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Arcane of Spades [TWICE] by mangosukified
Arcane of Spades [TWICE]by ɴ.
When an unknown enemy infiltrated the academy of the aspiring detectives and unfold the secrets of the campus' famous topnotcher club. twice • reader Has Two Parts: • Ar...
Ms. Modest (Jihyo x female reader) by Katherine15372
Ms. Modest (Jihyo x female reader)by Kath_15
Park Jihyo a friend of kim dahyun. she's a famous actress and successful singer in korea. she has an energy no one can beat. everybody she knows calls her a really good...
Single Bedroom  by KIMZST4R
Single Bedroom by .
I Was Made For Loving You [Completed] by lowkey_toowise
I Was Made For Loving You [Complet...by boiiiiiii
Michaeng feat. 2yeon, Dahmo, Satzu & Jihyoxreader ---------------------------------------------------- The story takes place on a grand party, where all the famous busin...
Prom Queen { x F Reader } by Jeong_yeonie
Prom Queen { x F Reader }by YooBeepBeep
Are you ready for your last dance? Twice is not mine but I am theirs
AWAKE by thinkaboutmina
AWAKEby sei
COMPLETED ✓ stay awake twice adaption. Pics from Pinterest. CTTRO - dave_anglc
Twice's 10th Member •Slow Updates• by Imadragonfightme
Twice's 10th Member •Slow Updates•by Imadragonfightme
Follow the adventures of Lee Kyungji a former trainee who is added into the popular girl group Twice as she faces the challenges of being an idol in one of the most popu...
| Meant To Be | Jihyo x Reader | by valentinenotes
| Meant To Be | Jihyo x Reader |by Valentine!
Soulmates... do they really exist? In this world, you have a string connected to your heart. It has its own unique colour. Your soulmate has the same colour as yours. Wh...
What Is Love? [Twice X Reader] by bonjurru
What Is Love? [Twice X Reader]by Toni
"Y/n..." Jin started, he stopped for a bit ,thinking about the situation "Oppa, I don't know what to do" Y/n signed "You should just tell her. T...
Jihyo Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Jihyo Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
Requested 💝 Female Reader Imagines with Jihyo of Twice 🥰 \\If you have any requests for something you'd like to see in this book, or any of my other upcoming imagines...
Twice One Shots// F&M reader by Zackary_WinterBear29
Twice One Shots// F&M readerby ZK
⚠️!!! REQUEST OPEN !!!⚠️ • • TWICE • • Started: Feb 04,2021
What Just Happened? || MiChaeng FF by lowkey_toowise
What Just Happened? || MiChaeng FFby boiiiiiii
Two opposite souls from two different people have switched bodies from within. Nevertheless, one weird story for us and one big weird adventure for them.
Secrets Of The Dice  { x F Reader } by Jeong_yeonie
Secrets Of The Dice { x F Reader }by YooBeepBeep
Life is unfair and unjust, so come on. Roll the dice From the famous webtoon Dice. { This plot is not mine and so is twice. I'm just putting my own ideas and script here...
Our Time Together // Jihyo X Reader by WritingRey
Our Time Together // Jihyo X Readerby Rey
Jihyo and Y/N are a married couple with two kids. Y/N is a manager in a big company while Jihyo is a rookie journalist. Their marriage has been going smoothly for years...
Behind The Mask by mxchaen_g
Behind The Maskby mxchaen_g
A short fanfic about Jihyo and Y/N. This fanfic can be for both male and female readers. note this is just a short oneshot that consists of 3-5 chapters so just comment...
Unusual Love | Tzuyu x Male Reader by TzuyuuuMybaby
Unusual Love | Tzuyu x Male Readerby Yodaa
"Ill come back for you, I promise" What happens when one of the best mercenaries in the world, meets a member of a girl group and falls inlove with her? Y/N li...
BLURRED | Park Jihyo by TWICEArchives_
BLURRED | Park Jihyoby TWICEArchives_
Two very close individuals are separated by tragedy.