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Supersons Go To Ua by CrisRoc100
Supersons Go To Uaby C.R.
Robin and super boy travel to a different world where being a hero is a job(finished)
The story of Blaire Noire by Cherrybomb9824
The story of Blaire Noireby Cherrybomb9824
Blaire Noire Swan is the adoptive daughter of Charlie Swan. When Charlie's daughter, Bella, moves back and forces Blaire out of the only home she's ever known she's left...
"Water is Thicker" {Damien Wayne/batfam fic}  by HannaDragonfire1
"Water is Thicker" {Damien Wayne/ HannaDragonfire1
(cover isnt mine) Book 1: Damian Wayne is on the run from long foes as his home was over run. His grandfathers dead and his mother captured, he has to go to the best det...
A Little Closer (A Jon Kent x Damien Wayne fanfiction) by 5aph1r3
A Little Closer (A Jon Kent x 5aph1r3
Jon just wants to be a liiiittle bit closer to the young Robin.
I'm Safe With You (Damijon) by WaterlessCaptain
I'm Safe With You (Damijon)by Liam 🌸🌙
_ I'm Safe at your side Jon, I'm Safe with you- Damian told to Superboy. Damian felt like he could be himself at Jon' s side . With Jon he felt like there' s no evilne...
Jondami week 2019 {Damijon!} ~One-shots~ by JasonP43
Jondami week 2019 {Damijon!} JasonP43
Just a bunch of one shots, my submissions for Jondami week 2019 based on the prompts per day. I also forgot who the art belongs to, if you know or are the artist please...
Damijon omegaverse  by starzzyxxxx
Damijon omegaverse by starzzyxxxx
Damian is a 13 year old Omega when he meets 10 year old Jon an alpha when meeting with the justice league with his father . Will Jon and Damian become friends or more xx
The Team Meets the Bats by CloeTheTealSnake
The Team Meets the Batsby Ghost
The team meeting the Batfam in random circumstances. A series of One-Shots Infrequent Updates I own nothing but Plot
Addicted to You by HikariYamiRoll
Addicted to Youby Hikari Yami Roll
I have not forgotten the first time I tried your lips much less when I tried your body and although I want to leave you I cannot do it Because you are my drug
Superman's daughter (Damian Wayne fanfic) by Daoriginalgummybear
Superman's daughter (Damian Daoriginalgummybear
My name is kiara Kent... yes as in Clark Kent as in superman he's my dad. It's just been me him and my twin brother Jon. Our mom died giving birth to us I'm half human a...
DC x Reader by 1-800-fuck-y0u
DC x Readerby Space Girl
From birds to bats to supers! We've got it all. A collection of x reader stories written by me for you! (i don't own any of these characters and the cover art is not mi...
Sleepover (JonDami Fic) by CyrusLiam2
Sleepover (JonDami Fic)by Cyrus L2
"Believe Me When I Say This. I'm Here For You" - Jonathan Kent After defeating some bad guys, Damian got knocked out by one of them. Jon had to help Damian be...
Superman's daughter ( Damian Wayne love story) by SamiKW
Superman's daughter ( Damian SamiKW
Jon isn't the only child of Clark and lois. Lara Kent is a normal 15 year old girl living in Metropolis with her twin brother Jon and her parents. She also so happens to...
Oneshot collection (Damijon) by ThatDepressedAuthor
Oneshot collection (Damijon)by Zero
This is a collection of oneshots I have written. it will include mainly Damijon or sometimes Klance oneshots. • 🍋Lemons/Smuts sometimes🍋 • {MOSTLY DAMIJON} • Each on...
REBELS ↠ DC COMICS by shelleyduvalls
"WHO ARE YOU THREE?" "WE'RE THE REBELS AND WE'RE GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!" • In which Mar'i Grayson, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne start a superhero team of...
✰𝚆ould You Be Interested In Talking To A Demon✰ -daminette- by ravenfrey
✰𝚆ould You Be Interested In FreddieF
"Heyy would u be interested in talking to a demon" "....." In which Marinette doesn't expect to get a message from a stranger about a demon. (Damine...
Teen Titans Dcau One-Shots by Obsessed-Dc-Fan
Teen Titans Dcau One-Shotsby Mood
Jon Kent / Superboy Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle Terra Malkov / Tara (Hero name is tara) Raven / Raven Damian Wayne / Robin Koriander / Kori / Starfire Dick Grayson / Nigh...
Land of the Free and Home of the Wayne by Zambie-Trashart
Land of the Free and Home of the Lemonade Sweets
The akuma class wins a trip to Gotham where they get to live with the Waynes for two weeks. Marinette meets two boys who make a plan to expose Lila and help her become f...
Maybe More by Whitakerjaelyn
Maybe Moreby Whitakerjaelyn
"Why'd you leave me...?" "I'm sorry."
Marinette Oneshots (all ships) by Butterflykingdom33
Marinette Oneshots (all ships)by Butterflykingdom33
The ships in this book will be Adrinette, Lukantte, Felinette, Damientte, Timenette, Jaosnette and Jonette, if there is a ship you would like me to write just ask. This...