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Roles Reverse by NIALLFAN345
Roles Reverseby NIALLFAN345
She didn't have a chance with the sexy gay God or so she thought
Empire: JamalxHakeem boyxboy by Rosecaponestories
Empire: JamalxHakeem boyxboyby Rosecaponestories
Hakeem and Jamal are brothers, they've been together since birth. But what how will the react towards each other after an instance of heated passion, that both of them h...
❝Baby girl, I'm gonna make you a star if that's the last thing I do. ❞ In which Ciara Lyon is destined to be a star, and won't let anyone get in the way of that. [EMPIR...
Hopeless Love In The Music Industry (Jamal Lyon Love Story) by JenniferMars24k
Hopeless Love In The Music Industr...by JenniferMars24k
Have you ever fell in love with someone who you think will never love you back? This is the story of Jade Brooks. Jade had always loved to sing. In fact she is very goo...
Rebuilding Our Empire by I_Give_Life
Rebuilding Our Empireby I_Give_Life
My Version of Season 5. The journey of newly remarried Cookie and Lucious and all the things they have to conquer if they want to get their company back and be stronger...
Defending Our Empire  by I_Give_Life
Defending Our Empire by I_Give_Life
Where is Lucious? Why can't Dre be found? Who has the baby? Who has Lucious? Why? What if I told you the past comes to haunt the Lyon Family? What if I told you secrets...
You Stay On My Mind by theelorethalyon
You Stay On My Mindby theelorethalyon
compilation of CooCious one shots for y'all to enjoy.
Unconditional Love (Hakeem Lion) by amiyatocute
Unconditional Love (Hakeem Lion)by Queen...Am'iya
Janae is in 25 year old stripper and her and her friends all go out and while out with her friends she raned into the most famous but fine man of them all Hakeem Lyon . ...
Empire Secrets  ( Hakeem Lyon Love Story) by JewelDeberry
Empire Secrets ( Hakeem Lyon Love...by JewelDeberry
Hakeem has been hiding something from his family. His girlfriend. With all the drama and betrayal, hakeem had call one person he trust. How will he tell his family of h...
Power (ON HOLD) by QueenTingzzzz
Power (ON HOLD)by YayAftk
Power. What is it? Is it from love, family, or fame? Are you born with it? Cover made by @idkmstiles
Here's To Us by beverly_evexoxx
Here's To Usby beverly evergreen
Lucious lost all his memories but Cookie was always there. Through everything. As the doctors healed his body, she healed his soul. They grow back together stronger than...
The twin Lyon Cubs: Harmony and Hakeem Lyon Jr [On Hold] by FlawlessPeace777
The twin Lyon Cubs: Harmony and Ha...by FlawlessPeace777
About a 4 year old little girl and little boy who mother dies a few months after 3rd birthday due to a rare heart disease. Therefore they are left in the hands of the go...
WILDCAT ▹ EMPIRE by holtzmannn
WILDCAT ▹ EMPIREby - ̗̀ warrior goddess.
in which a innocent girl gains her claws when she's thrown into the empire. [ midseason two - season three ] WILDCAT- [ © 2016 | leia universe ]
Jamila Lyon: Jamal's Twin [On Hold] by FlawlessPeace777
Jamila Lyon: Jamal's Twin [On Hold]by FlawlessPeace777
😭😄😁😍😎😡🤑😴😒😈😇💔❤ 💑🌃📚👗🎵🎶🎼🎤🎧🎹🎸🎻🎷🎺📯
Our Empire (Sequel to Empire Secrets) by JewelDeberry
Our Empire (Sequel to Empire Secre...by JewelDeberry
Sequel to Empire Secrets. Hakeem and Natasha has been through a lot. Now with a wedding to plan and triplets are on the way. Nothing can stand on their way. Or so they t...
The Light of the World (Cookie/Lucious, Anika/Malcolm), an Empire fanfic by TeganPriceHarkness
The Light of the World (Cookie/Luc...by Tegan Price Harkness
"Are you sleeping with my wife?" A Lyon and a SEAL go head-to-head. It's all downhill from there...and it all started with a sheep.
Be ready (empire season 3) by JewelDeberry
Be ready (empire season 3)by JewelDeberry
squeal to big sister of empire and The battle begins. The Lyon family has gone through so much, with redemption and loss. The family know how to stick together. But the...
The Battle Begins(The Big Sister Of Empire, Season Two) by JewelDeberry
The Battle Begins(The Big Sister O...by JewelDeberry
The sequel to Big Sister of Empire. So much stuff has happened. Lucious getting arrest. Trina engagement and pregnancy. Could the Lyons have more problems coming their w...
TNT-Empire One-shot by amithegamer1
TNT-Empire One-shotby amithegamer 1
TNT-Empire One-shot If you have any requests DM me