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A Futuristic Combat Medic in Zootopia by GMLWriter
A Futuristic Combat Medic in GML
[This book is inspired by "The Time Traveller's Guide to Zootopia] Lingard, a compassionate combat medic who keeps his squad alive through countless battles. When...
Genesis, a human in zootopia fanfiction. (Discontinued) by Barrow5
Genesis, a human in zootopia Barrow5
an explorer named mark was on an expedition in the Arctic circle when he slipped off of a cliff and landed in the freezing cold water. after a failed rescue attempt, he...
What Are You?! by Baby_Burrito_2017
What Are You?!by Baby_Burrito_2017
Ava, a twenty three year old college student who was transported in a world where human never existed. Instead they were replaced with animals of all kinds that act like...
Zootopia: Our Hero Is A Human  by humaika
Zootopia: Our Hero Is A Human by humaika
this story about a half Japanese half American human military guy who was trapped in animals world on middle forest by helicopter crash. join Kaz Miller as he team up wi...
Human Cop (Nick Wilde x Human! Reader) by user54875512559
Human Cop (Nick Wilde x Human! Nobody
Y/N was a simple normal girl from the city where of course other humans walked around but what if she dies in an accident and wakes up in a extremely strange world where...
From YouTuber to Zootuber: Zootopia Fanfic: RY4N YT Fanfic (Discontinued)  by HeroicRyanWrites
From YouTuber to Zootuber: Ryan Brown
[Author's Note: This is a very old story of mine. It is heavily based (and I mean heavily) on Mane64ever's/Zylo24's When Worlds Collide. I wrote this when I was 14, so t...
The 4 Unknown And The City Of Zootopia (On Hold) by PanzerVor621
The 4 Unknown And The City Of
4 Soldiers of the US Army Airborne are flying through the Golan Heights in Syria When a sudden accident happens at the mission target compound just before they arrive tr...
human in zootopia  by randomfandoms2004
human in zootopia by Erin
What happens when you wake up in a forest next to a strange place full of animals that act more human than your used to? How do you react? What happens when those animal...
Zootopia: A Strange New World by HeroicRyanWrites
Zootopia: A Strange New Worldby Ryan Brown
(A rewrite of From Youtuber To Zootuber)(Thank you for 1.2k reads! New chapters coming soon!) When Homesville gets visited by a rare phenomenon known as a violet Tornad...
Human in zootopia by supremefelineboi
Human in zootopiaby Chance
NO LONGER UPDATING A man ends up in a town filled with animals known as zootopia. The fish out of water protagonists has a bad entry into the world and ends up having to...
Human in Zootopia by LoveWriter555
Human in Zootopiaby LoveWriter555
Alice was just walking back from a bad day of school of bullies when she she came across a pen on the side of the road shaped as a carrot. Little did she know what would...
Human in Zootopia, Revamped by supremefelineboi
Human in Zootopia, Revampedby Chance
Ongoing as of April 2021 I wrote a story with virtually the same title a long time ago. It got lots of views so I decided it was time to do it good, make a new version o...
Destroyed Body, Mind and Soul. WHAT CAN GO WRONG? by Dr_Salazar1
Destroyed Body, Mind and Soul. Dr. Salazar1 MP
There are more things on earth and in heaven than your philosophers have dreamed of. -William Shakespeare, Hamlet Most of the worlds and their inhabitants living in the...
Human In Zootopia: The Return of Dawn Bellwether by Chunyu_1234
Human In Zootopia: The Return of Chunyu_1234
The Night Howler case has been done for nearly 2 months, and Zootopia is at peace doing its own business. Children playing, and animals are working like nothing is going...