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CLAIMED by Varshu29
CLAIMEDby Varshu29😍
💖COMPLETE💖 A reckless Bet which turned out into possessiveness. A short story of Forth and Beam as TaeTee. I do not own the characters, images, and names. story plot...
Be Mine (ForthBeam) by haroomee
Be Mine (ForthBeam)by haroomee
Time flies sure fast. The then Engineering Moon is now a father. Yes, Forth, the successful engineer is now a father of a three years old daughter. He is willing to do a...
Falling For You by Azsan6
Falling For Youby Azsan6
The enjoyable trip Tee expecting for turn bad to worst. He met with bad luck since the day one at a foreign country, then he met wrong people? How his fate will be then?
Accidental Roommate  by Azsan6
Accidental Roommate by Azsan6
A story where a man is betrayed and lied by his own best friend that lead him to has a roommate that he never wants. He wants to leave but he can't, he needs to stay but...
Ghostee ! by binitheshipper
Ghostee !by whizbee
What do you mean by I am dead ? How can I be dead ? I was just talking with Pha few seconds ago . Where is he ?" Beam looks around his office in search of his bestf...
Scripted? by nurix5
Scripted?by nurix5
Forth chases Beam but in reality, it's Tee who chases Tae. How can he win Tae's heart now that he knows he likes his P'? And what does Tae feel with all this BL thing?!
Just By Chance by AnaisNaiim
Just By Chanceby Anais Na'im
Beam has had a crush on Forth since their freshman year when they met during the Moon and Star pageant, but stern and stoic Forth has never noticed. Now sophomores, thin...
Love Hurts, Real Love Heals by Azsan6
Love Hurts, Real Love Healsby Azsan6
Falling in love for the first time, being in love for the first time, feel happy as a lover for once then the same person who makes me happy broke me this hard. Love bri...
Break-Up , Lover !  by binitheshipper
Break-Up , Lover ! by whizbee
This is a story about break-up ! 😉 ................ Completed (02.06.22)
Five Minutes In Summer by Myforthbeam
Five Minutes In Summerby Di
It only takes five minutes to fall in love. However, those five minutes happened at the wrong time and to the wrong person. Only five minutes, to determine which way t...
Alpha and Omega : Don't Hate Me.  by archievictor
Alpha and Omega : Don't Hate Me. by Aяνι
Beam a young omega, haven't hit his heat stage and then have to encounter an alpha who doesn't even like him. Can he survive in this fake relationship? . . . Hi! This is...
To Keep Going On by FiiJaa
To Keep Going Onby FiiJaa
2moons fanfic Beam disappeared after his one-night stand with Forth. No one knows where he went. Until he returned 7 years later. the characters belong to Chiffon_cake...
Dada by rcbrie15
Dadaby rcbrie15
A twist of Forth and Beams university life. A/N Join me again to the journey of Forth and Beam towards life and love on this one shot. Credits to the rightful owners of...
Archer's Wind 2 (Mpreg) by lovelyfaye27
Archer's Wind 2 (Mpreg)by lovelyfaye27
"Who are you???.. Why do I keep dreaming about you?... Are you real?... Why I can't see your face??.." So many why's that I can't find any answer every time I...
You are the Law by Varshu29
You are the Lawby Varshu29😍
one shot of Lawyer Baramee and Engineer Jaturapoom.
Forever with You by EtherealMistress
Forever with Youby Cara
Beam wanted to take up Medicine but was forced by his parents to enroll in the Faculty of Engineering. He couldn't do anything but obey his parents. He might be a spoile...
Love Happened !! [Completed] by Winnieepawa
Love Happened !! [Completed]by Winniee
Forth and Beam kissed on lips to greet while smiling dearly at each other. "What just happened ?" Asked Phana and Lam in shock looking at Beam and Forth then...
!MARRIED! by Azsan6
!MARRIED!by Azsan6
The Hot Head Hazer and The Famous Casanova are married. Not because of LOVE but because of FAMILY. Accepting each other as their partners never cross their minds once. A...
Forth Beam Short Stories by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam Short Storiesby Neysh
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot.
Wrapped  by Urmi08
Wrapped by Urmi08
King may rule the kingdom but Queen rules the King *** Beam takes a drastic step that leads Forth to a mess. But Beam is Beam. Who can stop him from winning? 😉 *** A F...