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Wrapped  by Urmi08
Wrapped by Urmi08
King may rule the kingdom but Queen rules the King *** Beam takes a drastic step that leads Forth to a mess. But Beam is Beam. Who can stop him from winning? 😉 *** A F...
Forth Beam Short Stories by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam Short Storiesby Neysh
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot.
Save Me - A ForthBeam Fanfic by 0062x0206
Save Me - A ForthBeam Fanficby 0062x0206
This is my very first fanfic. The plot has been floating in my head for a week now. And also, i love ForthBeam so i decided to publish it. ?
Addicted to doctor forth ✔ by Luckyhari_9294
Addicted to doctor forth ✔by Luckyhari
forth loves beam at young age but he got rejected once, now he is a cardiac surgeon where he meets beam as an intern again.
Expensive Love by Varshu29
Expensive Loveby Varshu29😍
💙COMPLETE💙 "WHY YOUR LOVE IS SO EXPENSIVE P'FORTH? IT'S TOO MUCH TO PAY, PLEASE...." Beam said and kneel down hugging Forth's leg. "DON'T THINK TOO MUC...
To Many More Returns (LAMXPHA)(COMPLETED)  by laydeeshannon
To Many More Returns (LAMXPHA)( laydeeshannon
My 3rd PhaxLam story. I am finding alot of joy in this crackpair. Its been positioned as a short story so let's see how it goes :)
The Ugly Duckling Boy  by Nishthn
The Ugly Duckling Boy by Nishthn
A short Forth Beam story
Encounter by Rhys2624
Encounterby Rhys
I don't own any of the characters used in this story. All credits go to the original author. What was supposed was supposed to be just a short trip to a café ended up...
You're The Reason by zeuyly23
You're The Reasonby SmileyLips
when someone you love leave you.. what did you feel forth? it hurt beam then it same feel when you did it to me too
Sugar Daddy by kilekim789
Sugar Daddyby kilekim789
Sequel to "Lacrimosa" How Beam ended up with one of the most powerful men in Bangkok.
Married To Forth Jaturapoom  by blubrrychoco_cake
Married To Forth Jaturapoom by Blubrrychoco_cake
"Just don't tell anyone we're married." "Okay" ••• "It's good to talk to you again Beam." ••• "I'm here. You can always count on me. W...
It Started With The Hickeys by rcbrie15
It Started With The Hickeysby rcbrie15
He wanted to have a one night stand, but all he did is give him hickeys. Enjoy reading. Love lots! *rcbrie15* Credits to the rightful owners of all the characters and...
Hi... meet My DaDa.. by ReeneWong
Hi... meet My Reene Wong
One may be two or more Shots.. MxM, mature, romantic,MPREG. Happy Ending... Complete
My Angel by Peridot888
My Angelby Peridot888
"This is the last room." Forth heaved a sigh of frustration as he led his men. Where are you? Forth opened the door and was surprised with the view in front of...
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [Completed] by caseylove01
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [ caseylove01
he was standing beside his husband, in the altar. Trying best to contain his tears as guest were congratulating him and his now husband, about their marriage. He didn't...
Only US ::ForthBeam:: by idgaffdudee03
Only US ::ForthBeam::by notyrbabe
" but i want to marry beammie!" little forth scream. " i want to marry porthie too." little beam say while nodding. Lien look at marla, oh god. They...
Treasure(Completed) by CathrinaRose18
Treasure(Completed)by CathrinaRose18
A casanova suddenly dissapeared for about a year without any trace. The head heazer smiled recently and on top of that he face had gotten soft a little bit. What happen...
Take My Heart, will you? (PHAXLAM) (BOYXBOY) (COMPLETED) by laydeeshannon
Take My Heart, will you? (PHAXLAM) laydeeshannon
A sequel to the one shot. This story will explore the ups and downs of a possible relationship between Pha and Lam. Will love actually bloom or will it crash and burn b...
Well... Now What? (6Moons) by bbywin13
Well... Now What? (6Moons)by Winter
⚠️ Warnings: a mess. Elopement, poly relationship, etc. ForthBeam planned to get married in Vegas... They got married... but they also got four more husbands that night...
!MARRIED! by Azsan6
!MARRIED!by Azsan6
The Hot Head Hazer and The Famous Casanova are married. Not because of LOVE but because of FAMILY. Accepting each other as their partners never cross their minds once. A...