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Nathan Meets World | Lucas Friar by Not_A_Bad_Slytherin
Nathan Meets World | Lucas Friarby WhatAboutMerlin
Being happy is the goal...but greatness is my mission. -Childish Gambino Nathaniel Shaw Matthews is 14. He's 14 and in the seventh grade. That may not seem like a...
Seen Not Heard || BOOK 1 by gillioddities
Seen Not Heard || BOOK 1by 𝐠𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐚
Idina Jennings lived in a house of war in Texas. When her mother escapes with her to New York, her first day brings a familiar face, Lucas Friar, an old friend and crush...
The World Is Hers by wifeofkuroken
The World Is Hersby wifeofkuroken
Meliorism (n.) The belief that the world is better; the belief that humans have the ability to Improve the world. Farkle x oc x Smackle I do not own Girl Meets World I...
Cowboys and city girls || A Girl Meets World fanfiction.|| by chloekennedy010
Cowboys and city girls || A Girl M...by Chloe Kennedy
What if Riley Matthews missed the train with Maya? What if Lucas Friar didn't meet them that morning? What if he met Lexi Minkus first? What if he didn't sit behind Maya...
Farkle Has A Girlfriend? (Farkle Minkus x OC) by ScarletVisiontrash
Farkle Has A Girlfriend? (Farkle M...by Makayla
"Y-You said you'd stop leaving h-hickies," "It's not my fault your neck tastes nice," (Actual Description Inside)
Maybe Not so Perfect (maya hart x fem reader ) by multifandoooms
Maybe Not so Perfect (maya hart x...by Belle
y/n Minkus is a famous model but what happens when her twin Farkle asks her to take a break and spend a year with him at his school John Quincy Adams. And what happens w...
Girl Meets Ryan Matthews by oneofthepotterheads
Girl Meets Ryan Matthewsby ..
Ryan Matthews was older than his twin by six minutes and twenty seconds. Though this never seemed to matter to their parents, as she was the obvious favorite. Riley fac...
Girl Meets Wedding Bells(Joshaya & Rucas) by justjulie37
Girl Meets Wedding Bells(Joshaya...by Julie minus the phantoms
It's been a year since Riley and her friends and family returned from their holiday on the beautiful Hawaii. Things have changed a lot for the group. Riley and Lucas bro...
Unexpected Mistake by Avergirl
Unexpected Mistakeby Avergirl
Riley was in a mess and Farkle was there, and she made a stupid decision that lead to an unexpected pregnancy that is about to change Riley and Farkle life forever. RIA...
Lucaya//Oneshots by CaliTacui
Lucaya//Oneshotsby ••••••
A book of Oneshots (one chapter stories) Or some two to three part stories :]. The cutest moments of Maya Hart and Lucas Friar.
His Ocean Eyes - Corbrina by musubihina
His Ocean Eyes - Corbrinaby musubihina
Sabrina begins to develop feelings for her co-star-Corey Fogelmanis. But when they try being a couple, do things always work out the way they want?
The Adventures of Maya Hart by angielb0315
The Adventures of Maya Hartby angielb0315
its one year after girl meets home for the holidays, josh has been gone for a while but when he suddenly comes back to new York he was not the same boy Maya once new. wi...
The Long Game (Joshaya) by heyitsnyah
The Long Game (Joshaya)by heyitsnyah
Was it my choice to love Maya, even though she's three years younger than me? Or was it the age difference that I used as an excuse because I'm in love with her? The GMW...
ARCADE SKITTLES ~ Maya Hart (ON PAUSE) by Daisy_tk2
Jax Samuals has hard life, joining a new high school on top of that should be the worst, but he meets someone who makes it a whole lot better. -- Maya Hart x Male oc
Mine [Rilaya] by -girlmeetsfanfic-
Mine [Rilaya]by inactive
Maya loves Riley. Cory can tell. Lucas is cheating. Maya knows. Riley is oblivious to it all.
But... you promised me SOMEDAY (Joshaya) by thenamesfangirl
But... you promised me SOMEDAY (Jo...by thenamesfangirl
"Maya...please..." the boy with the beanie said. "Josh, come on she's not going to wake up anytime soon" Josh turned around to find his niece standi...
Losing Hope (Markle) by bowtie-scarf-plaid
Losing Hope (Markle)by Trina
Maya is bullied and the result is that she loses all hope in a good future for herself. She tries to deal with it on her own, but her friends notice that something is wr...
The Love Story of Lucaya by frehleyg
The Love Story of Lucayaby frehleyg
Maya has been hiding her feelings for Lucas too long, but she doesn't want to open her heart out to anyone else, she still hurts from her father leaving her. Lucas like...
Our little secret by GirlMeetsSabrina
Our little secretby SabrinaMeetsWorld
This is a Lucaya au What happens if after 3 years Maya finally returns home but she isn't alone she's back with a daughter will she be able to keep her daughter a secret...
Violet's World||Lucas Friar || Girl Meets World by xsavannah4899x
Violet's World||Lucas Friar || Gir...by Savannah
Violet Avery has been friends with Maya and Riley for as long as she can remember.Things get a little complicated as she starts high school and meets a certain Lucas Fri...