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ice age x reader  by tobyray8
ice age x reader by tobyray8
You are a week pregnant mammoth with triplets to and you meet many and sid
Ice age by reagancgarrison
Ice ageby KappaTurtleGrl
Twenty-thousand years ago, Earth is a wondrous, prehistoric world filled with great danger, not the least of which is the beginning of the Ice Age. The story revolves ar...
[Ice Age] Diego x Reader by _Sids_dandelion_
[Ice Age] Diego x Readerby _Sids_dandelion_
This is Diego x Reder -book about the first movie. I hope you like it!
Love is an Adventure (A Buck X Reader Fanfic) #FictionAwards by videogameboywhowins
Love is an Adventure (A Buck X Cottagecore whore
Y/N is a adventures, mischievous, and daring weasel. She was found by Ellie, and the possums at a young age, when she lost her family. Along the way she has grown to lo...
Ice Age by Nicole_Wolfbane
Ice Ageby Nicole Wolfbane
The day seemed completely calm and the chilling wind blew past. The mammoth currently heading north stopped as he heard rustling in the distance. Turning his head to ign...
Mira's ice age Adventure by Jaire8
Mira's ice age Adventureby Jaire8
Mira is a Hesperocyon ( it's basically a Canine that modern dogs evolved). She thinks that she's the last of her kind and she was traveling alone until she met Manny and...
Ice Age: Continental Drift//Diego x OC by _gertr_
Ice Age: Continental Drift// Gertruda Matutyte
Here we go. This is a sequel to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs//Diego x OC. Manny, Sid, Diego, and Summer are forced to go on another adventure. During it, Summer meets...
The Herd and the little girl with unique powers (Ice Age x OC) (Completed) by AliceGalaxy3
The Herd and the little girl Alice Galaxy
During in the very cold land known as the "Ice Age", a dangerous event that cause to freeze to death. Many animals are headed to the north after their hibernat...
The Herd's Growing Family (Ice Age) by InvaderTrollFalls
The Herd's Growing Family (Ice Age)by Invader Troll Falls
Redwood is a small human child who has been surviving on her own for months. While she had the aid of Avery, a weasel and the last of her family, she also managed to mee...
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[Ice Age] Diego x Reader Book 2. by _Sids_dandelion_
[Ice Age] Diego x Reader Book _Sids_dandelion_
This is my second Diego x Reader -book about the second movie, Ice Age: The Meltdown. I hope you like it!
Ice age{}Diego x Oc by DallasandSteveslover
Ice age{}Diego x Ocby Raegan Herrington
Ice age with a twist. I have created the character of Conradina who will end up being Diego's mate. I am kind of considering doing an angry love confession but let me k...
ICE AGE: DAWN of the DINOSAURS ( Reader's Story ) by SiberSkyler
We remember from last time, the herd brought Ellie, Crash, Eddie and a wild kitten with them from the meltdown. This is a story wrap around Y/N who trained with Diego t...
ice age Diego x Scar Oc by Moon_Shadow5
ice age Diego x Scar Ocby Moon_Shadow
This my first story I don't own ice age or any songs
A New Age (Yandere Ice Age Girls x Male Human Child Reader) by unidentified562
A New Age (Yandere Ice Age Girls Unidentified
You were stuck at home during a blizzard outside and your mom got snowed in at his work, so you were home alone and he said that he had old movies that you might like in...
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs//Diego x OC by _gertr_
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs// Gertruda Matutyte
Welcome back! This is my third Ice Age story. Just like Summer suspected, with new friends come new adventures.
Ice Age : Meltdown (Diego x Reader) by DynamiicGuitar
Ice Age : Meltdown (Diego x Reader)by DynamiicGuitar
This is a sequel of my first book!
On Your Right; Sam Wilson by Taylor510658
On Your Right; Sam Wilsonby Brooke Johnson
Savannah Hemming had been best friends with Steve Rodgers and Bucky Barnes since they were eight years old. When Bucky died falling off the train and Steve died by crash...
Ice Age by IronMan2105
Ice Ageby IronMan2105
at a young age Hope the weasel had lost her family to humans causing her to despise them when she was young Manny found her and decided to take her in and care for her a...
Ice Age: The Outcasted Sabertooth Tiger (Book 1) by AikoWakkusu
Ice Age: The Outcasted AikoWakkusu
Sarah was all alone as a cub. Her mother died then the humans found her. She was taken in and was raised to be their companion.
Ice Age:  The Meltdown by xStarrySquidx
Ice Age: The Meltdownby 🌟StarrySquid🌟
Life for the herd has been good. They live within a valley thats been surrounded in a wall, almost like a bowl and live in peace with other mammals. But when news come o...