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Choice-Ninjago Plasma by FireAtMyles
Choice-Ninjago Plasmaby Myles⁉️
The ninja investigates a unknown power surge coming from a ancient jungle temple. The mission seems easy right? In and out? But when the team gets captured, and lives ar...
What Hides Behind the Smile by Sara_LRB3
What Hides Behind the Smileby Squiiddyy
Jay. The positive, caring bean we all love. But what really hides under his cheerful smile? This is filled with Jay angst, I LOVE it!
Electric shock (Ninjago AU) by FireAtMyles
Electric shock (Ninjago AU)by Myles⁉️
Jay had never felt being shock by lightning before, in fact it would fuel his power. But when the ninja visit a mysterious island, Jay encounters a new form of lightnin...
Nimbus  by CeraunoAure
Nimbus by
How exactly did Jay get caught by Ahr?
Quarantined (ninjago edition) by chocoqueen29
Quarantined (ninjago edition)by 🍁☕🍁
Have you ever wondered how the ninja would be doing in Quarintine? Well you came to the right book! For starters there will be no bad words... Kai in the background: W...
Ninjago Stuff by ZincTheXyr
Ninjago Stuffby FailureOnHiatus
This will have incorrect quotes, headcannons, and maybe some theories/au ideas idfk- This description is really shitty but this book isn't it swear- well it kinda is- bu...
Little Bruiseshipping One-Shots by wallashoom
Little Bruiseshipping One-Shotsby E|S|H|M
Just a few One-Shots of my favorite ship from Ninjago. Don't expect these to be good as I consider myself a terrible writer Don't expect some of these to be long either...
if i was in ninjago (Scroll 1) by MissLumi360
if i was in ninjago (Scroll 1)by Lumi-osity
well its not rly me but an oc so if you wanted to be a reader story change Echo to (y/n)
Ninjago oneshots <SFW/NSFW> by Cynicaaal
Ninjago oneshots by Yinin ♡
A collection of Ninjago stories, if I can be bothered to write more than one, involving the beloved ninja in different scenarios. Some stories will be NSFW and will be m...
Bruise Oneshots (because I'm too impatient to write a full story) by zap_trap
Bruise Oneshots (because I'm too i...by zap_trap
Name says it all. I'll take requests no smut, It's just nice little fluff-shots with some angst bro bro goo goo
Until the End of Time by HarpistforHim
Until the End of Timeby Master of Prose
"It won't-" Jay cut himself off with a strangled gasp and he continued to jerk against the chain around his ankle that prevented him from rising with the water...
Beating up Nadakhan by Plus_Ultra_Idiot
Beating up Nadakhanby Ha!———No.
This book is for people who just want to ⚠️Trigger warning⚠️ Beat Kill Torture Drown Impale Kick Punch Right hook Spit And burn Nadakhan ❌⚠️Trigger warnings⚠️❌: Extreme...
Ninjago Rewritten: Way of the Ninja by NlNJAG0
Ninjago Rewritten: Way of the Ninjaby Zane ❄️
Kai and Nya are simple blacksmiths, doing their best as young teens scraping up just enough. However, soon, their destinies will be revealed to them, and a customer will...
Overload by CeraunoAure
Jay was kidnapped and the Ninja finally get a lead and they do find Jay just... not the way they were expecting there's a bigger piece to the puzzle. a bigger more dange...
With You By My Side (I Will Never Be Forgotten) by HarpistforHim
With You By My Side (I Will Never...by Master of Prose
They were all leaving. Again. Breaking up; going their separate ways. Alone. Without him. Again. As he watched them all say their goodbyes, Jay could no longer ignore th...
Ninjago: A New Beginning by LavenderNinja2006
Ninjago: A New Beginningby LavenderNinja2006
By me (Lavenderninja2006) and Stephanie Peace DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN NINJAGO. I DO NOT OWN THE PHOTOS IN THE COVER PHOTO I JUST MADE YHE COLLAGE! Join the characte...
So you're alive ? ( A Ninjago Fanfic) by bhar2002
So you're alive ? ( A Ninjago Fanf...by 👽Mina Ashido👽
This is my first Ninjago fic ! I am excited and nervous tbh.. Evelyn is a 10 year old girl who live in Massachusetts with her family. She has a love for Ninjago ! Its he...
Colours Of Nature by Mello-Walker
Colours Of Natureby Lucy
Lloyrumi One-shots book. Eash chapter will be named after a shade of green, and will also have it's own unique name. Hope you enjoy!
Ninjago writings by Lucky3Zebra
Ninjago writingsby Zappy Rhino
Most of these are probably just going to be Cole and Jay angst because they're my favorites. Also these were made for mostly my own comfort and stuff.