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Sweetness by NinaNopitue
Sweetnessby Nina Nopitue
Excerpt He eyed the kid up and down. Pale skin, black hair, cute button nose, pink lips and playful eyes. Even if the eyes looks scared right now. The kid shifted his st...
So It's You [MingKit completed] by Yours_Truly_T
So It's You [MingKit completed]by Twinkle
The silence was deafening until my phone rang. It was on my pocket and it was tightly placed. I looked at him as if asking for help. Like it was so natural, I need not...
A Beautiful Paradox (COMPLETE) by kitkatdimples
A Beautiful Paradox (COMPLETE)by kitkatdimples
[Ming x Kit] This is a story of two young men who are in love. A true love that surpasses everything that comes their way. It's simple. Even if Ming loses his memori...
The Bookstore Love Story by keeval
The Bookstore Love Storyby kee
Ming owned a book store and he was in love. Phana was a medical student and a book lover. This is a story of them falling in love between the pages of the book. This is...
Rental Room Misfortune by keeval
Rental Room Misfortuneby kee
After a mix-up with their reservations, Forth and Beam find that they both booked the same rental for the week. Rather than forfeit the deposit and ruin their plans, the...
I am Addicted (ForthBeam Fanfiction-English) by kellskellay
I am Addicted (ForthBeam Fanfictio...by Kelly Jordan
(ENGLISH) 2 Moons Characters turned Filipinos!!! 2Moons Fanfiction: "I am" Trilogy Book 1: ForthBeam
The Moon's Beam by nonatian
The Moon's Beamby Nona Tian
This is a fanfiction of 2Moons The Series, character of this story belong to original author : Chiffon_Cake. A story about Forth and Beam after university life. Many thi...
My Morning Coffee by keeval
My Morning Coffeeby kee
Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you are taking in P'? . . . Ming has been crushing on Phana for a year now. Do you think Ming will confess his love to M...
Secrets of a Kitkat  by JaeMi1
Secrets of a Kitkat by Jae
*highest rank: #1 in BLfanfiction An accident sends Mingkwan to the hospital where he meets a grumpy doctor that makes his heart spin. 2 Moons fan fiction - please do no...
Nightfall Series Book #3: The Half Blood (Soon) by _Sainth
Nightfall Series Book #3: The Half...by Sainth✨️
I never belonged to any place. I'm always alone in the dark with my demons inside me. I was afraid that I have no one to hold on to. Not until I meet him. Book #3 Night...
Nightfall Series Book #2: The Spell Binding (Soon) by _Sainth
Nightfall Series Book #2: The Spel...by Sainth✨️
If I were told that I am just an amalgamation of a vast collection of faint memories, then that would be too fleeting and uncertain for me to bear. Which is why, in ord...
In Memorial of Autumn by osamalife09
In Memorial of Autumnby osama life
Sinopsis: Kit. Sejak awal, ia tahu ia bukanlah orang yang bisa dengan mudah mengikuti instingnya. ia orang yang terlalu banyak berpikir, menyimpannya sendiri, dan hanya...
Mingkwan by JaeMi1
Mingkwanby Jae
Love is beautiful and precious... and completely unpredictable. A retelling of 2 Moons from Ming's perspective with a lot of surprises. This is not quite the 2 Moons yo...
Our Sweetest Melody (COMPLETE) by kitkatdimples
Our Sweetest Melody (COMPLETE)by kitkatdimples
[Kimmon x Copter] Copter is living out his dream. He's the lead vocal of an internationally famous boy band, their songs are hitting the top of the charts, and he has s...