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The Abandoned Princess by KissesOcean
The Abandoned Princessby Sunfish
The story starts with "Once upon a time" and ends up with "She died with her head unattached to her body." And her world did not end with a bang, or...
Abandoned Princess [Old version] by KissesOcean
Abandoned Princess [Old version]by Sunfish
"Princess. The title was never meant for me." The story starts with "Once upon a time" and ends up with "She died with her head unattached to he...
ૢ་༘࿐What happens if a young woman manages to escape into twilight reality? Becomes Isabella Marie Swan's adoptive sister and manages to break the role structure of the...
Memoir of the Messenger (trash of count family fanfic) by 01LuNa08
Memoir of the Messenger (trash 01LuNa08
The war has ended, they had finally killed the man whose sole ambition is to conquer the world, the White Star, with the help of an unknown individual, someone who had g...
I control the unlimited flow of synchronized parallel worlds (同步平行世界的我制霸无限流) by aneeqaahmed01
I control the unlimited flow of AnaK
I control the unlimited flow of synchronized parallel worlds Author's name:Curtain Lights Type of work: Danmei novel Update time: 2023-08-19 10:42 Work status: Completed...
A Story Without The Villains Is Boring by Iamren28
A Story Without The Villains Is It's Ren
I died because of a car accident. And when I opened my eyes, I couldn't move my body at all. 'Am I crippled?' Turns out that I didn't die, but I was inside the novel【 Pr...
A Second Chance by KissesOcean
A Second Chanceby Sunfish
Luck was never on her side, she died again for the second time and in her third life she came back as Catriona Oceania Kendrick once again. Will this second chance lead...
Banished(Under Rewrite) by TheEpicPerson123
Banished(Under Rewrite)by Agent EP
Everything was perfect, until that one moment ruined my life, but put me in a new one.
[MTL]Starting Assets Increased By 10,000 Times by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]Starting Assets Increased PurplePhoenix22
Details Short Title : SAIBT Alternate Title : 开局资产提升一万倍 Status : Completed Author : I have a battery car Genre : Urban Life Weekly Rank : #790 Monthly Rank : #1507 All...
Rimuru Met AlternativeSelf  by NazihNas
Rimuru Met AlternativeSelf by Nazih Nas
I am new to these stuff Bad grammer and inspired from other Its story about creating his Alternative Self Inorder To Avoid Responsibility in parallel world Maybe story...
You Belong To My World (Completed!) by ionlyseedaylight
You Belong To My World (Completed!)by ionlyseedaylight
Arthit is in 2017. Kongpob is in 2020. They live in the same apartment, but in two totally different worlds. Can they find their way back to each other? ✓parallel uni...
My Lovey  by lesyeuxdehmwe
My Lovey by Rubylili
အပြိုင်ကမ္ဘာထဲရောက်သွားတဲ့အခါ ဖြစ်လာတဲ့ ချစ်ချင်းတစ်ခု။
Rotten Aegyo// txt choi beomgyu ff by teddybeom_
Rotten Aegyo// txt choi beomgyu ffby Erou
"Beomgyu oppa! I like you a lot! Can you do aegyo for me?" "Wtf. Stop. You're disgusting." "...disgusting?" Is the 19 year old boy in front...
A Destroyer Journey  by Masamune
A Destroyer Journey by Salty
Destroyer of Worlds That's what they called him but he didn't mind that after all he did destroy some worlds. But he'd rather go on a journey. "Now then let's go o...
Matryoshka Off-Limits by Pandorable100
Matryoshka Off-Limitsby Pandorable
Due to past experiences, Wen Shi has become distrustful of others. He now believes that the only person he can trust in this world is himself. **** Wen Shi unexpectedly...
The Broken mirror by rainbowxstars
The Broken mirrorby aishh💜
❝𝙄 𝙂𝘼𝙑𝙀 𝙔𝙊𝙐 𝙔𝙊𝙐𝙍 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙉𝘾𝙀, 𝘼𝙉𝘿 𝙔𝙊𝙐 𝙐𝙎𝙀𝘿 𝙄𝙏 𝙏𝙊 𝙎𝙏𝘼𝘽 𝙈𝙀 𝙄𝙉 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝘽𝘼𝘾𝙆 ❞ ✧⭒𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐎𝐈𝐍𝐆⭒✧ -Two individuals bonded by marriage a...
Konosuba x Male Reader (Powerful Male Reader) by DreamerAncoyo
Konosuba x Male Reader (Powerful Ancoyo
Y/N L/N was just an ordinary boy who loves games, anime, memes and such things. You already know what is happening next. This is the story about legendary heroes. "...
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
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A new Life (KHR Fanfic) by EnjuYuki
A new Life (KHR Fanfic)by Maya
A 27 year old Sawada Tsunayoshi was there, living in his hell of being a boss, PAPERWORKS. But then, he started getting dizzy and Byakuran gave him his usual smile. &quo...
Deja Vu - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《COMPLETED》 by mintgreyashes
Deja Vu - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《 「 Lız 」
「Sequel of Cursed Sky-Katekyo Hitman Reborn」 --- They were twins. Yet why was it that one was depicted as a failure while the other as a genius? People said that Sawada...