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hold me now ❥ neon x sage x jett  ❥  valorant by luckypadaddy
hold me now ❥ neon x sage x ♡
❥ Hold me now, I'm finally fulfilled This is what my heart's been waiting for Hold me now, I'm finally fulfilled Pick me up to dance And pick me up again 'cause I ❥
Mission Failed Successfully (A Yoru x Phoenix) by schlongli_x
Mission Failed Successfully (A schlongli_x
phoenix finds yoru after an incident with Radianite. basically a headcanon of how yoru got to be an agent. this is a seriousish fic and I swear it's better than this des...
Tough Luck- Jett x Sage by NOBRIMjacky
Tough Luck- Jett x Sageby jacky
This will be my first real fan fiction, so don't hesitate to give me a little feedback and I'll try to fix as much as I can. I also apologize ahead of time if what I wri...
Valorant Preferences and Oneshots by MyztyR
Valorant Preferences and Oneshotsby MyztyR
Valorant Oneshots and Preferences!! Do not expect consistence updates but i will try my hardest to publish updates I write Character x reader here, fluff and maybe just...
The Assassin | Chamber x fem by TheCherria
The Assassin | Chamber x femby Cherria
Elise is a non radiant, but well trained assassin that works as a Valorant agent. She is co-working with Cypher and she has him as a mentor. Her life is simple until the...
Amped up || Cypher x Reader (VALORANT) by loraavi
Amped up || Cypher x Reader ( loravi :)
Ice and Snow - Sova x Female OC by Skaarsguard
Ice and Snow - Sova x Female OCby Skaarsguard
This is my go at a VALORANT fanfiction; this will be using a character I created (that you, reader, will be in the POV of.) I apologise if it sucks, I'm trying my best. ...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
Gold || Chamber x Reader (VALORANT) by loraavi
Gold || Chamber x Reader (VALORANT)by loravi :)
Mind controller. That's what [y/n] is. No one has detected them, yet. Look at that bastard, running around and stealing money from the richest without any consequences...
Shift Me (BoyXBoy) by hersheychoco
Shift Me (BoyXBoy)by hersheychoco
Chance, the weakest member of the pack, along with being the last white wolf alive struggles through his Clan life with his father giving up on him and accepted his youn...
Good Evil | Chamber x Fem reader | Book 1 by TheCherria
Good Evil | Chamber x Fem reader | Cherria
Iris is a 25 year old scientist but what happens when love becomes an obstacle to her plans?
Bring the Rain || Valorant by NeonBlazzerr
Bring the Rain || Valorantby Neon
You're a young adult and it's been a decade since first light. You got water and ice themed radiant abilities and on a vacation to Venice, Italy, you find yourself in th...
Forever Undone | Chamber x Fem reader | Book 2 by TheCherria
Forever Undone | Chamber x Fem Cherria
After Iris's death, things in the Valorant change. Same in Chamber's life. A new woman will join the Valorant Protocol to replace Iris. But will she replace her to Chamb...
Cypher x Jett- Back to Back by NOBRIMjacky
Cypher x Jett- Back to Backby jacky
Back at it again with another one! This time I'm doing one that I think would be good but gets overshadowed by Jett/Sage and Omen/Cypher. Haven't seen many people do thi...
home | Valorant by JustKokio
home | Valorantby z
A Jett x Sage ff Jett has a huge crush on Sage but she's too afraid to ruin their friendship in doing so. In this story we will follow a story of Jett who finally has th...
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Metals and Crystals (Valorant Sage X Male Reader)  by notafishbowl
Metals and Crystals (Valorant Mysterio
Radiants people given powers by the substance known as Radianite together with humans they form Valorant a military organization designed to protect the world against th...
aussie boy by rainienthusiest
aussie boyby rainirodriguezstan
Kehlani had just graduated high school and was getting ready to start her first semester at the University of Florida as a Business major. Highpoint was local,so she had...
Defenders Vs Attackers (K/DA X Valorant)[DISCONTINUED] BOOK 1 by WestVisconti
Defenders Vs Attackers (K/DA X RedWest
K/DA had a soaring status and attention, It was a huge accomplishment for them. Furthermore, K/DA created such elegant and influential music that can make their devotees...
Beyond my Beating Heart by alliexwrites
Beyond my Beating Heartby allie walker
For as long as she can remember, Juniper Calvin has always been an outcast. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of fifteen was hard enough living with it by herself...