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Wait! I'm a villain now!?  by vira_flame
Wait! I'm a villain now!? by 🤟vira_flame🪼
Lea, a 27-year-old girl is somehow reborn as a character from a beastworld novel she had been reading. not only was she a side character but a villainess! Original-Nove...
The hero of humanity  by scorch1000
The hero of humanity by scorch1000
After the battle with trihexa Issei was cheated on by his fiances(rias and her peerage and ravel except rossweisse). Upon almost dying from the dragon fall Issei unlock...
(I hate you all) Madera x mlp isekia by g5vsg9
(I hate you all) Madera x mlp g5vsg9
a dare that I took to make a funny haha joke about Madera from Naruto going to a trash garbage vers and see what I can do with the character
(NAG) I couldn't think of a good name for my book so I named it after my grandma by Dominto12
(NAG) I couldn't think of a good Dominto
When a young authors book gets turned into reality all hell breaks loose, as he is forced to survive in a new world in the body of one of the weakest characters in his n...
𝙃𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙔 𝙂𝙊 𝙇𝙐𝘾𝙆𝙔by 🌸 ❛ ᵖʳⁱⁿᶜᵉˢˢ 𝘾𝙝𝙪𝙘𝙝𝙪 ❜...
chui's - information - clothing choices - backstory - headcanons - relationships && tags - family - quirk ( hero information ) - quotes - song theme art, pictures, gifs...
A New Life by roseautumn2003
A New Lifeby roseautumn2003
About a man that gets reancornated into a new world where almost nothing is the same as what he knew when he lived his old life. ⚠️the characters in the story are not m...
The Gate of the Mysterious Tree  by AfafBakr5
The Gate of the Mysterious Tree by Afaf Bakr
while running for dear life i stopped when a giant tree with blue light appeared in front of me i started running at slower speed then i stood face to face with a beaut...
{dumb luck}{tpn x reincarnated reader}  HIATUS  by ambercoveowo
{dumb luck}{tpn x reincarnated D33z_n\/ts
Y/n was a normal middle schooler for the most part, but when she gets hit by a truck, Her life goes from 0 to I'm fucked real quick
Rose Garden Part one of adventures in Trengl by ArielJones925
Rose Garden Part one of AJ
Follow the amazing adventure of Drake, and his sister Sue as they travel to the magical world of Trengl to find there missing uncle but soon find themselves caught in th...
Catch me if you can! by Elizebethshymerz
Catch me if you can!by Elizebethshymerz
Athena wakes up in a forest and is greeted with a conniving prince that wants her to be her future queen but thats not really in her plans.she wants to find away to get...
I'm Interested (Bakugo x reader)  by UnknownArtist127
I'm Interested (Bakugo x reader) by Unknown Artist
A story about how you got teleported into My Hero's Academia. You know what going to happen, you know the future. You try to live your life as peacefully and uneventful...
Isaki by The_Immortal_words
Isakiby isaki
the story of entrapment, the boundaries, the limitations to the dreams, the hustle to be free...
Zombie slayer:a demon slayer journey  by WeeByGeek11
Zombie slayer:a demon slayer Star
Y/n and bsf/n are huge anime and zombie lore fans.On a normal day y/n and bsf/n are transported to demon slayer but something is off.Instead of normal demons they are p...
thunder Heart Beat (male reader x Kyoka Jirou  by JasonToddGhost
thunder Heart Beat (male reader Accidentalredhood
Y/n L/n was your normal 13 year old boy until one day when halled up in his room watching anime, he closed his eyes for 10 seconds and when he opened them he was in Japa...