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Wishful Thinking (Twilight Story) by CaliSmilesLove
Wishful Thinking (Twilight Story)by CaliSmilesLove
Meli Walker is a long lost member of the Quileute tribe- adopted by Charlie Swan she faces new challenges when her sister Bella comes home. Falling in love with her chil...
Still Breathing [Jacob Black] by MissJessWalker
Still Breathing [Jacob Black]by Jessica Walker
All Felicity wants is to make it through her terrible break-up. All Jacob wants is Bella Swan. So when Jacob imprints on Felicity, things kind of run off the rails. But...
Beauty and the Beast by JacquiHoran
Beauty and the Beastby JacquiHoran
Rayleigh couldn't believe it happened to her, never thought it would. She always heard it happening to other people and always felt sad for them. She took her little sis...
In the Heat of the Night by DGDSSFRSJH
In the Heat of the Nightby Etherea
Paul's sent to guard Bella, and she lands up leaving her house to head into the forest, he follows her, curious to see what she's up to. However, when he sees her, somet...
Looking Out For You {Sam Uley} by Mischief-managed_394
Looking Out For You {Sam Uley}by Allie
"Because I love you Sam." He raised his eyebrows at me questioningly. "Not like that you dingus. I love you like you're my best friend, and the only fam...
Soul contact. {Paul Lahote} by bellasmcu
Soul contact. {Paul Lahote}by Bella Setchell
Two people, two different worlds, two different souls, bound. Or When Paul Lahote imprints on the girl he's had a crush on his whole life. OC x Paul Lahote. - "Wha...
Mend  [Jacob Black] by infinitex3
Mend [Jacob Black]by infinitex3
Samantha was just a regular girl ,battling her own demons from her broken past. Until she's forced to leave everything behind to live with her estranged brother, Paul. S...
On how to find your way home by IpswichMyrtle
On how to find your way homeby Ipswich Myrtle
It's been three years since that night and Cordelia still remembers the excruciating pain she suffered for months. She is sure that going back to her native land, La Pus...
The Magic Touch by sing_it_out_loud
The Magic Touchby Dakota Collins
When I was thirteen I was wondering around the forest and was found by Rosalie or as I call her, Mom. She adopted me along with my dad Emmett. We find out soon after th...
Imprints( Paul Lahote) by E-Blackbird
Imprints( Paul Lahote)by E-Blackbird
Anna is a young woman, best friend of Isabella Swan. A little while ago, before she and Bella move to forks, her parents were killed in a car crash, which left her and h...
In Aeternum by Cheerlex
In Aeternumby Cheerlex
All her life Evalyn was taught to be formal and lady like. After being raped by an ex boyfriend and giving birth to a baby girl named Arabella, Evalyn decided to move to...
Bewitched Heart by simp4sebastianstan
Bewitched Heartby Sarah ❣️
Sam Uley Fanfiction A Sky full of stars, he was staring at her. ~ Atticus ~ Completed. #2 in imprinting on 23rd November 2019 #1 in imprinting on 24th November 2019 #4...
The Second Life of Graciela Vera Hale. by PettyPrincess66
The Second Life of Graciela Vera PettyPrincess66
Graciela is reborn as the younger twin sister of Renesmee. How does she affect the story when she decides Emmett and Rosalie are her parents instead of Edward and Bella...
You Are My Sunshine by MissJessWalker
You Are My Sunshineby Jessica Walker
With three of his best friends having found their imprints, Embry is hoping he crosses paths with his soon. He wants nothing more than to experience the extreme happines...
FOREVER • jacob black by -pixiemixie
FOREVER • jacob blackby ─jeongguk's─
"WHAT IF THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY, CAME BACK?" In which Jacob Black wasn't in love with Bella. OR In which Tessa Clearwater, Leah's twin, came back home. *** [TWI...
The Psychs by TaeMyGawd
The Psychsby TaeMyGawd
Jeongguk thinks Taehyung is getting possessed by an evil spirit. Why else would Taehyung behave like a wild beast every once in a while? While Taehyung joins a gang nam...
Not Quite Normal (Twilight x HP Crossover) by FanonStar
Not Quite Normal (Twilight x HP FanonStar
"Charlie couldn't ignore the way Bella looked at Harry. He wasn't sure it was normal to go from near-catatonic to love drunk, but he was no love expert. Plus Old Qu...
Reborn as Red by HyperFixtionSucks202
Reborn as Redby HyperFixtionSucks202
Somebody dies and is reborn as UnderFell Sans. They, aren't too happy about it. But now here they are, left with baby-bones Papyrus. Fuck! How do you raise a baby skelet...
Anna Begins [Paul Lahote] by MissJessWalker
Anna Begins [Paul Lahote]by Jessica Walker
All Paul wants is to be a good friend. All Anna wants is to be happy. So how do they fit together when Paul imprints on Anna? True love trumps everything, right? Even wh...
Edward's Melody [ Twilight Fanfic] (Complete) by Twilight_Hime10
Edward's Melody [ Twilight Fanfic] Hime Black
This story is the new version of my Edward's Melody Fanfic. This story was my first twilight fanfic, and it had lots of grammar mistakes, and it was in First P.O.V. I ha...