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Stay By My Side by moguridragon
Stay By My Sideby moguridragon
Sana x Reader For years you ignored the feeling in your stomach when she looked at you. You did everything in your power to avoid her when you could. But you had excelle...
The Kim family has always followed a long tradition, they never dared to break it, and so you weren't going to do. In which consists that tradition? Easy, all and each...
The Flirty Professor by dkwtnhiw
The Flirty Professorby dkwtn
Read to find out ;) (Sana x neutral reader) Start: 1|6|22 End: 2|19|22
IDK You Yet by minnies_bangz
IDK You Yetby minnies_bangs
RE-EDITING!! ⚠️⚠️ Y/n and Sana have been best friends since middle school. Now in high school, the two live in a two-bedroom apartment. They alwas bicker and "flirt...
twilight (sana x g!p female reader) by zakitomina
twilight (sana x g!p female reader)by zakitomina
based on Kim Lip's 'Twilight'. in which sana and y/n broke up after 3 years of dating due to sana being "in love" with one of y/n's best friend. 2 months after...
A Race To My Heart - Sana X Reader by JezzaTartt
A Race To My Heart - Sana X Readerby JezzaTartt
Y/N a Formula 1 driver quits his F1 career to spend time with his girlfriend Sana Minatozaki from Twice. But he can't get his mind off racing and still continue doing ra...
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐁𝐀𝐂𝐊 by azxzelle
Who will you love back? [Momo, Sana, Mina x Female Reader]
Sana Short Imagines by kraAaZzyyy
Sana Short Imaginesby bambi
Imagines Y/NxSana gxg
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐏𝐄𝐂𝐔𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐒  by azxzelle
They're a one peculiar group but these peculiars are set to save the world from danger. [Twice x Female Reader]
Twice One shots - love, friends, once by TwiceSana4eva
Twice One shots - love, friends, TwiceSana4eva
Requests is open GXG BXG Twice x Twice Twice x reader Twice x other idols/celebs Not sure whether there will be smut yet depends on the story 🤔🤔 I am just writing thi...
On Track | TWICE Chaeyoung F.F. (COMPLETED) by Chaeng_Xiao
On Track | TWICE Chaeyoung F.F. ( Jin.
"One more step, I will never stop. I will always be on track" Part 1 of On Track Series
Sana Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Sana Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
Requested ✨ Female Reader Imagines with Sana of Twice? \\If you have any requests for something you'd like to see in this book, or any of my other upcoming imagines for...
I Love You, Jagi (Sana x Reader) by MochiAndTofu
I Love You, Jagi (Sana x Reader)by Sanake [Hiatus]
Two broken hearts, searching and seeking, for something valuable and priceless, each other... [Male reader] (but you can still always read it if you don't mind about the...
Wrong Relationship ✓ [ x F.reader]  by HimekoMatsuzaka
Wrong Relationship ✓ [ x BeLove
|COMPLETED ✓| . . A/n: *Sorry if grammatical error and much typo ^_^ Started: 09/02/21 Ended: 02/05/22
Her YouTube Crush | Sana X Male Reader | Completed by thehgninja
Her YouTube Crush | Sana X Male ShaShaSana
Y/N is a famous fisherman in the USA thanks to his YouTube channel. He catches fish for a living by giving them to well known restaurants and also owns an online busines...
Twice's 10th Member •Slow Updates• by Imadragonfightme
Twice's 10th Member •Slow Updates•by Imadragonfightme
Follow the adventures of Lee Kyungji a former trainee who is added into the popular girl group Twice as she faces the challenges of being an idol in one of the most popu...
Fan of Yours by yuashua005
Fan of Yoursby aftermoon [hiatus]
A story revolves around Y/N, a boy who dreams to be a Kpop idol and to see his favorite member of the korean girl group named "Wize". Can his dream turn into a...
A Race For My Family Name - Sana X Reader by JezzaTartt
A Race For My Family Name - Sana JezzaTartt
Book 2 to A Race To My Heart Meet Ethan Chou. A Taiwanese racing drivers who have a dream of making it into Formula 1 currently racing in Junior Formula. It was Ethan's...
What Is Love? [Twice X Reader] by bonjurru
What Is Love? [Twice X Reader]by Toni
"Y/n..." Jin started, he stopped for a bit ,thinking about the situation "Oppa, I don't know what to do" Y/n signed "You should just tell her. T...