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Villainous Retreat by Mercury_Sol
Villainous Retreatby MERCURY SOL
Izuku comes home one day to be face to face to a couple of unwanted houseguest. how will this unfold?
the copycat hero: Deku by DanielMaxwell358
the copycat hero: Dekuby Daniel Maxwell
what if Deku wasn't quirkless but instead has a powerful copy quirk
My Hellsing Academia (EN) by nekos21
My Hellsing Academia (EN)by Trollkastel Piece
So this is pretty much a crossover between My Hero Academia and Hellsing Abridged, where Izuku is gonna make a decision that will change his life forever. DekuxToga. The...
The Blood Tyrant - AU Izuku Yagi by DZHReader
The Blood Tyrant - AU Izuku Yagiby DZHReader
Neglect, Bullies, Scars, Depression, Trauma and a dash of Bad luck is the perfect recipe for a villain. Izuku Yagi experienced 12 years of this from his twin sister Izu...
Izuku Yagi: Theif by Black_Death303
Izuku Yagi: Theifby DarkPhantom
Most would assume that being the son of two top ten pro-heroes would be an amazing life. Well, it is, unless your quirkless. After being diagnosed quirkless Izuku Yagi...
Izuku The Bringer Of Chaos (Finished) by Overseer874
Izuku The Bringer Of Chaos (Finish...by Overseer
Izuku Midoriya is Unhinged, Sadistic, maniacal, psychotic, vengeful, vicious, savage, unrelenting, homicidal Izuku Midoriya is... Evil
Izuku The Mad Hatter (Redo) by Overseer874
Izuku The Mad Hatter (Redo)by Overseer
So the reason I'm Redoing this Story is because the original was my first Story and was written horribly so yeah What if Izuku was bullied because of his Quirk? A Quirk...
The Undying Boy by JustSuperPerson
The Undying Boyby JustAnotherSuperPerson
Izuku couldn't hold out anymore. After so much bullying and having his dream crushed by his idol, he decides to end it all in one leap out of a roof. Warning: Death and...
My Senpai Loves Me by dekuxtogaforlife
My Senpai Loves Meby dekuxtogaforlife
Izuku Midoriya is starting his first year of high school where he hopes his Junior high past doesn't follow him. But from attending this school he meets Himiko Toga his...
Togas lust hunt (deku x toga) by Gwood73
Togas lust hunt (deku x toga)by Powerforall11
After the battle with the league of villains, Izuku midoriya finally gets some rest. However. While he's still thinking of what the villains next sceam is, an uninvited...
Toga x izuku *lemon* (one shot) by hangetsu2
Toga x izuku *lemon* (one shot)by hangetsu2
(A/N this after All Might vs AFO and before Class1A goes to the dorms) *WARING LEMON* Toga decided to visit izuku, and give him a gift that he would never forget *WARIN...
MHA: Masterpiece [Izukuxharem] by Karen_Tendo09
MHA: Masterpiece [Izukuxharem]by Karen_Tendo09
I'm not good with descriptions! Izukuxharem
The Jester Hero: Rascal by Wicster12
The Jester Hero: Rascalby Wicster12
After Nogo's defeat Rascal's soul is sent to another universe where he is reincarnated as a young boy who desires to become a hero, will Rascal find redemption in this n...
Psychotic love! ( Deku x Toga )  by Dabi100
Psychotic love! ( Deku x Toga ) by Dabi100
The credit for the cover art goes to PrincessKaecee. Stop reading this shit!
Seeing Red by InfernoLV9
Seeing Redby InfernoLV9
(Cross posted from Fan Fiction.net) What If Izuku had a quirk? One that was unlocked through death, and All Might shattering his dreams was enough to push him over the e...
Dragon Hero: Sinder (BNHA fanfic) by Lord_Leveling
Dragon Hero: Sinder (BNHA fanfic)by Lord_Leveling
Izuku Yagi had a caring family until he was diagnosed quirkless at age 4. From then on he was neglected and bulled every day but his sister Izumi Yagi and his "frie...
El arma secreta de los dioses by Iza7The7Gosth
El arma secreta de los diosesby Iza7The7Gosth
Traicionado, humillado y asesinado, este renacido traera algo que este mundo perdio hace mucho JUSTICIA. Fecha de publicacion: 16/05/2023
Izuku Yagi: The Quirk Thief by Black_Death303
Izuku Yagi: The Quirk Thiefby DarkPhantom
Most would assume that being the son of the number 1 hero would be an amazing life. Well, it is, unless you're quirkless. After being diagnosed quirkless Izuku Yagi is...
Chaotic Corruption by Kuzui472
Chaotic Corruptionby Kuzui472
"Ebony before I die there's something I want to say" A golden Hedgehog as he held the hand of a black cat at his bedside. "Yes, Super? What is it?" T...
Change - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | IzuToga by undefmidi
Change - Boku no Hero Fanfiction |...by undefmidi
The league of villains is planning to look into Izuku's memories to find what kind of connection he has with All Might, but... Is that all they will find? Will Toga find...