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Hua Hua You Long Fanfic by Mjnwflora
Hua Hua You Long Fanficby Mjn Lor
My fantasy of Lu Cang getting pregnant. My AU of Lu Cang's tormented life after their initial breakup. I'm a horrible person to have fantasy of the author's characters.
HHYL Fanfic - Reflection Of The Moon by Luxiufer
HHYL Fanfic - Reflection Of The Luxiufer
Jing is the sun, shining with the brightest of radiance. Lu Cang is only the moon. For the moon, it is impossible to shine without the sun. But for the sun, even with...
The Very First Wound - Hua Hua You Long Fanfiction by a_yuppo
The Very First Wound - Hua Hua Yu Xian
I am a King. Having anything that I desire in this world is an absolute destiny for me. Not to mention... You! But what if I lose you? How God will compensate me? Well...
Unfair - HHYL Fanfiction by a_yuppo
Unfair - HHYL Fanfictionby Yu Xian
When desire to monopolize you become unreasonable and unbearable My first fict for my beloved Jing and Lu Chang. Pleaae forgie me since my english is super suck XD
Jing, can you shine only for me? by Yva121
Jing, can you shine only for me?by Yva Hell
Many hundreds of years have passed and his ruling is already over, his Datong empire has disappeared. Now Jing is reborn in to a modern era, he became a businessman, an...
Hua Hua You Long(bl) by Hamazinggg
Hua Hua You Long(bl)by Aiyane Vistro
Associated Names Flower Flower Dragon Hoa Hoa Du Long บุปผาลายมังกร 花花遊龍 In order to help their chief find a wife, the bandits kidnapped a woman from the bottom of the m...
Emperor's Lover Snatched by Little Rascals by pickledcucumber59
Emperor's Lover Snatched by pickled cucumber
Fluff to heal the traumatic abuse from the novel