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Punch That Villain! (Mha x opm! Reader) by Able48
Punch That Villain! (Mha x opm! Neon
Another one of those types of stories where the Reader is Op! Y/n is a quirkless girl who is extremely overpowered! What will happen? Will she grow to gain more friends...
Ender Eyes [Ranboo x Reader] by ExoticTea123
Ender Eyes [Ranboo x Reader]by Exotic Tea
"I could never forget you." "How could you remember someone who doesn't even understand who she is?" Always has she taken into account to help when s...
Summer Fling - NOAH CENTINEO by fanfictionforever333
Summer Fling - NOAH CENTINEOby hot tamale
"You know this won't last, right?" I asked, letting the alcohol choose my words. I leaned my elbows on the table in dominance. "Well, who says that it won...
The Gilbert Sister K.M by that_fan_girl1
The Gilbert Sister K.Mby that_fan_girl1
Skylar Gilbert Elena's younger sister the more fun sister some would say. Skylar knew about the supernatural, but tried to stay away from that drama. She stayed away wh...
The Spirit of Joy (Rise of the Gaurdians Fanfic) Completed  by DayDreamersFantasy
The Spirit of Joy (Rise of the DayDreamersFantasy
Abagail Vixen was a normal girl with a kind heart and a love for children. She was always happy, and even if she wasn't she never showed her sadness. Her mother died whe...
While I'm Alive (An Owen Grady Story) by Aint_It_Fun
While I'm Alive (An Owen Grady Aint_It_Fun
All Rylan Davenport ever wanted was a life of adventure. Moving to a foreign island and starting a new job at a world renowned theme park, Jurassic World, seemed a good...
The Hidden Kaslana Blood {Male reader X Honkai impact}  by theidiotno23
The Hidden Kaslana Blood {Male Bang💥..
Just a person who has been given a second chance to live and become powerful, but he hide his true identity Hope you enjoy, that's all I don't own any of this character...
Love Potion | Book 1 by -meowgi-
Love Potion | Book 1by ↳˳⸙;; ❝ bethan/caelum/frog ᵕ̈...
My stomach dropped like it did whenever I received bad news. But this was worse. I wanted to run towards them, to scream and cry, but I couldn't. I took a deep breath, p...
Believer's Sins [Reborn In One Piece] by movingdildo
Believer's Sins [Reborn In One movingdildo
Seven kpopers crash into an island where they meet a nameless 35 year woman. She adopt them and they live a happy life. She dies and get reborn in One piece. A show she...
///"Abnormal"///Xiao X Aether/// by Rashier_
///"Abnormal"///Xiao X Aether///by Cloudy _ Rashi
Aether mets a certain adeptus Xiao who swore to protect Liue with all his might. What might happen when he decides to make the adeptus come to lantern rite?.. Most impor...
Humanity; Leverage FanFiction by SarahRCubitt13
Humanity; Leverage FanFictionby Sarah R. Cubitt
"The Rich and Powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. And sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. we provide..." "Leverage!&quo...
The Giant's Pet by thundercat2016
The Giant's Petby thundercat2016
Nikki lived most of her life in the human pet shop, but it all changed when a wealthy giant comes into the store on a rainy day
High School DxD Hiro (Reborn)  by Hiro_Oda
High School DxD Hiro (Reborn) by Hiro_Oda
This is a remake of my very first story on this app! It will feature a more consistent storyline with a basic power scale that fits the series of DxD (The story) The Di...
In this world where people have crystal powers, fate chose Kai to once again reunite the seven clans, who are in a constant civil war with each other for centuries. Alth...
Ferdinand (Valiente X Ferdinand's Sister! Cow! OC) by SonicBoomFan17
Ferdinand (Valiente X Ferdinand' 💙🌺Gracie Villafana🌈🎤
(Based off of the "Ferdinand" 2017 movie.) After their dad, Raf doesn't come back from a showdown against a matador, Ferdinand and his sister, Grace, a brown a...
important by fonmin
importantby fonmin
Rick is a person and a criminal that constantly asks himself what is important to him and if it is something worth fighting for or maybe something worth keeping and alon...
The hidden past. (Loona X male reader) by Sku11M8t
The hidden past. (Loona X male Sku11M8t
This is my first time writing anything on here so things might be all over the place but hey what ya going to do. Anyways,your a human that had a troubled past. One day...
I Am Seer - Book 3 by WriterByNight12
I Am Seer - Book 3by WriterByNight12
**Copyrighted** *Sequel to I Am Who* *Book 3* "I told you not to protect me! I told you not to get hurt!" I exploded, whirling to face him. "You should ha...