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Breaking the Cycle  by IcedOutRiah
Breaking the Cycle by IcedOutRiah
since Airionna was little she wasn't allowed to like opposite gender nor have male friends what happens when she meets Tracy
A ZETA AND A KAPPA LOVE STORY (TRA...by jordanlover217
KIDNAPPED | DAVE EAST by shantithashoota
Dave East , the biggest drug dealer in New York kidnaps little ole Leilani because of debt her father owes . He slowly falls in love with her , but Leilani is just tryin...
Tough love by writtenbykayy
Tough loveby Kãyyy ✨
With love at first sight comes bigger problems along the way...
When I'm with you|| TrayandAiri by Treasurem0nae
When I'm with you|| TrayandAiriby ♡
Even the little things matter. Things can turn left in less than 2.5 seconds. Never lose what you've been waiting for you whole life because it might be gone for the res...
I Think I Like You  by TLovesYouXoxo
I Think I Like You by TRAIRI😍😩👅
Tray and Airi grew up together. As children, their families have always been very close. Even as kids, their parents assured that they were basically brother and sister...
No Love ||Tray Bills & IamJustAiri || by JustJamieB
No Love ||Tray Bills & IamJustAiri...by Jamieee
Tray Bills is a 22 year old who's all about parties, drugs, hooking up, no relationships though that's his #1 rule. Now Airi Lynch is a 21 year old who is the total oppo...
The Neighbor •Tray Bills & IamJustAiri by JustJamieB
The Neighbor •Tray Bills & IamJust...by Jamieee
The dating life was not in her plan. Her plan looked more like this. -She was going to move in to a nice apartment, live her life there while she tried to grow her singi...
How to love  by jaybellsringing
How to love by jaybellsringing
Two people who have been through hell and back with relationships. It's hard for them both to trust and let someone else in. They've never been in love before because th...
Armon and Airi together forever by airiandtraay
Armon and Airi together foreverby Asiaaaaaaa😍🤤🤪
READ STORY to find out what is happing!!!!!!!!!!! trey and jass are talking in this one too
Group chat 🤩🔪 by laurenallen1124
Group chat 🤩🔪by L A U R E N 🌸
A group chat of ---------------- @jazzy.j - Jasmine @armon.warren- Armon @_treytraylor - Trey @iamjustairi - Airi @queenija - Queen @clarencenyc - Clarence @devin_g...
Airmoni by KT_Gray
Airmoniby KT_Gray
With all of the heartbreaks Airi gone through one man everyone least expects. sweeps her off of her feet. Will this man full of pride give her the time of the day? Will...
My Bestie(Trairi) by TLovesYouXoxo
My Bestie(Trairi)by TRAIRI😍😩👅
Tray Bills and Airionna Ann Lynch have been bestfriends since the start of high school. Tray Bills gets a girlfriend junior year and even though they had a lingering wan...
Right or Wrong by allaboutrairi
Right or Wrongby post.junkieee
Airi has her eyes on this one person and even though everyone warns her about him she cant leave him alone. Will she listen or will she learn for herself and maybe chang...