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JIKOOK | one-shot collection by ellascribbled
JIKOOK | one-shot collectionby ELLA
This is divided into parts. But these parts are not necessarily connected. Thank youuu. 😘 Enjoy! 💕
Jikook Snippets by -Coffeekoo
Jikook Snippetsby ☘
As the title says, welcome to "little snippets of jikook." Interested? What are you waiting for then? Keke. ©-Coffeekoo 24 Sept, 2023
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LET'S MEET ONCE MORE | jikook by ellascribbled
< status: REVISING > A JIKOOK 'TOKYO TRIP' AU This was originally a short thread story I made on my facebook account. It's not too detailed and everything goes fa...
VISAGE | jikook by ellascribbled
VISAGE | jikookby ELLA
Jeon Jungkook is a well-known actor since he entered the entertainment industry at the age of 10. He left home when he was 18, thinking he'd be able to focus on his wo...
I took you away from me. //jikook by jjkpjm_13
I took you away from me. //jikookby fanfics jikook 🥀
Onde Jeon Jungkook era um alfa festeiro, sem responsabilidades e que se achava pertencente ao mundo. Enquanto seu ômega marcado vivia sozinho, com saudades e implorando...
DRUNKEN | jikook by ellascribbled
DRUNKEN | jikookby ELLA
Status: Revising
KINSMAN | jikook by ellascribbled
KINSMAN | jikookby ELLA
Jungkook have been together with a group of friends where he learned to do things he shouldn't. He had alot of vices and usually skip school just so he could do what his...
my cute husband JIKOOK by jungkook_love_ocean
my cute husband JIKOOKby jungkooklover
jungkook never hires a male programmer in his team, but jimin wanted to work with jungkook and stay close to him so bad. he changes his gender to get the job, but jungko...
In Black and White by triviakookmin
In Black and Whiteby ᴅυlιa
Jeon Jungkook foi visto por todos desde a sua pré-escola, sempre acompanhado dos mais populares alunos e dono da melhor reputação, ele nunca esteve em segundo lugar. No...
jikook whatapp chat by jungkook_love_ocean
jikook whatapp chatby jungkooklover
its fake... created by me.
Hold Me Tight by PhooWai371
Hold Me Tightby Jenny
Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS never felt this sort of feeling before. He is too young, he is introverted and he is afraid. So he tried to push Jimin away but the...
[kookmin]- Hạnh phúc của riêng anh by dwelavy
[kookmin]- Hạnh phúc của riêng anhby ivy ssi
• Chuyển ver "Hạnh phúc nhỏ của anh" -Đông Bôn Tây Cố ( Tạ Thu Ngân dịch ) < chưa có sự cho phép của người dịch, vui lòng không đem đi đâu ạ > • Một câu...
realised (jikook)  by misojmjk
realised (jikook) by jmjk
oneshot where jimin help jungkook to became successful is jungkook going to love him like before or he's going to left him ?
I'll keep waiting for you until you fall in love with me (jikook) oneshot  by misojmjk
I'll keep waiting for you until yo...by jmjk
Oneshot Jungkook is in love with his senior who doesn't even know. Read the story to know what happens next😊 my english is not good i hope you guys will like the story...
I'll be with you  by tskkjikookssi
I'll be with you by PURPLE ARMY
A not spooky ghost and a man love story, please look forward 😊
[Trans] [국민] Your reason by SerenEupho
[Trans] [국민] Your reasonby 𝓶𝓪𝔂𝓴𝓮𝓷𝓰
[Summary] "Em chỉ muốn cho anh biết lý do em tồn tại và vì sao anh là của em." Bản dịch đã có sự cho phép của tác giả, vui lòng không mang đi nơi khác. Credit...
no feelings boy [jk + jm] by taegalaxs
no feelings boy [jk + jm]by evy
De repente tudo ficou cinza, o mundo não tem mais graça. Sentimentos foram feitos para nos deixar fracos. Se fui ensinado a não sentir, como queres que eu sinta?
That Daydreamer | Jikook by lunanotactive
That Daydreamer | Jikookby Luna
Jeon Jungkook can read people minds. But that doesn't make his life any interesting. Instead, he is annoyed with it. This 'curse' make him listen to people's thought in...
[KookMin] In Your Arms - Jimlandsi by CallmeJieli
[KookMin] In Your Arms - Jimlandsiby Jieli
Xin hãy ôm em trong vòng tay của người Hãy để em chìm trong sự cứu rỗi này In your arms
Jikook Oneshots  by jikookxhaze
Jikook Oneshots by Aanya
A collection of Jikook Oneshots. Short Jikook stories by me based on my ideas. Enjoy reading!!! The pictures used are not owned by me so credits to the owners or makers...