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Still Loving You by xoxoharuhiko
Still Loving Youby Haruhiko
Will love be sweeter the second time around?
Forever With You  (ForthBeam) by Thibha16
Forever With You (ForthBeam)by Thibha Suria Ravinthiran
Have you ever felt like you know more about certain things which are not your specialty? Have you ever had any phobia which you couldn't overcome no matter what? Have y...
Date with the Demon | PavelDome by BitterSweetrus
Date with the Demon | PavelDomeby 🌙시트론💫
Dome has a very strong social anxiety and despite of his job as a great doctor, his social life is almost near to zero. One day his younger sister pressured him to bring...
Introvert Meets Extrovert | ForthBeam by BitterSweetrus
Introvert Meets Extrovert | ForthB...by 🌙시트론💫
Beam is an Introvert person, Meaning he enjoys being alone or just being accompanied with few numbers of people. He mostly like to stay at home, read books, paint and dr...
The Shed | forthbeam by rigbyyae
The Shed | forthbeamby Rigby Æ
a : another forthbeam fanfic to feed the hungry girls and gays Two lost souls finding their selves ended up in the shed, seeking for comfort and warmth from...
Have A Bite  by binitheshipper
Have A Bite by whizbee
"Ai Forth ! Foooorrrtthhhh your bitch is chasing me madly . Stop her !!" Beam shouts while running around the engineering faculty of Central University . &quo...
Wedding Date(s) - MingKit by bbywin13
Wedding Date(s) - MingKitby Winter
⚠️ Warnings: none? Kit's brother is getting married. He pressures Kit into bringing a date. Ming is also in a similar situation - as Kit's brother is marrying Ming's be...
The Bet by forthbeamlover
The Betby Neysh
Forth and his gang are drinking and joking. Then they make a bet to Forth that he can't make Beam fall in love with him in a month. Forth accepts and even adds that he c...
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Forth Beam Short Stories by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam Short Storiesby Neysh
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot.
Five Minutes In Summer by Myforthbeam
Five Minutes In Summerby Di
It only takes five minutes to fall in love. However, those five minutes happened at the wrong time and to the wrong person. Only five minutes, to determine which way t...
And you ! by binitheshipper
And you !by whizbee
"cause , I don't want back my life . I hate my eariler life . I like it now . It's good . I love it with him . I love him and ....... " Beam stops in the midd...
Obeying Master Forth ✔ by managerminchin
Obeying Master Forth ✔by riaen
"You lost the dare, doc." "What do you want?" "Kneel." First two chapters are highlight from 2Moons2 in Manila event! THIS STORY HAS BEEN C...
Forth Beam short stories 2 by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam short stories 2by Neysh
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot.
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My saviour (PhanaxForth) by StormyMyLove
My saviour (PhanaxForth)by Stormy My Love
Phana is tired. He wants someone to take care of him for a change. Forth volunteered for the job. But once in his hands, will he let him go? This is a boyxboy story so i...
Encounter by Rhys2624
Encounterby Rhys
I don't own any of the characters used in this story. All credits go to the original author. What was supposed was supposed to be just a short trip to a café ended up...
Zee Pruk Panich was one of Thailand's most prominent artistes. He came from a well-known wealthy family as well. He rose to notoriety when he was scouted by a talent age...
Second Priority by nome-enom
Second Priorityby nome_enom
a man who loves his best friend swcretly. but he is always the second priority. "atleast i am in the priority list, ..and this all i ask a litle attention from him...
Nothing To Lose by xoxoharuhiko
Nothing To Loseby Haruhiko
Beam was broken and in more ways than one so was Forth. Can love triumph against pain this time? BOOK 3 - NOTHING TO LOSE BOOK 2 - NOWHERE TO RUN BOOK 1 - NO ESCAPE
13 Reasons Why... by LilMskitkatrose
13 Reasons Why...by LilMskitkatrose
Forth Jaturapoom has hated one person whole his life...The one person who ruined his home... When he joined for his Bachelors in Engineering he falls for Beam Barame, a...
secret organization (bl) by canisiojoy
secret organization (bl)by Black Rose
Hello guys this miss black again... I'm actually not good in description so please check it out. I only published the character and the prologue first. #mileApo#kinnpors...