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CHANGES [eric matthews] by MetaphoricallyEm
CHANGES [eric matthews]by MetaphoricallyEm
Eric Matthews is an idiot, and Beckett Hunter won't stop telling him so. ❝YOU DESERVE THE LOVE YOU KEEP TRYING TO GIVE EVERYONE ELSE ❞ -unknown Eric Matthews x fem!OC ...
Long game by xmulticutiesx
Long gameby Ava <3
"You and me.....forever" "Because i'm in it for the long game" Olivia Hunter. Shawn Hunters daughter. Restless spirit, almost a younger version of he...
My Hero Academia Meets Demon Slayer (KNY X MHA) by Wishful_Vanilla
My Hero Academia Meets Demon Marie Machicoat
Tanjiro and his friends were fighting some Demons when a strange white portal took them away while on a mission. They woke up in the forest having no idea where they wer...
Sunshine | Farkle  by starryeyedsweetheart
Sunshine | Farkle by anonymous
"how does she make you feel?" "she makes me all...BAHLALALOO!" [farkle x oc] [season three] [extended summary inside]
Girl Meets Hawaii(Joshaya & Rucas) by justjulie37
Girl Meets Hawaii(Joshaya & Rucas)by Julie minus the phantoms
This is a Girl Meets World fanfiction. Riley, Maya, Josh, Lucas, Farkle and Zay are going to Hawaii together and it will be one big adventure. This story will be about R...
Percy Jackson Meets the Avengers by reader3x
Percy Jackson Meets the Avengersby reader3x
COMPLETED ••• Annabeth, despite all her accomplishments in her life, is ecstatic when she wins the chance to meet her idol, Tony Stark. She soon realizes that she might...
People Meet Percabeth/One-shots by starlette4
People Meet Percabeth/One-shotsby iris
You watched their relationship grow as the books progressed, you squealed during the underwater kiss, you almost died of nervousness when Percy disappeared, you fangirle...
Crossovers and Headcanons by takeabyte
Crossovers and Headcanonsby Ang
This is a compilation of short stories from the Percy and Magnus universes! SPOILER ALERT, CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Honestly, it was supposed to be a crossover series...
Transformers X Reader by bluez2776
Transformers X Readerby Bluez2776
A collection of Transformers X Reader stories and preferences Currently writing for (MTMTE, RID2015, Prime, IDW and Rescue Bots!) Taking requests!!! (No OC's sorry!) #1...
Percabeth at Goode by -_-percy-jackson-_-
Percabeth at Goodeby Percy
A goode year to be a junior
Cowboys and city girls || A Girl Meets World fanfiction.|| by chloekennedy010
Cowboys and city girls || A Girl Chloe Kennedy
What if Riley Matthews missed the train with Maya? What if Lucas Friar didn't meet them that morning? What if he met Lexi Minkus first? What if he didn't sit behind Maya...
Percy Jackson meets Harry Potter by Amythestchildofhades
Percy Jackson meets Harry Potterby Amythestchildofhades
Percy, Leo, and Nico head to a wizarding school called Hogwarts to bring a demigod to camp before monsters attack the wizarding world. While they track down this demigod...
Mine [Rilaya] by -girlmeetsfanfic-
Mine [Rilaya]by inactive
Maya loves Riley. Cory can tell. Lucas is cheating. Maya knows. Riley is oblivious to it all.
This story is about young love and the journey to conquer it.
The big sister  by gbow1999
The big sister by Gbow1999
Melanie Matthews is the older sister of Eric, Cory, and Morgan. She has spent most of her life studying to be a teacher and now after finishing school and college she re...
Grew Up Together | S. HUNTER | IN EDITING by -despressos
Grew Up Together | S. HUNTER | 𝓁𝒾𝓎𝒶𝒽 ✩
Torei has been friends with Cory and Shawn since preschool. It has always been the three of rheum. Over the years, people had always assumes Torei was one of their girlf...
Bad Meets Worse by ephemerable
Bad Meets Worseby Dezi
How not to get hurt in a relationship? How to get the guy crying over you and not the other way around? All good questions, which I found myself asking last summer when...
Bad Things ► Justin Foley ✖ Maya Hart | DISCONTINUED by lemonstals
Bad Things ► Justin Foley ✖ Maya ˗ˏˋ avery ˎˊ˗ 
❝I only wanna do bad things to you❞ In which a girl from Los Angeles found herself receive a package of tapes from her dead ex-bestfriend, Hannah Baker. [under serious r...
Losing Hope (Markle) by bowtie-scarf-plaid
Losing Hope (Markle)by Trina
Maya is bullied and the result is that she loses all hope in a good future for herself. She tries to deal with it on her own, but her friends notice that something is wr...
The story of my life (a girl meets world fanfic) by Disneyblonde7
The story of my life (a girl Disneyblonde7
Maya's world isn't going as she planned. She's not doing well in school, her dad left her when she was little, her mom is never home and when she is, she hits and abuses...