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Sweet Romantic (Loose Trilogy #2) by itonesiks
Sweet Romantic (Loose Trilogy #2)by Tone ◡̈
Sweet Romantic (Loose Trilogy #2) Failure and disappointment are the hardest things that she's afraid to achieve. Amaryllis Raine Lozano, a girl full of ambition--a goa...
Lost, Lose (Loose Trilogy #1) UNDER-REVISION by itonesiks
Lost, Lose (Loose Trilogy #1) Tone ◡̈
Lost, Lose (Loose Trilogy #1) She's a girl of hope, Lisianthus Yvonne Vezina. A teen-year-old girl who focused on her goal... to strive. But everything will change beca...
the exam is today?! | Epistolary by aylcinn
the exam is today?! | Epistolaryby ‎
Erson secretly has feelings for Wonah, but he chooses to keep it a secret. Fortunately, his friends have a brilliant plan prepared for him. ©️ahncyls, 2022.
(ii) lawbreakers by arytaleya
(ii) lawbreakersby rae
ENZONIAN SERIES : LAWBREAKERS [ business partners ] In a world full of uncertainty, I can bet it all even if it was risky. •••
Daily HUMSS by msdeaneyan
Daily HUMSSby diane junio
Tips and Lesson about HUMSS strand. For those students who's willing to learn more about HUMSS, you can read it here. You made the right decision. This is from the Daiy...
Breaking Psychosocial You by Theiasophiya
Breaking Psychosocial Youby Faith.
Completed|| unedited "No man is an island," they say, but Airelle Ezra Rue from the Humanities and Social Sciences strand isolates herself from everybody to fo...
PARmise (LOL Series #1) by teacher_cy
PARmise (LOL Series #1)by teacher_cy
The photo used does not belong to me; credit goes to the rightful owner. Geo is troublesome, while Kit is a fighter. They have different dreams and perspectives on life...
Say You Love Me by poprock_princess
Say You Love Meby Yaniii
Loving Vincent from afar was all Hazel had ever wanted. She never dreamt of them being together or achieving their personal goals with holding hands. However, after his...
Mind and Hearts  by Praesidium
Mind and Hearts by Praesidium
。⁠*゚⁠+ Sophia Cruz, a determined and ambitious Humss (Humanities and Social Sciences) student, finds herself captivated by the brilliance of Ethan Ramirez, a fellow clas...
Endless Love by itsnotelle1
Endless Loveby itsnotelle1
She is really passionate about her dream, becoming a lawyer, none other than Danielle Yuna A. Nariko. She almost have everything, intelligence, beauty, skills, she liter...
Ikaw kag Ako (Humanista Series 2) by MissLunaSnape
Ikaw kag Ako (Humanista Series 2)by Misyel
Kadamo gid sang mga tawo pro ikaw gid ang akon napilian kag gusto nga makaupod asta sa katapusan.
Rong Tayming (Humanista Series 3) by MissLunaSnape
Rong Tayming (Humanista Series 3)by Misyel
Kung san-o nga may iban na ko nga gusto didto ka pa nag confess sa akon.
Morning and Weekdays by nocturnusscorpio
Morning and Weekdaysby scorioine ❁
Jeorgia, a HUMSS student in DHVSU got herself troubled after seeing Jacobé---an ABM student, on the gymnasium stage wearing his shy smile and sweet gestures. Afterwards...
Adoring You by Krimstixious
Adoring Youby :>
Gabriella Gail Pentecostes, a grade 12 student from the General Academic Strand, took a risk and made a first move toward her longtime crush, Arthur Klien Gutierrez, a H...
A Confession (DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE) by amph1trite
A Confession (DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE)by Cheyahjum
This work is our task in our subject Creative Writing and I wanted to share this Dramatic Monologue of mine to all of you. The topic is about to create a character who...
Light in the Dark by astraeux
Light in the Darkby Megumi
Gabriel, a STEM student who loves to fool around, and do not take anything seriously find his life boring, until he met Katrina, a HUMSS student who seeks for academic v...
THOUGHTLESS by Lokiweysyus
THOUGHTLESSby Lokiweysyus
The Good Girl's Diary by HighPenHeemi
The Good Girl's Diaryby Soo Hee
Tells about the journey of a teenage girl's life in a small diary. Lilith finds a diary in her aunt's room, her curiosity brings the best in her. Without any consen...
The Story of Us by minluvsyou
The Story of Usby Minluvsyou
A real-life story of a Grade 11 student who wish to be loved and to be inlove. What will happen if she fell inlove with her ex's friend? Will she fight for him or just l...