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Swallow by Pixee_Styx
Swallowby Sam Schill
Swallow is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. When Mildred wished for death...
Wendigo Izuku (The endless hunger) by HectorDeTroie
Wendigo Izuku (The endless hunger)by Hector
Old tales and Folklore legends are not forgotten, even in a world were supernatural became the norme. Especially when whoever deity brought quirks in the world sometimes...
Shattering Teacups by violentRenegade
Shattering Teacupsby
Rescued from near death, Hannibal and Will are welcomed into the home of a young woman. Safe, warm, comfortable. But how far can their new friend bend? How long can Hann...
His Little Cannibal (Creepypasta) by Dark_Obsession15
His Little Cannibal (Creepypasta)by Dark_Obsession15
Eyeless Jack has a daughter. Everyone was surprised when one of the killers almost kills her and an angry, blue masked cannibal stops him. Curious, one of the killers ta...
The Candy Lady |||| Alastor x Y/N by AlesterRdD
The Candy Lady |||| Alastor x Y/Nby AlesterRdD
Y/N, also know as The Candy Lady, was a infamous serial killer in 1932. She met an untimely demise after being chased by the local police, but not before meeting a true...
His Prey by AzGifth
His Preyby AzGifth
.......I shuddered as i felt his palms caress my cheeks "W-what do you want f..from me?"i managed to blurt out. He grinned and replied "You are my prey an...
 Reminiscence (Eyeless Jack X Reader) by KareenBlackVoid
Reminiscence (Eyeless Jack X KitKareen
(Y/n) (m/n) (l/n), an orphan, is a student in a medical college. Her friends and her love, Jack helped her with any problem, being nothing but plain kind to her. She had...
The Eyepatch Ghoul by DarkOneTAS
The Eyepatch Ghoulby Dixon_FanZ
Kaneki after the war of twentieth ward was about to face Arima till a black void engulfed him transporting him to another world. No CCG no other Ghouls he's alone in th...
(Ate Your Heart) Tommy x male reader  by troublingdiarrhea
(Ate Your Heart) Tommy x male bruno cutburn
You just moved to a new town and hear about an abandoned slaughterhouse. Your curiosity makes you check it out but when you go you meet someone special.
Love Comes Fourth (Kidnapped by Cannibals Fan Book) by creatorcon
Love Comes Fourth (Kidnapped by Creatorcon
I'll take the Wilcoxs' down, or die trying. A harmless road trip with her family turns 13 year old Elizabeth's life upside down. A seemingly normal family welcomes the s...
Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued] by onlyluv4you
Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued]by onlyluv4you
Avery Davis was alone in the world. She was kicked out by her parents and forced to live on the streets with no money or shelter. She often had to do almost anything jus...
•Wendigo• ||BNHA x M!Reader|| by C____A____R
•Wendigo• ||BNHA x M!Reader||by A N I K I
A dark laugh escaped my lips as I looked across the steel table at my companion. "And what makes you think me going there will even do anything?" I questioned...
Our cannibal (billy loomis x reader x Stu macher)  by nightmare22204
Our cannibal (billy loomis x Nightmare22204
What happens when a cannibal named (y/n) (l/n) moves to a new city after her Dr tells her moving would give her a new start. Her mother (m/n) and brother (b/n) are also...
New to the Family by masonfitzzy
New to the Familyby Mason FitzGibbon
A spin-off to the Family Comes First series. The Wilcox family became famous for their kidnappings, brainwashing, murders, and let's not forget about cannibalism. This...
The Ghoul by DarkOneTAS
The Ghoulby Dixon_FanZ
To continue this story Read book Two "The Ghoulish King." Kaneki was fighting Jason till he blacked out appearing somewhere else. Gotham. Batman notices people...
He Can't and He Won't (Tex Sawyer x Reader)  by rockdragonmaster
He Can't and He Won't (Tex Just Animations V2.1
*first part is before the movies, second part is a bit after Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3* You met Tex at the age of ten, when your parents stopped at the Last...
His Girl // B. H. by JaneKellerr
His Girl // B. jane keller
Billy Hargrove x femaleOc Stranger Things Billy Hargrove au. What if Billy Hargrove survived? but it changed him. The mindflayer was defeated, but a piece of it still...
Jim's Insanity Rail by NolaOrSomethingIdk
Jim's Insanity Railby CG
Y/N has moved into a new house, tho that house was far away from the neighbourhood. When they moved in they found out there was a second house next to theirs! they had a...
Avalanche  by JelsaSnowflakes1
Avalanche by JelsaSnowflakes1
Hannibal lecter x reader "So broken she is.." he says facing his own therapist "don't think lay with broken toys Hannibal." She replies "I'm no...
~Captured~ Bubba Sawyer x Reader by Gay__Loser__
~Captured~ Bubba Sawyer x Readerby Ashes
You and your friends were on a road trip through Texas. It was getting late so you and your friends decided to camp in the woods. That was your first mistake. You hear a...