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Snow White by svet_rada
Snow Whiteby rada
🔞mature alert 🔞 The shiney smooth skin is calling me. The voices inside my mind is calling for a taste.. A taste of my Snow White... #i-don't-own-any-pic
CLAIMED by Varshu29
CLAIMEDby Varshu29😍
💖COMPLETE💖 A reckless Bet which turned out into possessiveness. A short story of Forth and Beam as TaeTee. I do not own the characters, images, and names. story plot...
Be Mine (ForthBeam) by haroomee
Be Mine (ForthBeam)by haroomee
Time flies sure fast. The then Engineering Moon is now a father. Yes, Forth, the successful engineer is now a father of a three years old daughter. He is willing to do a...
Wrapped  by Urmi08
Wrapped by Urmi08
King may rule the kingdom but Queen rules the King *** Beam takes a drastic step that leads Forth to a mess. But Beam is Beam. Who can stop him from winning? 😉 *** A F...
Expensive Love by Varshu29
Expensive Loveby Varshu29😍
💙COMPLETE💙 "WHY YOUR LOVE IS SO EXPENSIVE P'FORTH? IT'S TOO MUCH TO PAY, PLEASE...." Beam said and kneel down hugging Forth's leg. "DON'T THINK TOO MUC...
[COMPLETED] 2Moons Love Destiny by maeyingkarakade
[COMPLETED] 2Moons Love Destinyby karakade
"please make a good deed with my body , and make them believe that Baramee is also a good person" said beam from the past to 'beam' from the future inspired fr...
Lunch Date by wjajian
Lunch Dateby Jian
Drabbles/oneshots consists of Forth and Beam during their lunches(+ extra scenes) as we get through their life. #1 In which Forth decided to visit Beam at his workplace...
Love Hurts, Real Love Heals by Azsan6
Love Hurts, Real Love Healsby Azsan6
Falling in love for the first time, being in love for the first time, feel happy as a lover for once then the same person who makes me happy broke me this hard. Love bri...
My Angel by Peridot888
My Angelby Peridot888
"This is the last room." Forth heaved a sigh of frustration as he led his men. Where are you? Forth opened the door and was surprised with the view in front of...
Falling For You by Azsan6
Falling For Youby Azsan6
The enjoyable trip Tee expecting for turn bad to worst. He met with bad luck since the day one at a foreign country, then he met wrong people? How his fate will be then?
MINE, TO LOVE by Azsan6
MINE, TO LOVEby Azsan6
A little connected to The King's Love but a different story if Tae and Tee in the modern world. Fate in the present bring them together but did the fate in the past inf...
Love Happened !! [Completed] by Winnieepawa
Love Happened !! [Completed]by Winniee
Forth and Beam kissed on lips to greet while smiling dearly at each other. "What just happened ?" Asked Phana and Lam in shock looking at Beam and Forth then...
Forever with You by EtherealMistress
Forever with Youby Cara
Beam wanted to take up Medicine but was forced by his parents to enroll in the Faculty of Engineering. He couldn't do anything but obey his parents. He might be a spoile...
Alpha and Omega : Don't Hate Me.  by archievictor
Alpha and Omega : Don't Hate Me. by Aяνι
Beam a young omega, haven't hit his heat stage and then have to encounter an alpha who doesn't even like him. Can he survive in this fake relationship? . . . Hi! This is...
YOU - TaeTee by humanmeandyou
YOU - TaeTeeby humanmeandyou
... 'Did I really have sex with him? Oh, my virgin ass.' Tee cups his face. 'How is this actually happened?' 'Why can't I remember anything?' 'And why him?' ... A TaeT...
Only US ::ForthBeam:: by idgaffdudee03
Only US ::ForthBeam::by notyrbabe
" but i want to marry beammie!" little forth scream. " i want to marry porthie too." little beam say while nodding. Lien look at marla, oh god. They...
Just Another Clichè Love Story by Peridot888
Just Another Clichè Love Storyby Peridot888
Starring ForthBeam (TaeTee) in your typical jockXnerd high school love story. Admit it, we all love clichè chicklits. So how about we feed our sweet tooth with fluff?
"US" ::ForthBeam:: by idgaffdudee03
"US" ::ForthBeam::by notyrbabe
Forth and Beam is not an ordinary friend like what they tell others. they are actually married. is it possible to keep the secret without effecting their marriage?. ...
Next Stop, Love by thewonderose
Next Stop, Loveby thewonderose
A random act of kindness goes a long way they say. Till then, sit tight and enjoy the right for the NEXT STOP, LOVE! Please enjoy this short Forthbeam Fanfiction which I...
Sweet Bastard  by Somplaknya_taetee
Sweet Bastard by whyu somplak
Buku cerita cinta saya yang lain tentang Beam Baramee si casanova dari fakultas kedokteran bertemu dengan Forth Jaturapoom si Head Hazer fakultas teknik yang di kenal di...