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Believe ✅ by kim0986
Believe ✅by kimmie( ◜‿◝ )♡
COMPLETE It's a story about three lifes .. who connects with eachother but only one who was suffering Here is Kindness... Trust.... Loyalty... Also have sadness.. betr...
Enemies at first sight (ENG) ✔️ by dark_light233
Enemies at first sight (ENG) ✔️by dark_light233
ENGLISH VERSION! (Needs editing) "You wouldn't shoot me." "And why is that? Because I'm a woman?" I raised an eyebrow. "Exactly, you..."...
When Brown Meets Blue{ Completed } by heytherezayn69
When Brown Meets Blue{ Completed }by ♥Directioner♥
Ellie's not much of a party animal, but when your best friend's brother is throwing the party, you say yes, no questions asked. It wasn't like Ellie didn't like parties...
All I Want Is Everything by Hephaestia
All I Want Is Everythingby Hephaestia
It's 1983. Decade of Decadence. The band Shield is poised on the edge of their big break. Steve Rogers leads the band, supported by his twin sister and lead guitarist El...
L I L A R H (The Exalted) by haniyyerh-x
L I L A R H (The Exalted)by haniyyerh-x
NOT YOUR EVERYDAY/AREWA LOVE STORY. "...... I'm leaving" I said which make him halt in his space and laugh hysterically. "You're leaving,leave.go to hell...
$UPGRADE$ by Loveyfrmda0
$UPGRADE$by Loveyfrmda0
"You didn't want me and now you so pressed to have me now"
(⚠️WARNING ⚠️)The Pervert Rapist Boys Are Dangerous  by 730NG2000
(⚠️WARNING ⚠️)The Pervert Rapist B...by Natalie
don't let the the boys touch you or anything cuz they've got the cooties. Some other man can't control themselves on woman, when woman are raped, sex abuse. Sick minded...
•𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐎𝐍𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐓𝐑𝐘•✓ by AishRohitian
A POOROHIT FANFICTION.. A story of three best friends.. How their love life will change??.. What will happen when love, hate, pain and need will come in between their f...
We need to work this out(IanxMickey)(Mpreg) by Scardaughter
We need to work this out(IanxMicke...by YellowLight
Spoilers so if you haven't seen 5x4 then I don't advise you to read. 5x5 isn't out yet but I saw the preview and got a little idea. Warning are on the first page. *under...
2 Mysteries 1 Cup by saltizard
2 Mysteries 1 Cupby uhghughhu
thank you to everyone who read this... making people uncomfortable is my only talent
Why I'm pro choice by Changing-the-World
Why I'm pro choiceby ~Ava~
What is pro choice? What is pro life? What do you support? You decide. Just listen to my point of view first please.
Ratalouis' Extreme Feral Adventure by The-last-username
Ratalouis' Extreme Feral Adventureby The-last-username
Paris is the city of love, and this is especially true for Ratalouis, the rat member of One Direction. When he meets the gorgeous aristocRATic Eleanor (who's also a rat)...
Chasing Mrs Adams by SweetAmara9819
Chasing Mrs Adamsby SweetAmara9819
Cara Westby: Strong, stubborn and utterly broken. Her past has rendered her hateful towards men and uneasy towards children. That is, until she meets her 'husband' and h...
Love and Life by Brown106
Love and Lifeby Natasha Brown
Hey guys....This is my first book so don't expect anything great😁😁. This story follows the life of a young girl, through her deepest moments, and her sunniest paths. ...
ABORT *Taehyung x Reader* by SanjithaVarsni
ABORT *Taehyung x Reader*by DarkNight BTS FF SAN
yn "I am pregnant with you " "just abort it I am not yet ready for it" "I have dreams to chase and I want to be an idol" "even I have...
miraculous: a big mistake  by alya17000
miraculous: a big mistake by miraculous super fan
Nathalie and Gabriel are know boyfriend and girlfriend, but when Nathalie runs into her ex-boyfriend called Sam, things start to get complicated. Whst will happen to Nat...
My Sister's Rights (DSMP one shot) by Littlefufferfish
My Sister's Rights (DSMP one shot)by Littlefufferfish
Dream learns about the horrors of being born a girl in modern day society. He does his best to help Drista but it's too late. -Characters-
Night, Forgotten by emilylindin
Night, Forgottenby Meghan Joyce Tozer
A desperate new mother can't remember the most violent night of her life - but she must confront the truth about the ghosts that have haunted her ever since. This is Ver...
Shakhi ff - Our Fated Destiny by Black_Knights50
Shakhi ff - Our Fated Destinyby black knights
"I love u Anokhi " "I hate u Mr. Shaurya Sabherwal " Peep in to know ...And shower some love shakhian's