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Meri Pehli Khaata by mehshanaya
Meri Pehli Khaataby mehshanaya
#1- hate love #2- mumbai #3-forced "Samridhi," Naina said my name with excitement. " What happened, why are you shouting, "I asked her. "My ma...
In a Month ✓ by ishitabhattbhatt
In a Month ✓by 𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐚 :)
[FEATURED]Thrown together on a one month long honeymoon, Vansh and Ahaana had to live under one roof in an apartment, away from chaos, to accept each other as husband an...
🍁Hasi🍁 by Kia_fics
🍁Hasi🍁by Kia_Kiki
He married her when she was left behind on her own wedding. After being betrayed by the person she loved with all her being, Isha was left picking pieces of her personal...
Eklavya by Swarna_Mriga
Eklavyaby *Srishti*
A melodious laugh suddenly resonated in Anamika's ears as she looked in the direction from where it came. Anamika was mesmerised at what she saw. Eklavya was laughing he...
FATE HAS CHOSEN ME!! by samriddhi1author
FATE HAS CHOSEN ME!!by Kashish & Divisha
Kritika Singhania a 21-year-old childish and carefree girl. Full of ambition and clumsiness. Always invites trouble her way. Loves her books the most. She wants to be a...
Shattered  by writer_1414
Shattered by .
TW: physical abuse, mantal abuse, self harm A/n : its a dark story so read it at your own risk..... ***** He grabs her arms digging his nails in her solf skin...... her...
ZERO by jellieyyy
ZEROby 💮Ellie💮
"Did you think of the consequences before you used the Ouija board?" "Everyone makes mistakes" "Thanks to your mistake, you are no longer a Norm...
His Triantafyllo by stars_are_starry
His Triantafylloby stars_are_starry
His love was the one she wanted. His attention was the one she craved." Scarlett Williams, a normal college going girl with dreams of her own. Not a believer of lov...
Concealed Affections by jsnj_writes
Concealed Affectionsby Jayasri Naga Jyothi Pasupuleti
✯ How love finds it's way to reach you ✯ Meera Rao ~ Harsha Kumar She is introverted enough to mess up with her hidden emotions. He is extremely optimistic & overconfide...
 Delightful ❤{ Mafia Story} by ZEBRAINY5
Delightful ❤{ Mafia Story}by ZEBRAINY WRITER 2❤
Lucas leans and whispered = Soon You will be mine ...Now Run As much as You want But soon i will get You Zoya froze for a Mins but then she run downstairs Lucas stood th...
Heart's Desire by aestheticbloomer
Heart's Desireby What's in the name
MISHKA- A 25 year old sweet shy reserved little bit clumsy girl. A software engineer by profession. She is imperfectly perfect. AHAN- A 29 year old workaholic but not s...
Will You Grow Older With Me??   by sriharshu
Will You Grow Older With Me?? by sriharshu
She is a doctor doing her pg. she is kind, innocent, caring that everyone around her cherishes her presence. Not to forget that she is a beautiful girl both inside out. ...
Under The Assassin's Protection by Janya_112
Under The Assassin's Protectionby J
𝕂𝕒𝕟𝕖 ℍ𝕒𝕣𝕕𝕚𝕒𝕟 ℂ𝕣𝕦𝕫 The silhouette of a man was visible amidst the room's darkness. Seated on a black leather chair behind a desk, he faced a floor-length win...
my sunshine  by selenaeros07
my sunshine by Selena
And sometimes assumptions create alot and that made me regret about falling for this man , Noah . Everything was okay untill I met him and this story is all about my jou...
INDIAN TALENT WITH BTSby pornesian parapio
This an story about Indian team participate in south Korea music industry So there they meet BTS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT IS BTS LIKES OUR TALENTS IS TALENTS GOT CHANCE TO T...
LOVE OR OBSESSION by Sindhukookie
In this story, Indian girls meet the mafia but they become obsessed with them, or is it love? To know that read my story. It's an imaginary story of mine. If anyone had...
Virika:Agent K2  by kaurd29
Virika:Agent K2 by Kaur D
Following his father's footsteps, Agent K2, started his training at the age eighteen to become a successful agent just like his father. Seven years later, he is the best...
Hating Loving You by chocolatehuffing
Hating Loving Youby Me
|♥︎|♥︎|♥︎| He was on his knees with a beautiful promise ring in his hand. "" I stuttered He smiled lightly at me but instead of answering my unasked que...
Eternal Devotion - Tales Of Reincarnated Souls by soul_davishsissys
Eternal Devotion - Tales Of soul_davishsissys
The cruel world tried their best to part them but here they are again in front of each other , for their true love.. Their souls crave this magic.. the magic of pure lov...
Tamed In your love  by -_XXAurora-
Tamed In your love by 🌸
Ishir Kapoor - It isn't a name it's a sensation. He is ruling over millions of heart. Over 9 years in Acting field made his name learn in every home. His hazel eyes are...