriVery and happy halloween enjoy the spooky month.
Special Power || •VeriVery• [SHORT STORY] by Nhaziqah_tj
Special Power || •VeriVery• [ Hzalrn_
[COMPLETED] Kisah ini tentang pengorbanan seorang abang untuk sentiasa melindungi seorang adik, menyelamatkan sang adik dan sentiasa menjaga sang adik meskipun nyawa ta...
Minchan has a Death Wish by sassysofiawp
Minchan has a Death Wishby sassysofiawp
Minchan finds handcuffs in the Jellyfish building. Chaos ensues