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The Dare • Jamilton by justokaytoday
The Dare • Jamiltonby justokaytoday
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton could barely be in the same room with one another so when the two hyper-competitive alpha males get dared to date all hell breaks...
Despacito~♡~ Jamilton ✓ by YoGurlZoey
Despacito~♡~ Jamilton ✓by zoey ♡
"You made me hate myself more than I already did." In which a Carribean boy is orphaned and bullied by the one person who could make his heart melt into peices...
I Love You, Asshole ~ Jamilton by InsertBadPun
I Love You, Asshole ~ Jamiltonby InsertBadPun
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton have always hated eachother. End of story. Right? Wrong. (This fanfiction takes place in the present because I don't know shit ab...
♡In Your Dreams♡ (Jamilton) by Artzee_Dorito
♡In Your Dreams♡ (Jamilton)by sav
When the quiet college student Alexander Hamilton arrives at Kings College, he automatically feels like something was gonna go completely wrong. Similar to most things i...
No, You! [Jamilton] by hamilnerdom
No, You! [Jamilton]by too single for my own good
"Are you really going to do this, Hamilton?" "You bet, Jefferson." Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson have been rivals for as long as they could...
Forgiveness. (Jamilton) by SavageSunnyglasses
Forgiveness. (Jamilton)by Fuck-Up Island
Hamilton and Jefferson meet in middle school. They become friends but slowly drift apart as Hamilton's life is undone. Jefferson makes fun of Hamilton all through high s...
Let me in your heart- Jamilton Story by Destiny_Rose778
Let me in your heart- Jamilton Sto...by Frenchiestfryyyyy
Alexander Hamilton is under a lot of stress, until somebody walks into his life
Mr Jefferson is Coming Home (Jamilton) by HardRockLikeLancelot
Mr Jefferson is Coming Home (Jamil...by Lancelot of the Revolutionary...
1789: Thomas Jefferson returns from France and meets Alexander Hamilton for the first time. It's hatred at first sight, but it will eventually change into something none...
Hamilton oneshots by haileyhorse123
Hamilton oneshotsby haileyhorse123
These are Hamilton oneshots if you want to see people from Hamilton together doing cute or smutty things write in the comments
Favorable (Jamilton) by iamyourprotagonist
Favorable (Jamilton)by inactive maybe??? :0c
Taking jobs from other people for unreasonably high prices in a probably illegal way? Alexander Hamilton knew how to navigate that. Taking care of younger siblings witho...
Why Do Fools Fall In Love || Jamilton by unaturalguy
Why Do Fools Fall In Love || Jamil...by ya grl
Why do fools fall in love? Why do they fall in love? Love is a losing game Love can be a shame I know of a fool You see For that fool is me Tell me why, why, why Tell me...
Random One Shots Discontinued by NoxPastels
Random One Shots Discontinuedby ranboo/orion
These One-Shots are based around fandoms that I am personally in. If you don't like the fandom, or don't understand it, you are free to skip to as many as you want. I, o...
If There's a Reason He's Still Alive by frenchaligatorturtle
If There's a Reason He's Still Ali...by angie, a.burr, and eliza
*All Credit for Hamilton and it's characters goes to LMM and the rest of the people who worked on it* *Cover Image Credit (minus the white script) goes to Katsuri Roy on...
Princeton College (Jamilton) by SavageSunnyglasses
Princeton College (Jamilton)by Fuck-Up Island
Jefferson and Hamilton. Rivals since the beginning. There was nothing that could change that. Or was there?....
Hamilton One Shots by LivBop
Hamilton One Shotsby Deku :)
★ ★ Ships of Hamilton ★ ★ ★ ★ Began: 9-3-18 ★ ★ ★ ★ No Warnings nor Requests ★ ★ ★ ★ Slow Updates ★ ★ ★ ★ Characters and Cast ★ ★ Alexander Hamilton ★ Lin Manuel-Mir...
Hamilton One-Shots For Your Soul by JustHereCringe
Hamilton One-Shots For Your Soulby JustHereCringe
I'm tired and bored and cold. Mostly Kingbury because I strive for it. *Requests Open* -Smut- -Fluff- -x Reader?- I don't update this consistently, just when I feel like...
The Love Debate {Jamilton} by ppppppp15
The Love Debate {Jamilton}by ppppppp15
1/18/21: Jamilton college au (yes I ship it! If you don't, please try not to leave hate.) -Lots of debating -Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are 18 y/o and bot...
jamilton one shots by gardeniadaze
jamilton one shotsby harleigh 🌱
[HIATUS ending soon 6/10/22] fuck descriptions. it's jamilton. [ nine one-shots remaining ]