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Ghost of Tsushima X Horizon Zero Dawn by GoodHadock
Ghost of Tsushima X Horizon Zero D...by GoodHadock
Jin Sakai once a samurai now fully embraces the ghost. He saved his home by driving the Mongols out. By becoming the ghost he struck fear into the enemy. After the fight...
The Ghosts of Tsushima ||                             Jin Sakai X Female! Reader by Ghosty_Writer_
The Ghosts of Tsushima ||...by Cherry
『But what if... He was not the only one who broke the code of the Samurai? What if there was someone with him? The people who heared their stories, myths, rumors... Call...
Ghost Of Tshushima: New Legends by nehr_r
Ghost Of Tshushima: New Legendsby nehr
After years of the mongrel raid of Tsushima, Jin Sakai finally fought off the invasion but succumbing to his injuries. Jin Sakai gets transported to RWBY as through out...
Demon Slayer || Ghost of Tsushima by GoodHadock
Demon Slayer || Ghost of Tsushimaby GoodHadock
Demon Slayer x Ghost Of Tsushima Crossover In Jin's world, there's him against Mongols, bandits, or people that deserve punishment. He was the most skillful in swordsman...
Ghost of Tsushima: the Sequel by Debottro
Ghost of Tsushima: the Sequelby De Havilland
This fanfiction novella written by me is a sequel fanfiction novella of the famous PS4 game- Ghost of Tsushima. After Tsushima island is liberated from the Mongols, Jin...
The Rise of the dishonered Samurai  by JelsaLoveEver
The Rise of the dishonered Samurai by JelsaLoveEver
This story takes place after Jin spared his uncle and returned home as the ghost of Tsushima. This story is going to deal with his journey after defeating the mongols an...
Low Tides  by Arkadiou
Low Tides by Arkaidou
Jin gets shot in the ankle and Taka has to carry him. Credits to @kuronuma_s on Twitter for the cover art!
A Legend's Legacy by ALittleSleepless
A Legend's Legacyby Insomniacette
After the defeat of Khotun Khan and The Eagle, the Ghost continues to hunt for the remaining Mongol force. While he picks off camp after Mongol camp, Jin ponders what th...
Clingy by Arkadiou
Clingyby Arkaidou
Garbage Drabble lol Credits to @bussisuki on Twitter for cover art!
FGO's Ghost of Tsushima by KCR670
FGO's Ghost of Tsushimaby R.P.
Jin Sakai, a once honorable samurai of Tsushima who cast aside his honor becoming the ghost in order to save his homeland from the invading Mongols. To some he was known...
Genshin Impact's Ghost (not a story an idea for one) by KCR670
Genshin Impact's Ghost (not a stor...by R.P.
Jin Sakai, a once proud and honorable samurai of the island of Tsushima, that cast aside his honor for the means to save his homeland from invaders. But what if instead...
A morning with Yuna by aloberry
A morning with Yunaby aloberry
a one-shot for Yuna and Jin, i enjoyed writing this, because i love these two with all of my heart. hope you guys enjoy
Of Arrows and Men (Ghost of Tsushima prequel) by Haku_shika07
Of Arrows and Men (Ghost of Tsushi...by Haku_shika07
"I can hunt." He followed her line of sight and once again took the bow into his hands. His face was void of all emotion when he came forward. "I don't ne...
"Can I do something?" by Arkadiou
"Can I do something?"by Arkaidou
Basically Taka and Jin brainrot and cuddles Credits to @yagi8g on Twitter for the cover art!
AC: Valhalla x Ghost of Tsushima x Horizon Zero Dawn by GoodHadock
AC: Valhalla x Ghost of Tsushima x...by GoodHadock
Female Eivor x Jin Sakai x Aloy A crossover in where their paths become intertwined when they are transported to locations in their worlds. Where a growing evil begins t...
Of Demons And Ghosts (Demon Slayer and Ghost Of Tsushima) by ImDefinitelyHuman
Of Demons And Ghosts (Demon Slayer...by Chris12
Iyo, the most powerful onibaba of this land, was close to being killed. The Ghosts had been chasing her for quite some time, and now they were catching up. Normally, she...
The Fox And Ghost by LaluMester
The Fox And Ghostby Lalu Mester
Hoshiko Tamura or Oshi as her friends call her was the eldest daughter of Lord Etio Tamura but tragedy led to the down fall of the clan. Taking things into her own hands...