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Newsies Forever by Fansie99
Newsies Foreverby Clara
Part 3 of Newsie Love! Jordyn Lively and Ben Cook first met when they were 17. They toured the country performing in Newsies together and fell in love, but broke up and...
The newsies and their little sister by theoutsiders_dallasw
The newsies and their little sisterby Jay
Y/n is a teenager from Colorado who just so happened to end up winning her version of the lottery. She is friends with the original cast of newsies and the toursies. *co...
Newsies x Reader by nicholas_laurens
Newsies x Readerby nicholas_laurens
Evalina Bonnefoy your average teenage girl. Well, sort of. Her uncle is Jeff Calhoun the director of Newsies on Broadway and Newsies touring cast. Due to her above avera...
head over feet (b.t.c.) by broadk8
head over feet (b.t.c.)by k
(ben cook x oc) ••• published: sunday, september 6th, 2020 last updated: tuesday, january 12th, 2021 finished: monday, november 23rd, 2020 ••• "you've already won m...
folklore by bizarrelilbrunette
folkloreby bizarrelilbrunette
After escaping from the orphanage where she spent most of her life, a talkative redhead turns a newsie into a hopeless romantic... (Racetrack Higgins x oc) book 2 - wou...
my erster (racetrack higgins x oc) by tswiftiegirlsgirl
my erster (racetrack higgins x oc)by Multiple_Fandoms<3
Ten years ago in 1889 there was a little girl at the age of 6 running away and her name was Emma. Emma ran away from her abusive parents and she ran into the infamous J...
My Erster ~ a Ben Cook story ~ DISCONTINUED by newsiesnerdandarmyy
My Erster ~ a Ben Cook story ~ Just me.. :)
'I blushed as he smiled at me from across the table. "Hi, I'm Ben, I play Race and I'm the understudy for Crutchie. Nice to meet you." "You too." I s...
problems // ben tyler cook by gublergube
problems // ben tyler cookby mgg is daddy
in which ben tyler cook falls in love with rosalina brie faye, who has problems of her own
wouldn't you like to know by bizarrelilbrunette
wouldn't you like to knowby bizarrelilbrunette
An eager Brooklyn newsie is passionate about the newsie strike in Manhattan and falls in love along the way... (Albert DaSilva x oc) book 1 "you tryin' ta get yers...
I Never Planned on You // Davey Jacobs by criskearbs
I Never Planned on You // Davey Khione
I hate writing summaries. Just read it. Please. You probably won't regret it.
Newsies Next Gen by Fansie99
Newsies Next Genby Clara
Ben Cook and Jordyn Lively had their crazy story, now it's time for the kids'! Melina and Carmen Cook, identical twins, are ready for their freshman year of college. Cra...
Good as Gold // Josh Burrage by grace_aledia
Good as Gold // Josh Burrageby ♫ 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞 ♫
in which a newsies crew member tries to ignore her feelings for a Broadway actor (it's recommended to read Ten Minutes Ago before this book) ~~ [Joshua Burrage X OC] ~~ ...
Falling Slowly  by Lil_Whistle
Falling Slowly by O, vengeance??
"Take this sinking boat, and point it home. We've still got time" [Ben Cook x Original Character]
Newsies Imagines by AbbyReads03
Newsies Imaginesby AbbyReads03
**SLOW UPDATES** Newsies x Reader Imagines/One Shots If you have any idea for an imagine, don't hesitate to send me dm or comment in one of the imagines. I can't promise...
Heartstrings  by Lil_Whistle
Heartstrings by O, vengeance??
Newsies National Tour [Sky Flaherty x Original Character]
burning red by bizarrelilbrunette
burning redby bizarrelilbrunette
2 people from different worlds have much in common, but end up clashing more than harmonizing... (Finch Cortes x oc) book 3 - wouldn't ya like to know - "what are...
Newsies' Daughter by BalladLovesBroadway
Newsies' Daughterby @Rachel Dare
Elisabeth didn't have a good home life. Until she met him. Jeremy. After he adopted her, she got the chance of a lifetime: Starring in a Broadway National Tour.
Just Talk To Us by jessiemtaylor97
Just Talk To Usby Jessica Taylor
~ The more you chase me, the more I'm going to resist ~ Jordyn Zaifman is a shy girl who's always anxious. She loves musical theater, and decides to audition for the e...
Newsies cast/character imagines/preferences  by blueacidrain
Newsies cast/character imagines/ Bway_Nation
do you love newsies? do you love short stories and Lil ideas about the newsies boys? then you have definitely came to the right place. this book will be full of short s...
Toursies by shastley07
Toursiesby shastley07
y/n and Ben Cook met at the auditions for the national tour of Newsies. Will they fall in love who knows? I only own y/n, Hannah, and Leah. I don't own the rest of the c...