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The diary  by Apurba770777
The diary by Apurba Karmakar
Some people become more important than anything they become our life. They last without their bodies,they are immortal for our life even if they are no longer with us...
Letters Between Friends by MuddyWinters
Letters Between Friendsby Muddy Winters
A collection of letters exploring not only interpersonal relationships, but also the human mind, life, and the universe itself. A timeless mystery, and the impossible qu...
Dear, Heart by Po3msbyCat
Dear, Heartby Resurrected Rhymes
Just remember, our tiny beating heart is what supports our whole life.
Human Heart by -Im_Lonely-
Human Heartby Felicity
"All I own is my heart. So I will give it all to you. " -A.I "I've been waiting hundreds of year just for you to love me back. " -X.A ~~~ Lifeless ey...
The Beating Heart by DeadWolff
The Beating Heartby DeadWolff
The beating, like a loud, rhythmic drum. It makes me hungry. It makes me lose control.
Love You to the Moon and Back  by zer0brim
Love You to the Moon and Back by zer0brim
A Human falls in love with the Moon. The Moon falls in love with a Human.